Sunday 14 February 2016

RDH Sir’s Android App Launch!!

130th – Blog Post

1239th – Day

Hello, readers!!

I THANK everyone who visited, visits and are still visiting my blog (website) today. Thank You all!! Thank you, thank you and only a big thank you. We are over 4 lakhs now. Yes! My blog has crossed a landmark of 4 Lakh visitors on 8th February 2016. I had written my first blog post on 24th September 2012. I had not even imagined about 4 lakh visits to my blog within a span of 1233 days then. If I start analyzing my blog visits, these are approximately 121212 visits/year or 9756 visits/month or 324 visits/day or 13 visits/hour and 4 minutes/visit. My friends ask me how do I get visits in large quantity. But I am frankly speaking, there is not any strategy or spam links behind this. This is the love of you- my readers who consistently visit my blog and read my blog posts. People ask me, what do I get as a blogger? What does this blog give me? And I reply nothing; I think these 4 lakh visits are better answers to them than my reply.


I am a bookworm. I love to read books. I like to review them. I had posted 2 book reviews in 2013. And then I posted a book review of the novel Hidden Husband by Shikha Kaul. I didn’t know that Hidden Husband’s review would give me an identity of a professional book reviewer. I would thank the author Shikha Kaul ma’am for her book Hidden Husband. I have reviewed only 11 reviews on this blog, but each of those book reviews is being highly appreciated by authors, reviewers, bloggers and my readers. I have the only word for your appreciation and for even a criticism- THANKS!! Kyunki criticize karne ke liye bhi aapne blog ko visit to kiye hi hoge. Now I have been posting mostly book reviews on this platform. And hopefully, this trend will go continue in future as well. Today, I have some unique ideas related my blog and book reviews. I will reveal them in future.

So, I have crossed a landmark of 400000+ visits on 8th February 2016. Coincidently I was talking with my young friend and a very intelligent student Aniruddha Pathak. I thank him for a million times as he poured sugar into curd that day! Yes! He built an android app of my blog which I am going to launch here. Thanks Aniruddha ji! I could launch the app of my blog on the very next day. But why I chose 14th February? This is a Valentine Day!! This day is dedicated to love, and I love my blog. I want to make this app launch memorable. So I am going to launch my app today on the auspicious occasion of Valentines Day. I thank all my friends who have joined this event on Facebook. I request you to just download and install my android app.


I know you might have some questions about specifications of my blog’s android app. So let me tell you. We can browse this full blog in a single app. Even embed links would be open in the same app. We can count downloads of this android app. And yes, you won’t need to re-download the app again to access updates in my app. Because all updates and changes in the app will be updated automatically. So now, Read, Comment, Share and access full site in the same app in your android gadget. Currently, we are not launching this app on Google PlayStore but yes, we have kept the download process hassle free. One can download this blog’s Android App even from this blog post and from blog’s home page.

Finally I thank you all 400000+ visitors of my blog again. Keep reading and keep sharing your feedback on my site. “Your Support Gives Me Strength To Write More..!!! Your Support Is My Strength..!!!”


(Click on  image to Download the app)

Thank you..!!!

App Details:


Website Title: RDH Sir’s Official Website

App Title: RDH Sir’s Official Website

App name: RDH Sir’s Android App

App Owner: ©Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH)

App Developer: Aniruddha Pathak

Visitors of You Are The Best Wife’s review: 3150

Total No. of Unique Visitors: 402156



  1. Pankaj Giri Author15 February 2016 at 00:12

    Please Check out Rajesh D. Hajare sir's blog. He's a hard working book reviewer and has tried an innovative concept of creating an app for his popular blog. Please install if interested.

  2. Pankaj Giri Author15 February 2016 at 00:14

    Downloaded it sir. Thanks. It's very nice

    It's a innovative thing you've done.. Not everyone has app for their review blog. Might be a great thing and others might follow in ur footsteps

  3. Hats of to you Rajesh...

  4. Congrats rajesh


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