Thank you for 500,000+ pageviews

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Hello readers, Thank you so much for more than 5 Lakh pageviews to my blog on dated 6th October 2016. Hello readers, This website's hosting provider Mywapblog is closing their service from 15 Nov. 2016. So, I am going to transfer this blog on my another blog existed on Blogger . I will keep the same domain after migration. So,... [Read More]

#BookLysis of 'Promise Me A Million Times' (Book Review: 4.6/5*)

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Blog post: 153 Review (Booklysis): 26 Day: 1473 I don’t read already published reviews of the books which are added to my bookshelf. 'Promise Me A Million Times' was added to my bookshelf even a month before its launch. This book is an exception because one of my author friend and an avid commenter on my blog Mr. Pankaj Giri sir asked me... [Read More]

4th Anniversary of RDH Sir’s Official Website (RDHSOW)

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Blogpost: 152 Day: 1461 4th ANNIVERSARY OF THIS BLOG (RDHSOW) Dear readers! Thank you for everything. I don’t believe but finally, this day has come. I have completed 4 years of this journey of blogging. I know that my blogging ratio is not great; still, I am satisfied today. I had published my first blog post on 24th September 2012 to share the most unforgettable memory of the 2 days... [Read More]

Just The Way You Are - Nonstop Humour & Satire! (#BookLysis 4.25/5)

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1450th Day 151st Blogpost 25th BookLysis Contents of this BookLysis: Book Details > Blurb of the book A Note on the Author Cover and Title > Theme and Setting Language and Writing Style Characters Plot > Quotations > Drawbacks A Note by the Reviewer > Rating Buy Just The Way You Are Disclaimer > My Bookshelf and stats Today I am back with the BookLysis of Sanjeev Ranjan’s third novel Just The Way... [Read More]

150th Blog post before 4th anniversary of this blog.

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150th Blogpost: 1449th Day   Hello, readers!! I am glad to publish my 150th Blog post today. It took me longest period to post these last 50 blog posts and I am really not satisfied with myself for taking such a long gap between 2  posts. But even then, I can say that these last 50 blog posts are those which make this... [Read More]

Life & Promises- #BookLysis of my all time favourite novel

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1445th Day 149th Blog Post 24th BookLysis Today I am going to share my BookLysis of Life & Promises by PulkitGuptaand Ila Garg. This is my fourth review of Gargi Publisher’s title after reviewingHidden Husband, Hey Dad! Meet My Mom… and Her Resurrection. I have read Anniversary Edition of Life & Promises which is published with ‘A National Bestseller’ tag. Read my first BookLysis of Gargi’s title: Hidden Husband  by Shikha Kaul (Rating: 4.5/5* | 26 Comments Amazon |Kindle | Flipkart) COVER AND TITLE:  Front Cover... [Read More]

How did I fulfill my dreams?? #AdviceThatMattered

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1428th  Day 148th  Blog post 2nd  Blog post on 1428th Day (21st Aug. 2016) Former President of India Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once quotes that “Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.” He says in another quote “Dream is not what you see in sleep, the dream is something that doesn’t let you sleep.” Why am I quoting these quotes... [Read More]

Presenting the #BestZapStore to be a #BestZapCurator

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Blog Post: 147th   Day: 1428th Hello readers! I was really fascinated to create my own online store!! No! No! I am not selling any product!! But I wanted to create my store where I wished to give the products information available on other e-commerce websites like Amazon  and Flipkart. Then I found this amazing website called Zapstore. Before introducing my Zapstore to... [Read More]

#BookLysis: स्वच्छंदी - Its all about LIFE... (Pranav Joshi) 3.5/5*

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१४२७ वा दिवस १४६ वी अनुदिनी २३ वी पुस्तक समिक्षा द्वितीय (मराठी) पुस्तक समिक्षा प्रथम काव्यसंग्रह समिक्षा नमस्कार मित्रहो! १ डिसेंबर २०१४ अर्थात जवळपास दीड वर्षाहून अधिक काळानंतर मी मराठीत अनुदिनी (ब्लॉग) लिहितोय. संगणक आल्यानंतर खरच मराठी अनुदिनी लिहिणं खूप कमी झालंय आणि अलीकडे या अनुदिनीवर इंग्रजी समिक्षा सुरु झाल्यानंतर तर मराठी भाषा नाहीसीच झाली होती. पण असो... शेवटी मराठी भाषेचा मी छोटासा सेवक पुन्हा... [Read More]

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Sister in the world

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Blogpost: 145th Day: 1420th This is the 13th August! One of the most memorable dates of my life. What’s special about this date? This is the 25th birthday of my sister. You know my unfortunate in this brother-sister relationship. I know that I don’t need to share the story again but I have been never successful to greet my lovely sister on... [Read More]