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4th Anniversary of RDH Sir’s Official Website (RDHSOW)

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Dear readers!

Thank you for everything. I don’t believe but finally, this day has come. I have completed 4 years of this journey of blogging. I know that my blogging ratio is not great; still, I am satisfied today.

I had published my first blog post on 24th September 2012 to share the most unforgettable memory of the 2 days back in 2011.  I had posted my first blog post on 22nd Sept 2012 on Tumblr. Using Tumblr from a feature phone was a big task for me. And then I saw an advertisement of mobile supportable blogging website in UC Browser on my feature phone Nokia 2700 Classic. To gave a try I registered on in the fine evening on 24th September 2012. I just copied my own blog post published on Tumblr 2 days back and published on this new platform. To my surprise, I felt more comfortable than all other blogging platforms I had tried before. I decided to continue writing on this platform. Though is a mobile compatible blogging platform it was not all easy to use all features even on this platform for an amateur mobile user. But I learned to use all BBCodes and HTML tags properly and developed the whole website from my feature phones Nokia 2700 classic and Nokia X2-02. After buying a laptop Dell Inspiron 15-3537 (My Review) around 2.5 years back and a smartphonePanasonic P55 in the end of January 2015, it went very easy to use all features available on this platform.

As you know, the journey of this blog was started with the memory of a special day from 2011. 2 days ago, it was the 5th anniversary of that wonderful meeting which I had shared in my 1st blogpost. I wished to celebrate the 5th anniversary of that day on last 22nd Sept. but I couldn’t publish a blog post due to very upset mind.

I didn’t have any goal to publish that blog post but today this blog is known for my detailed Book Reviews! Oops! My BookLysis!  I have launched a sample android app of this blog, parked my own domain and published my 150th blog post in this year. In my 150th post, I had promised to share my ideas and future plans for this blog in the post on the 4th anniversary. I didn’t forget my promise. I wanted to share my future plans. I was profoundly enthusiastic about this very special blog post. This blog post was supposed to be published in the midnight. But… in this week, something sorrowful happened with me which should not happen even with an enemy. I will share the meticulous story of these bad incidents happened in this week someday. But today, let me give you the hint of those excruciating happenings.


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Due to lack of an antivirus program on my laptop, a Ransomware named CERBER3attacked my laptop and encrypted all my files containing important images, videos, songs, and documents saved in Local Disc D, E, and F drives. It may be a mere coincidence or my misfortune that I had asked my Dad to buy an antivirus program on the very same day when I noticed those files in unsupportable format. I was in no mood to check computer that evening, but my Dad checked the computer to view images saved into D drive of the laptop. First I saw unsupportable files with unfamiliar titles in an opened folder and deleted the folder without noticing the format of those files. I opened another folder and I was shocked to see the same random file names and .cerber3 format of those files. Only positive thing was the original size of those files was same. I became anxious and checked some more folders and I was almost frightened to see each and every file saved in the supportable/accessible format of images, videos, songs, and documents were renamed by 10 random symbols and format of all files in all drives were converted into.cerber3. I understood that my laptop was attacked by some virus. I was alarmed and petrified to lose my important data. I shared the problem with some friends. InstalledNet Protector Pro antivirus in the same night updated that program and scanned full PC, NP Pro antivirus detected 44 viruses and 7 malwares and cleaned 50 infected files out of 51. But nothing worked. I shared my problem seeking for some help. 


I researched about CERBER3 on Google and got to know that CERBER3 is a ransomware which makes 3 @__ReadMe__@ files in 3 different formats (.html, .txt and .url) in each attacked folder and the ransomware encrypts all your files’ type as CERBER3 with .cerber3 format/extension and rename your files in 10 random symbols. This ransomware asks you to purchase a private key from one of 5 links mentioned in @__README__@ files in exchange for payment in BitcoinsI checked alternate method and found a guide to remove cerber3 ransomware, decrypt folders and recover files but I failed. I showed my PC to local computer hardware repairing center but failed. I tried to scan this virus with Quick Heal antivirus but failed. I formatted Local Disc C drive and re-installed all programs includingWindows7 operating system from Computer Workshop Gondia, scanned full PC again but nothing worked. I phoned 2 computer Hard Disc data recovery centers in Nagpur and got to know that there were only 20% chances of decrypting files and recover my data at costly charges. Finally, I was left with no other option than formatting all drives to save my laptop from this ransomware. Hence, I took a backup of saved files from this ransomware and formatted all drives on Thursday. I had so many pictures captured on various occasions and trips, a terrific collection of captivating videos, a collection of excellent songs and crucial documents. I collected all the data after so many efforts. It's excruciating to lose all the data. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other backup of formatted data and only exceptions are 16 GB Micro SD Card each of me and my younger brother Vivek. Fortunately, I have a backup of all documents (PDF) saved in my Micro SD Card and I still have photos of my Nashik’s second trip and a recent tour of Kota and Ajmer in my phone. Else, I have lost everything saved on my laptop.Now, I will have to try and collect all the data from friends and internet once again. I will write about this worse experience and perilous ransomware CERBER3 very soon. But before that let me thank my friend Rahul Girhepunje for helping me in every possible way  to remove CERBER3 ransomware and at least a try to recover my encrypted data. I thank my friend Pramod Ukey for opening his shop Vighnaharta Computers to sell me a CD of an antivirus. I would thank SysGuru Computer’s Ramteke Ji for not asking me for money in return of his failed attempts to decrypt my data. I thank my friends Manoj Raut and Jitesh Pachole for accompanying me to travel to Gondia for consecutive 2 days in the despondent state of my mind. I would also like to thank author Vikrant Shukla Sir for understanding my anxiety and texting as well as communicating with me over the phone about this issue despite his swamped schedule.


