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Today is Rakshabandhan! So many friends greeted me. And specialy Ratnamala; who had tied Rakhi on the wrist of my hand in 2011. Thank you Ratna!

Rakshabandhan is a special holy festival of happiness & joy with lots of memories for every brother and sister. But this holy festival does not practically exist in destiny of people like me who does not have a sister. I want to express my feelings on the auspicious occasion of this holy festival today. Because who would write & perhaps know about this festival & relation of brother and sister better than me?

I haven't a full sister. When I was a kid; even then I knew about Rakhi. My cousins were tying or sending Rakhis for both of us brothers. When I grown up. I completed my primary education in my uncle's village Indora Khurd (Nimgaon) which is located at Tirora tehsil in Gondia district. At that time my father was doing service as an assistant teacher in Z.P. Pri. School Dodadgaon which is located in Jalna district's Ambad tehsil. There is around 600 to 700 kilometers long distance between Jalna and Gondia. So my mother was sending Rakhis by Indian postal service for her brothers and for me too.

I went to Jalna for studying 7th & 8th std. My aunt lives with us; in fact she is one of the five members of our family. She had been tying Rakhi to both of us brothers while tying to my father. I completed my secondary to higher secondary education (9th-12th std.) in Amgaon where I do live now after my father's transfer in Gondia district. Few girl classmates tied me Rakhi in SSC and FYJC. (But not a single girl tied me Rakhi in the next year even being in the same class and in neighbourhood)! So many classmates (boys) become absent to save their wrists safe from being tied a sacred thread of Rakshabandhan and I was an exception among all of them!

I don't understand what do girls want to prove by tying Rakhis to those boys who don't wish to get tied a sacred thread. Does any boy's lustful mentality turns into Platonic by just a thread of silk? Never! There is no option for platonic mind. You can not change someone's licentious thoughts into platonic thoughts. There is no need to tie a sacred thread for changing someone's lascivious thoughts. Then why some girls humiliate this holy festival?

I considered my sister to a girl after 17 years of my life when I was a trainee of DTEd first year in 2010. I have already written a big novel/autobiography 'Majhi Tai : Ek Athvan' about our distant relation of silent Brother and Sister; which is made by platotic & pure mind, a lots of love from my side. The story would tell you lot of pleasant & regretful memories of our silent relation. (The book 'Majhi Tai : Ek Athvan' might never get published but it is available to read online for my readers & fans on my website/blog www.rdhsir.mwb.im www.rdhsir.com. Full book will be uploaded very soon.)

I had decided in 2010 that either I will tie first Rakhi from my sister mentioned above or I will never tie it from anyone; even not from my aunt who had been tying Rakhi on my wrist from my childhood. Because I don't feel any sense in tying Rakhi from any other person after acknowledging someone a sister. That's just like "Dil Ki Tasalli Ke Liye Good Ki Jilebi .. !!" I have committed my commitment successfully until today and wrist of my hand is still gloomy.

In the next year in 2011, my sister's birthday & that year's holy festival of Rakshabandhan had fallen on the very same day i.e. 13th August... What a big and auspicious occasion that was! How big fortune may be for any brother..? I had carried a Rakhi in my pocket, however my hand's wrist was gloomy in that year just because my sister had not tied me a sacred thread of silk... Later my best friend Dipali tied me Rakhi after few days. I was not really interested for my wrist being tied with a thread called Rakhi from her; but somehow I agreed just because of her favour and care during our one and half year's friendship..!

Now one question remains unanswered that why do I also avoid to get my wrist tied by a thread of silk from someone..!! That's because I don't need a sister who would forget me after tying me a Rakhi for one year (atleast on the day of Rakshabandhan.) Although I could not be brother of my sister, I did not lost a single hope to get my sister's love back even today... Because Pope says- "Hope is the base of life." And after all, my sister has mentioned her name as "Yours Sister" in my slam book by meeting me face to face on the last day before returning back to her village.

I celebrated Rakhi on only social media last year. But my best friend Dipali had not forgotten me on the holy occasion; she was the first person who had wished me Rakshabandhan by sending Rakhi via an SMS. But this year myself have freed her from following her duties towards her best friend cum brother; because she is a daughter-in-law of someone's house. It will be my foolishness if I would hope to get wished from her over phone.

I don't believe on virtual friendship but I had considered a sister to someone named Shiba Shaikh on Facebook (in fact herself had said me brother.) I was also accepting that relation gradually & carefully. But she shocked me by blocking even without my single mistake. I felt much guilty because I was deluding myself by treating her as my sister. I thank God that she blocked me earlier before bond of our relationship became stronger. And I decided that I wont say sister to anyone at first glance before deeply thinking. You don't know how I have waited, tried, cried and did so many attempts to achieve my sister's consideration for being called myself as her brother (now also prayers are continue...) I will also observe patience of girls before saying anyone a sister.

On the previous Rakshabandhan I had uploaded a photo with some of my quotations. Reading those quotations any girl named Kiran Pakhare tried to say me her brother. This time herself proved that she was not eligible to be my sister. She also blocked me later. I had taken a right decision that I did not assumed her my sister. But this same virtual world of social media gave me a memorable friend like Mr. Farukh Bin Latif Shah. My belief on this world has been increased.

This year on my 21st birthday; 2013 April 18th, any girl named Malak Al Dunia wished me on Twitter saying me a brother. She is from United Arab Emirates (UAE). So there wasn't any chance of acquaintance because she was not from my country India. How I would have said her my sister? I had swindled two times from two different girls in this virtual world. I did not want to take risk once again. So I tried to check eagerness of that girl for being my sister; and finally that girl passed all of my queries. Sometimes I found that girl as my best friend mentioned above. Finally I could not say 'no' to her. Yes I agree that Malak Al Dunia is my younger sister because first of all she cares me as I care about my first sister... Secondly Malak too belongs to Islamism. No! You are wrong. I am not discriminating in religions. I faith on all the religions. I am proud to be born as a Hindu! And I try to follow Islam because I am influenced by the Islamism! I have mentioned this because both of my sisters belong to Islamism! Anyways I consider my sister to every Mohmadian girl; but this statement of mine does not mean that I don't consider sisters to the girls belonging to other religions... I don't know how long will relation between Malak & Mine long... But my attempts will be continued to maintain our bond happy & last long forever... I hope that Malak will also try & I believe that she will...! I just pray that this virtual world wont deceive us...!! But I want to clear one thing hear... No one can take place of my sister in the first corner of my heart which is reserved for my only sister...

Today my sister Malak Al Dunia also wished me on this holy festival. And she had asked me for her gift doing fun. I hope that she would love my this gift. Sorry if she did not like.
Anyways... This is the 20th August, 2013! Brother & Sister's festival... Rakshabandhan! I wish for all of them who called me a brother or tied me Rakhi anywhere anytime even at once with sacred heart... And first of all I pray & wish HAPPY RAKSHABANDHAN to my both Sisters Tai & MALAK AL DUNIA!!!
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