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The Relation between I and my grandparents


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 Hello Readers!

Thisis 15th June! ‘World Elder Abuse Awareness Day!’Before going ahead I would like to mention that this particular blog post is my little effort to tribute my both (paternal & maternal) grandparents and all elders people in this world.

I was born in less than even middle class background at my native village Barbaspura (near Kachewani Railway St.) in Tirora tehsil in Bhandara (now in Gondia) district in Maharashtra, India. When I grown as a child. I was very closed to my both grandparents. Though I did not spent such a long period with my paternal grandparents. I remember that what time I spent with them that are cherished memories I have forever which I am going to share with you in this blog post.

My Paternal Grandmother (Aaji):-

I don’t remember even face of my grandmother (Aaji) whose name was Anjana aka Maina.As my relatives told me I was playing a tambourine when she was died. No! I wasn’t playing that for fun or enjoyment. I was just a little kid when she passed away. But I can describe a lot about my paternal grandfather.

My Paternal Grandfather (Aajoba):-

My paternal grandfather’s name was Raghoba who lived his last life as a paralytic for long seventeen years! He was used to speak very few words because of his paralysis. I remember those words- Raju (my nickname which was easy for him to call me), Janabai (my aunty), Soonbai (daughter-in-law means my mother), Dasrath (corrupt form of my father’s name Dasharath) and few more names of our the then neighbors. I remember that how he was flapping a string of toowal’s cradle tied to a bed for my little brother’s sleep. My grandfather was smoking beedis in that period. I remember that he had asked me once to bring lightened beedi, and I too had breathed a smoke inb my childhood; that was my first attempt of smoke hahaha!! My father (Babuji) remembers several times how my grandpa was careful about his son (my father). (Babuji) says, one day his father had told him tha his right body part is paining and on same day his right part of body became paralytic. Though I do not have so much cherished memories with him, my father shares cherished memories he has with his father in his mind.


My Family Photo captured at our Home in Barbaspura

Aunt, Babuji with me and Aai with my younger brother vivek from Left to right. 

My paternal grandfather in center 

As I wrote in my so many older blog posts that I have learnt my primary education at my maternal grandparents’ village, I will share about my cherished memories with them too forward. But I remember that I was doing something inventing (?) with our bicycle and a hammer in my child age. I think I was learning in std. II at that time while a neighbor on 5 minutes distance from our paternal house named Pramod came by bicycle and told me to put my clothes in a bag immediately. I packed my bag and sat behind him on his bicycle to go to our home. My grandfather was at death’s door when I met him last and after on same day he passed away in 1998. In that era, there were no telephones and mobile phones as today everyone has to communicate or to send a message. A message of my grandfather’s death could not reach to his only son (my father) even after so much efforts. My father is an government servant, who was in Jalna dist. in that period. Finally my father could not join us for funeral rites of his father, so I fulfilled all obsequies on my grandfather’s extinct body on the behalf of my Babuji.

According to genetics, grandparents’ 25 percent hereditary characteristics and virtue transfer to grandchildren by heredity. Today I am just 24 running, but toes of my right foot pain several times as paralytic body does! May God doesn’t do but I am very scared of paralysis as my grandfather had!

My Maternal Grandfather (Babaji/Bahaji):-

As I have mentioned above I learnt my pre-primary (Balwadi/Anganwadi), and primary (Std. I-II½ and III½-VI) at ,y maternal grandparents. My grandfather Dr. Sukhdeo A. Rewatkar was a popular doctor in his village Indora Khurd (Nimgaon) and villages nearby. I was calling my maternal grandfather ‘Bahaji’(corrupt form of Babaji’.) He had a big interest and good knowledge of politics. I remember, how I was going to his clinic or in market square (‘Bazaar Chauk’) in my school’s recess for a rupee or two rupees often. He had 6 grandsons (we 2 brothers and my 4 cousins) at that time (now I have 6 cousins); but I was an ‘apple of his eyes’ coz I was his daughter’s son and eldest among his all grandsons, so he loved me a lot. My father always tell others about my stage daring and oratory skill proudly; Yeah! I have a good stage daring and oratory skill; but I look it as an impart of my maternal grandfather. He too was a good orator which skill transferred to me by my observation and his influence. Really there is so much influence of my maternal grandfather on my oratory skill.


My maternal Grandfather

When I decided to leave Indora after VI std. and go with my family in Jalna district for VII std. education. My grandfather had personally dropped me to bus-stop in Indora. At that time anyone could notice tears brimmed in his eyes in thought of my separation. I remember very well, I was in my room at Ramtek preparing for assembly of my DTEd college on 05th March, 2010. That was a black day for me. My phone rang on that morning, when I received the phone I was SHOCKED after hearing coming sound. My grandfather was no more! He passed away suddenly! Tears gathered once again in my eyes now while scribbling thin paragraph. I can’t scribble much more about him now. If you read this paragraph with emotions I think it’s enough to reach you what I want to convey.