I had thought that what would I write in this blog post but now I realize that this post too has been extensive. Okay! Sorry for one more long post; but, I won’t get an opportunity to write a blog post on THE FOURTH ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG. On this occasion, I heartily welcome my friend Ankit Kumar as a typesetter of this blog and Janci Rani as a proofreader of this blog. And now, let me share the stats of this blog in these 4 years.



  1. Blog posts: 152
  2. Comments: 501
  3. GuestBook: 26
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  1. IndiRank: #71
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Traffic Statistics/Visits Summary of September 2016

  1. Visits: 6780
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Traffic Referrers of this blog

  1. Direct: 4800 Visits | 4944 Pageviews
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  • Total Pageviews in 4 Years: 494766
  • Average Traffic of this Blog (pageviews/duration): 123691/year | 10307/month | 338/day | 14/Hour

Finally, I thank everyone who visited my blog even for once. Thank you for every single time you have visited this blog and viewed a page. Thank you, everyone, for everything.


Keep visiting! Your Support Gives Me Strength to Keep Writing..!!!

Love you all… (Girls, don’t take this line personally, I don’t mean to propose you! Hahaha :) Lol!)

Thank you once again..!!!


Happy 4th Anniversary of RDHSOW


Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH), Founder of RDHSOW

Ankit Kumar, Typesetter at RDHSOW

Janci Rani, Proofreader at RDHSOW

P.S.: This blog post is not typed by Ankit and not proofread by Janci.

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Just The Way You Are - Nonstop Humour & Satire! (#BookLysis 4.25/5)

1450th Day

151st Blogpost

25th BookLysis


Contents of this BookLysis:

Book Details > Blurb of the book

A Note on the Author

Cover and Title > Theme and Setting

Language and Writing Style


Plot > Quotations > Drawbacks

A Note by the Reviewer > Rating

Buy Just The Way You Are

Disclaimer > My Bookshelf and stats

Today I am back with the BookLysis of Sanjeev Ranjan’s third novel Just The Way You Are. I didn’t read his previous two novels but let me tell you that his novel, In Course of True Love! was a bestseller.

Cover & Title:


Cover of Just The Way You Are

Book cover of Just The Way You Are is really catchy. The cover itself gives a hint of a romance genre. A young couple’s image is captured on the book cover. Sky blue and the pink color combination looks really charming. Couple’s stuff like footwears, a ball, and a guitar can be seen beside girl’s right side. Vegetarian food like slices of watermelon, arranged in a neat order and cold drink/beer bottle inside the basket can be noticed beside boy’s left side. Green background of the cover resembles green grass in a lawn. How can I forget a smartphone and an earphone? So, this is not a sketch but a perfectly captured photograph by the big firm in photography ‘Images Bazaar’. Yes! Yes! Same ‘Images Bazaar' which is founded by the popular motivator Sandeep Maheshwari. Just The Way You Are is a romantic title. I would give 5 stars to 'Images bazaar' for the cover image and Tara Upadhyay for the cover design.



Just The Way You Are


Sanjeev Ranjan

Published by

Random House India in 2014

(A Penguine Random House Company)


© Sanjeev ranjan 2014


978 81 8400 634 6



Typeset in Bembo by

R. Ajith Kumar


Paperback by Replica Press Pvt. Ltd.

