Tuesday 2 February 2016

Even Emancipate They Are..!!! (Guest Post/Poem by Jyoti Saren)

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  Even Emancipate They Are..!!!



Image Source: ©BarbadosPocketGuide.com

Mythology reveals

The name of emancipation

Adonis Romans sold the slaves

And bought the slaves,


Doozy customs were followed

While selling and buying

For pretending the Righting


When it was bought

The owner kept hand

On its head

When it is sold

Hand move out


One is servitude

Other is unbound

Servitude captures freedom


Unbound offers Freedom



Here is not the point

Of birds' freedom

Or freedom of a country

It actually hints towards

The freedom of youngsters.



Their limit of freedom must be

Under their upbringing,

Under their regulating.


They must exist Ambidextrous,

Not exist Ambivalent.

Must Stay Away

From being evildoer;

From being criminal

Or the power of misleader.


Let’s make them Argus_eyed

Even emancipate they are..!!!


  • Written by: © Jyoti Saren (Guest Blogger)
  • Edited and published by: © Rajesh D. Hajare RDH (Owner of this blog)

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