At the end of this paragraph I would like to share with you a myself-written poem I dedicated him on fourteenth day (Chaudawi) after his death.

श्रद्धांजली वाहतो, सुखदेवा

होता गरीबांचा, तूची मसीहा


रुग्णांशी नेहमी तू, बाळगली प्रिती

धन्द्यासोबत कायम, ठेवली राजनीती

मनोभावे रुग्णांची, केली रे सेवा


तुझ्या दवाखान्यात, श्रीमंत येती

गरीब रोगी हासत, घराशी जाती

रुग्णांना तुझे, एकच म्हणणे

आज नाही तर, उदयाला देवा


वाटले नव्हते, लवकर जाईल

तुला काळ इतक्या, लवकर नेईल

आठवण राहील, काळ्या दिवसाची

पाच मार्च दोन, हजार दहा

My Maternal Grandmother(Mothi Aai):-

My maternal grandmother’s name was Nausalya/Nausala. She protected me every time when my when I gone through obstacles in my childhood. My family has few misconceptions about my maternal relatives. I too don’t think that misconceptions improper but that isn’t topic to discuss here. I will remember my maternal grandmother (Mothi Aai) for her riddles and puzzles she asked me to solve in my childhood. My grandmother had been being alive till start of this year but she also passed away suddenly on dated 12th January, 2015.

 Both my paternal as well as maternal grandparents are not today to read/hear my words I scribbled in their memory in this blog post today. I wish they would have to be alive to listen/read this! Anyway who can change god’s destiny? I hope they are reading my each words from the heaven and are blessing us from there. Both my maternal grandparents had an intense desire to see my (at least elder grandson’s) marriage, wife and children (their great-grandchildren) but their desires could not be fulfill as they passed away very early as no one expected. I hope they will see all those scenes they desired while living from heaven and will shower blessings on us from there at the right time.

Anyway these were my cherished memories I have ever have with my grandparents.

 This is 15th June. I read analysis of Elder Abuse reported after research by HelpAge India! I am putting figures of Elder Abuse which are very scary!


Snapshot of #WorldElderAbuseAwaynessDay Indichange topic on Indiblogger

“As per a research study conducted by HelpAge India, 50% of the elderly face exploitation in various forms. Verbal Abuse (41%), Disrespect (33%) and Neglect (29%) are ranked the most commen types of offenses against them. The number of these cases are going up at an alarming rate.”

Aren’t these figures scary? I feel myself very shameful when I read, hear and watch these kind of inhuman deeds/offenses in society or anywhere. I don’t understand how can one treat parents or elders with such brutality? So I penned this blog post to raise my voice against #WorldElderAbuse on the occasion of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. I too appeal all my fellow bloggers through this blog post. Let’s use the power of blogging to give a life of respect and love to the old, and voice our opinion against the sufferings of the elderly.

I urge all of you my fellow readers, Let’s take an oath and a vow that we will never stay silent as an impotent to see inhuman behavior with any elder people by anyone and anywhere then why wouldn’t that be our home, society, mohalla, village, tehsil and district, we will raise our voice with now-violence to #StopElderAbuse and for awareness of people.

Thanks! You vowed an oath to #StopElderAbuse. I hope you won’t forget this oath and will try to give elders’ respectful life.

Thank you very much for reading this blog post!!

  •  Note:- This blog post has been written for IndiBlogger’s Indichange topic #WorldElderAbuseAwarenessDay | 15th June
  • This blog post is dedicated to my grandparents and all elders around the world.
  • © This blog post and mentioned poems’ copirights are reserved with author/blogger/poet |  © RDH Sir.

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Saturday 13 June 2015

#ComeCloser to Radiant Skin with natural & Ayurvedic beauty tips.

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Hello everyone!

I just read about #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin topic by"VICCO Turmeric Cream" yesterday. VICCO is an Ayurvedic Medicine brand. So I thought to write a blog post about some of the natural and simple skin care tips I would like to share with you my readers!



We see people using different cosmetics to maintain their beauty. Actually cosmetics available in market should be used for health care but the fact is that we see use of cosmetics becomes harmful in most of the cases. I think Ayurveda is the best solution for harmful cosmetics.

India has great culture. Ayurveda is the biggest gift to us Indians by our ancestors. Everyone should know benefits of Ayurveda but we never try to know that; if we know benefits of Ayurveda, we never apply Ayurvedic products. It’s a tragedy in India that how we are careless about our Ayurveda and its benefits! Actually Ayurveda has various benefits over cosmetics facial cleansing regimes. An Ayurveda facial care regime improves the texture and health of skin as opposed to a harmful cosmetic ones. 

So I would like to share more natural & simple care tips:

  • Use of WATER:- Water is an important part of your beauty regime. It enhances your skin, hair & nails and gives you an inner glow. #GoNatural & Stay Hydrated.

1.     Drink 5 liters Water Daily:- If you drink 5 liters water daily, your face will be fair and light skinned. After this easy therapy your face will #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin.You will have glow on your face. 