Cover design

Tara Upadhyay

Cover Image

Images Bazaar


Fiction (Romance)


224 (excluding cover)


Rs. 175

Review Typesetting

Ankit Kumar & Rajesh D. Hajare

Review Proofreading

Janci Rani

Reviewed by

© Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH)

Rating on BookLysis

4-25-very-small.gif (4.25/5)  


Themes: The novel Just The Way You Are is a romantic fiction based on love, humor, and satire.

Setting: The story of Just The Way You Are runs through different locations. Though Sameer’s (main protagonist) love story belongs to Delhi, the main story is set up in different locations of Delhi and Noida. The story also runs through Bhopal, Agra, Gurgaon, Patna in India, Bern in Switzerland. The story also travels to America. All the locations are described in detail so the reader feels like not only reading but also visiting that place in real.

Language and Writing style: Sanjeev Ranjan uses very simple language to narrate the story. The language is very lucid. The story helps me to add some new words in my vocabulary. The Author narrates the story in the first person through the character Sameer. He uses flashback technique. I like the phone conversation between Sameer and his mother which is narrated in a brilliant way. Sanjeev’s presence of mind while describing the story adds more humor to the scene. He uses fantastic satire to remark reader’s attention towards errors in the system and society.

Characters:  Sameer is the protagonist and the narrator of the story. He leaves his girlfriend Shagun who luckily becomes his wife alone on their first wedding night. Shagun is the female protagonist of the story. Sameer’s mom Rekha is one of my favourite characters. Her innocence and funny English makes us laugh. She represents a typical mother. You relate yourself to your father while reading the sacrifices of Sameer’s dad in the sixth chapter. Further, there are so many notable characters  like Sameer’s friends Rakesh, Gaurav, Sankalp, Satyan, Mayank and colleague Taufeeque, Kajal, Shweta and cab driver Vishu.

Plot: There are thirteen chapters divided into three parts. I like the drama on the first night of Sameer and Shagun’s marriage because that is portrayed beautifully. A scene in which Sameer compares two decades is fantabulous. I would like to note a quote in which Taufeeque tells Sameer that how girls end up a boy’s proposal, they say- “I have never thought about it. I thought we were friends. I consider you to be a very good friend of mine, you are such a nice guy and you will get a beautiful and nice girl.” An example of Rama hitting an arrow really inspires us to achieve our goal. Reference to other books is enough for readers to understand author’s knowledge in reading literature. Sameer indirectly appeals to donate to an orphanage; he says- “If you get some time, please visit an orphanage. When you look at the children there, your heart will be filled with an overwhelming sense of peace. You will wonder how life gives everything and will understand the art of appreciation better than before.”

Sameer comments on spam phone calls. Sameer’s dad points out the dark reality of corruption that how one needs to pay a bribe to officers for transferring a job. The book comments on girls’ makeup. Sameer indirectly remarks the reality that how conservative parents don’t appreciate and don’t accept inter-cast marriages of their sons and daughters.

Humor is the main aspect of this novel. In the beginning, funny pronunciations of English words by Sameer’s mom make us laugh out loud :lol:. Her diction like phoren (foreign), Amreeka (America) may seem like spelling mistakes, but those are intentionally misspelled by the author himself and he succeeded in creating humour from those funny pronunciations. A discussion about Delhi girls and special tips to impress sexy girls will make you go crazy. Sameer also comments on long queues in a humoric way. He indirectly comments on ladies’ show off. The first chapter is full of fun and humor.

After reading Sameer’s facebook status on his first Delhi visit, I remind my facebook status in my first Kota (Rajasthan) tour. I didn’t go to a parlour in metro-cities but Sameer’s experience in Anis Unisex Parlor Delhi felt me realistic. I relate myself with Sameer’s expectation from to be wife.

Like humor, satire is the soul of this novel. Author Sanjeev Ranjan or his characters don’t attack or criticize directly but they point out dark reality in the system and society through the combo of satire and humor. This novel also comments on security guards, south actors and ladies’ show off. Sameer comments on the day to day issue of the late arrival of Indian rail- “No train journey in India is fruitful until and unless it is late by a couple of hours. This is almost inevitable to mark as a subsidiary tribute to the legacy of Indian Railways, where time runs in a different dimension altogether.” He adds, “Nothing can ever be said absolutely about train journeys in India, at least until the train actually reaches the destination. Till then everything is musky.” The author doesn’t spare even a pillow in Indian rails from his satires. A scene inside the train is portrayed beautifully. Sameer’s satirical comments on arrange marriages are remarkable because of logic and reason. I would agree with Kajal’s statement that having a boyfriend (or girlfriend) is just a status symbol today.


