How did I fulfill my dreams?? #AdviceThatMattered

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1428th  Day 148th  Blog post 2nd  Blog post on 1428th Day (21st Aug. 2016) Former President of India Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once quotes that “Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.” He says in another quote “Dream is not what you see in sleep, the dream is something that doesn’t let you sleep.” Why am I quoting these quotes... [Read More]

Presenting the #BestZapStore to be a #BestZapCurator

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Blog Post: 147th   Day: 1428th Hello readers! I was really fascinated to create my own online store!! No! No! I am not selling any product!! But I wanted to create my store where I wished to give the products information available on other e-commerce websites like Amazon  and Flipkart. Then I found this amazing website called Zapstore. Before introducing my Zapstore to... [Read More]

#BookLysis: स्वच्छंदी - Its all about LIFE... (Pranav Joshi) 3.5/5*

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१४२७ वा दिवस १४६ वी अनुदिनी २३ वी पुस्तक समिक्षा द्वितीय (मराठी) पुस्तक समिक्षा प्रथम काव्यसंग्रह समिक्षा नमस्कार मित्रहो! १ डिसेंबर २०१४ अर्थात जवळपास दीड वर्षाहून अधिक काळानंतर मी मराठीत अनुदिनी (ब्लॉग) लिहितोय. संगणक आल्यानंतर खरच मराठी अनुदिनी लिहिणं खूप कमी झालंय आणि अलीकडे या अनुदिनीवर इंग्रजी समिक्षा सुरु झाल्यानंतर तर मराठी भाषा नाहीसीच झाली होती. पण असो... शेवटी मराठी भाषेचा मी छोटासा सेवक पुन्हा... [Read More]

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Sister in the world

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Blogpost: 145th Day: 1420th This is the 13th August! One of the most memorable dates of my life. What’s special about this date? This is the 25th birthday of my sister. You know my unfortunate in this brother-sister relationship. I know that I don’t need to share the story again but I have been never successful to greet my lovely sister on... [Read More]

Detailed #BookLysis of the novel 'The Story of A Suicide'

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1414th Day 144th Blogpost 22nd Book Review (BookLysis) I am back with one more book review today. I avoid reading books online, but I got to know about a book which is published only on internet. Topic and the title attracted me to open the website and go through some chapters. I browsed the website and started reading. I must mention that when... [Read More]

'Ensnared' by Prashant wase- A fantastic horror-thriller!! (Rating: 4.4/5*)

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Day: 1402nd Blog post: 143rd Booklysis- 21st Hello friends, I am back with one more BookLysis. Guess the genre of the book I am going to review here. Guess… guess…! Don’t know? Okay, let me reveal the suspense. I am not good at keeping suspense anyway!  So, I am reviewing the novel ‘Ensnared’  by Prashant Wase. ‘Ensnared’ is the horror- thriller published by Authors Ink India.... [Read More]

5 Things You Must Do Every Day to Live Longer

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Day : 1394 Blogpost: 142 Life is being very fast in today’s modern era. They say that “Human ignores health to accumulate money in his manhood, and later spends all his money to achieve lost health.” This lifestyle needs to be changed. One can’t afford to loss his health at any cost and for any reason. Because they say that “Health is wealth.” So... [Read More]

Book Review of Yama by Kevin Missal; A perfect mythological thriller (Rating: 4*/5)

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Day:- 1388th  Blog post: 141st Book Review (Booklysis):- 20th Thank You For 300 Followers on twitter I   have finished reading the second book published by Half Baked Beans publishing. The first book was 'A Minute To Death'  by Ganga Bharani and today, I am going to analyze another book titled ‘YAMA’ by Kevin Missal. Co-incidence about both the books is both titles belong to a thriller. Read my... [Read More]

Importance of #CatchUpOnGrowth lost with Horlicks Growth+

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Blog Post: 140th Day: 1386th All parents want their children to lead healthy and balanced lives- both physically and psychologically. In certain cases, children fall behind on growth by not attaining the right height and weight as per the age, which may cause anxiety amongst parents. Image Source: Cover image of #CatchUpOnGrowth Lost topic All parents wish to feed their children nutritional food included... [Read More]

My Analysis of the novel KLASS by Prita Yadav: 3 Stars Rating

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Day: 1371th Blog Post: 139th BookLysis: 19th FIRST BLOG POST AFTER 450K (450,000 +) VISITS Thank you for 450,000+ page views to this Blog KLASS by Prita Yadav was waiting for its turn to be read by me from my bookshelf since 13th Nov. 2015. Finally, I have read this book in this month, Before starting the analysis of KLASS. I apologize to the author... [Read More]