2.      Drink A Glass of Hot Water:- “Precaution is better than cure.” So if you drink a glass of hot water every morning before brushing your tooth, you will have No Pimples, No Marks on your face. You will have fairness by this therapy also.

  • Healthy DIET:- You have to eat healthy diet food time to time in same but required quantity to maintain your beauty and  be healthy.
  • Use of ALMONDS:- To disappear wrinkles from your face you have to apply almonds’ paste on your face.
  • ALOE VERA is More Medicated:- If you apply Aloe Vera even once daily; you will have No Marks, No Pimples, No Acne on your face, No Sores, No Scars on your skin. You can apply aloe vera for relief on injured skin, pain and itch also. You can also apply flesh of aloe vera on your darken face. All that means Aloe vera is more medicated herb.
  • Use of BUTTERMILK:-

1.         Prickly Heat:- If you have scars of prickly heat on your body, you should apply buttermilk twice to thrice a day on affected part of your body.

2.         To Avoid Reddishness on Face:- Mix sandal powder in buttermilk and apply mixed paste on your face to avoid reddishness in summer.

  • Use of COCONUT:-

1.         For Glow On Face:- If you apply mixture of coconut water and cucumber juice both times daily on your face, your face will show more beautiful with lots of glow on it.

2.        To Look More Young:- If you massage your face by mixture of three quarters cup each coconut water, flesh of papaya and two tablespoons coconut oil and wash your face by coconut water and cold water respectively, you will look like a more young age people.

  • Use of CUCUMBER:- Cucumber contains water in large quantity which brings more freshness to our body in summer. We must use cucumber as salad in both times meal.
  • TOMATOES Glow Your Face:- If you eat slices of two-three ripe tomatoes containing black pepper powder, sainted salt and green coriander seeds on it before taking meal daily; your face will have glow on your face.
  • TURMERIC is the Best For Any Skin Problem:-

1.         For No Pimples:- If you apply paste of knotty turmeric and juice of bitter neem  tree’s leaves on your face and dry it after an hour, pimples will be disappear from your face.

2.         For Fairness:- Apply mixture of turmeric powder, sandal and goat’s milk on your face.

3.         VICCO Turmeric Crème with Foam Base:- You must applyVICCO Turmeric Crème with Foam Base for No Oily Skin, No Pimples and No Blackheads. Means Nothing To Hide. 


  • Image Source:- VICCO's Facebook Page
  • Eyes Problems:- Eyes are the biggest gift of God. We must have to be very careful about our eyes and vision.
  •   If you massage your toes by ‘Sarso ka Tel’ (‘Sarso’s oil’) before bath daily, your eyes’ vision grows.
  • If you use linseed oil in your daily vegetable foods, your eyes will never dry.
  • If you keep slices of unripe potato for just 5 minutes every morning on your eyes, swelling of your eyes will be normal.
  • Hair Problems:- Massage your hairs roots by fresh coconut water containing 2 tablespoons olive oil in it after hair dryness.
  • For NO MARKS on Your Face:- Apply paste of a tablespoon Rice Flour, Almonds powder and Tomato juice on darken marks of your face.
  • For NO OILY SKIN:- Apply a pack of 4 tablespoons each carrot juice, tomato juice and a tablespoon glycerin  two-three times a day and wash your face by cold water after 5 minutes for No Oily Skin.

1.         For No Pimples/Acne:- Drink juice of beets mixed with cucumber and carrot daily for No Pimples/No Acne on your face.

2.         Juice of Tulsi, Pudina and Neem:- If you apply juice of 10 leaves each of basil (Tulsi), Pudina and 4 leaves of neem on sores for 2-3 times daily, your sores will be disappear.

  • Natural Facials:- If you have oily skin, do facial of Tea-tree, facial of cucumber or you can have best facial of aloe vera also for No Oily Skin and fairness.

So these are few natural and very simple skin care tips which you can apply at your home by yourselves without spending too much money on those harmful cosmetic beauty parlars. I am not any beauty expert but I collected these tips from various media like newspapers, TV shows and Ayurveda’s books.

 Finally I would like to suggest you to use products of VICCO Laboratories only. VICCO’s products are purely Natural, Economical and Vegan. VICCO is the most trusted brand in India for natural and Ayurvedic medicinal products which are not harmful for skin. VICCO’s products suits to almost everyone because it has Ayurvedic formula.

Embed Youtube video of VICCO Turmeric Cream

VICCO has brought awesome product in market – VICCO Turmeric Crème with Foam Base which has Ayurvedic formula combined with the microbicide properties of turmeric to prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clear blackheads. All that mean is if you want No Oily Skin, No Pimples and No Blackheads and want just glow on your face I just recommend you to  #GoNatural and Wash your face by VICCO Turmeric Crème with Foam Base and in just few days you will be on your way to naturally glowing skin. After using VICCO Turmeric Crème with Foam Base for few days you will #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin which has #NothingToHide.

You can know more about VICCO Turmeric Crème by clicking on embed video in this blog post.

THANKS a lot to VICCO! 

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