  • “The one thing we can never get enough is love, and the one thing we never give enough is love.” – Henry Miller
  • “There is a great value in disaster because you can start all over again” – Thomas Edison

  1. “I understood that whenever one faces a problem, one should look at the people who have lived a harder life than one and who have worked harder than one to get what one already has by luck and inheritance. And that will make one forget all of one’s problems.”
  2. “Power of love is just the same as the power of innocence.”
  3. “A relationship doesn’t work on candle light dinners but on trust, understanding and mutual affection.”
  4. “I have always thought that a relationship requires care, patience, understandings and trust.”
  5. “I understand that just like ‘these young people of today’ do not understand what elders say, ‘these grown-up parents’ will also not understand the logic of not wasting money on marriages.”
  6. “Good boys get heaven and bad boys get women.”
  7. “People who read, generally have a lot of time on their hands and they wouldn’t want to spend or waste time with a girlfriend doing all sort of thing.” (Correct in my case! :P)


  1. Poor page quality
  2. Italic fonts could have been used more properly.
  3. Typing Errors: you (your), A (As), and Bhagnra (Bhangra) on page 18, 117 and 138 respectively. ‘you’ is missing in 2 interrogative sentences on page 55. ‘the’ and ‘that’ are repeated in a sentence on page 69 and 103 respectively. A punctuation mark (‘) is missing in the last line of the first paragraph on page 94. Closing inverted comma (’) is printed instead of beginning inverted comma (‘) on page 60.


"Just The Way You Are by Sanjeev Ranjan is a well-narrated novel. This novel keeps readers engaged with the plot and the story. This novel does not only make you laugh with its humor but also make you think on the dark reality in the system and society by criticizing with the use of satire.”


Rating: Just The Way You Are deserves 4/5 according to me, but I would give 0.25 as a bonus for the humor. So, I rate 4.25 on the scale of 5 stars to the novel Just The Way You Are. If you like humor, you must read this novel.

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is available online…

amazon-logo-black.jpg amazon-kindle-avai-big.png

buy_btn_2-f780625c.png  add-to-goodreads-button.png



Author Sanjeev Ranjan

Sanjeev Ranjan is an ardent lover of western classical and instrumental music. He enjoys reading and has a keen interest in understanding human behavior and relationships. He is currently pursuing his MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Kolkata. He is the author of It’s No Longer Dream (2014) and In Course of True Love! (2012). This is his third novel.

Follow him at Facebook, Twitter (@sanjeevranj) and Goodreads.

Blurb of the book:








  • This is my personal opinion about the novel Just The Way You Are by Sanjeev Ranjan and your views about the same book may be vary.
  • Some quotations are used in this review from the novel Just The Way You Are with the permission of the author Sanjeev Ranjan. Reviewer doesn’t claim any kind of rights on the quotations used in this review.
  • A paperback copy of ‘Just The Way You Are was sent to me by the author Sanjeev Ranjan for my honest review.
  • © All rights reserved | Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH or RDH Sir) claims the moral right to be identified as a reviewer of this Review or Book Analysis (BookLysis) of ‘Just The Way You Are’.
  • No part of this BookLysis can be republished on any other blog by anyone without prior written permission by the reviewer.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post. Please spare some time to drop your valuable comment in the comment section below. I would like you to visit my blog again and again. You can also subscribe this blog to be updated with our latest blog posts and BookLysis in your mailbox. Keep visiting!

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150th Blog post before 4th anniversary of this blog.

150th Blogpost:

1449th Day


Hello, readers!! I am glad to publish my 150th Blog post today. It took me longest period to post these last 50 blog posts and I am really not satisfied with myself for taking such a long gap between 2  posts. But even then, I can say that these last 50 blog posts are those which make this blog popular and gave me a recognition. Some of my old blog posts also were brilliant. But these 50 blog posts are closest to my heart. I do pour my heart into each of my posts. But these latest 50 posts are somewhat special.

My latest 50 posts gave me monetary benefits. These posts attract readers to search this blog and increased traffic in a surprising way. Today I receive at around 500 visits daily even if I don’t post anything on this platform for a long period. While posting these latest 50 blog posts, people started commenting on my blog. I have improved so much while writing these latest 50 posts. I started thinking to adopt my passion for a lifetime after reading the blog ShoutMeLoud by Harsh Agrawal. I bought a domain from GoDaddy and parked to this blog. Actually, I wasn’t ready to write all these things in my 150th blog post. I don’t know what and why am I writing this today?? But I want to thank some people who supported me to keep passion go on… and to some who appreciated my work and keep visiting and commenting to each of my posts even without asking. I want to thank those people who ask me to contribute selflessly to my venture. I have some dreams. Again I say, what did I write above, I don’t know! Why did I write, I don’t know! I know that I do so many errors in my English blog post, and you might see me crossing my limits. But I assure you that you might notice my errors decreasing from my next blog post. Ok… I know that I did so many mistakes in this blog post too… But I won’t check them and correct. Yes! Because whatever I wrote above came from my heart. By the way, I didn’t want to post a particular post like this, but I didn’t want to post my regular content (review or BookLysis) as my 150th blog post. So I thought to write. Actually, I will post my feelings and detailed statistics in the post on the upcoming 4th anniversary of this blog. Yes! My blog’s hosting provider celebrated its 8th-anniversary yesterday. And I am going to celebrate this blog’s 4th anniversary on coming 24 of September. I have dreamt so much about this blog. I have so many expectations from this blog. I don’t know whether I will achieve or not, but I have a dream to become a full-time blogger. I want to redesign this blog and update my each and every blog post posted till now. I have planned so many things. But I shall think to share those along with statistics of this blog on the 4th anniversary. But today let me share about duration I put to post this 150 blog posts in 3 sections.

My 50th blog post was published on 17th April 2013 on the occasion of my 21st birthday, 18th April). I took 207 days to publish my first 50 posts means 4.14 days/post. And my overall traffic was 28600 page views means 138hits/day and 4144 pageviews/month. My 100th blog post was published after a year on 23rd  April 2014 again on my 22nd birthday (18th April). That means I took 370 days to post next 50 blog posts. And my ratio was 7.4 days/post. At that time my overall ratio was 5 days/blogpost. I had 97 comments in 577 days at that time means 5.9 days/comment. My websites had crossed 133K page views by that post within 570 days. Means I got 104400 visits within 370 days. The ratio of visits during second 50 posts was 282 hits/day (8700 pageviews/month) and overall hits were 233 hits/day or 7K pageviews/month. Today I am posting my 150th blog post on 12th  September 2016 after 1449 days. It took me around 900 (899) days to post this last 50 blog posts. This is the longest gap I took to post my 50 posts. But I don’t think I have taken the gap. Yes. Because I had posted my first 100+ blog posts divided into so many articles and this time, I have posted one article in the 1 post. You can notice that my last 50 posts are longer than my earlier posts. And I think this way correct. I do not run this blog to increase my posts and show off!! But yes, I too admit that I could have been achieved this landmark much earlier. You can call me lazy time. My last 50 posts stats are 18 days/blogpost (around 2 posts/month). My 150 posts stats are 9.65 days/blogpost (3 posts/month). My visitor counter is about to hit 489K (488946 now) page views today. Means this blog got 355846 page views in latest 50 blog posts. And the traffic ration for latest 50  posts is 396 pageviews/day and 11861 pageviews/month or 142338 pageviews/year. And my overall traffic statistics for all 489036 page views in 1449 days is 337 pageviews/day or 10186 pageviews/month or 122236 pageviews/year. I have approved 480 comments within 1449 days today. Means I got 383 comments within 899 days. And review ratio during last 50 posts is 2.34 days/comment and overall 1 comment/3days.

I want to thank some people who made my journey of posting these last 50 blog posts more beautiful with their appreciation, suggestion and support, and trust. I would thank Mr. Arvind Gupta, founder of for helping me whenever I get any query regarding this blog. I thank Aniruddha Pathak for developing my website’s android application and helping me to create and set up my UC-Union account. I thank Prerna Singla, Founder of Hall of Poets eMagazine for helping me to create my AdSence account and for selecting my poem to publish in the next anthology of HOP. I thank Harshit Pandey for feedbacks he gave about my blog. I thank author Shikha Khanduja Kaul for accepting my request to send me a free copy of her debut novel Hidden Husband in exchange for my honest review. I thank her for appreciating my honest efforts and making me a shining star reviewer among a lot of successful and senior reviewers and authors in the industry of literature. I would thank Jaydeep Surendra Khot for paying me for my honest review of his debut novel 50 Miles- A Reverse Journey. I thank author Ajay K. Pandey for giving me an opportunity to read one of the most emotional love stories and making me cry. His debut novel You Are The Best Wife  is one of the best 25 reads of this month (September 2016) on I thank Prashant Wase  for consistently asking about stats of his novel Ensnared’s review. My review of his novel Ensnared got 50 comments which are highest comments for the BookLysis (book review) and second highest on this blog. I thank all other authors, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like their work if I didn’t mention their names. I liked each one’s novel. And I do try to give my honest opinion on each book I analyze on this platform.  I thank Pulkit Gupta for sending me the whole set of 19 novels published by his publishing house Gargi Publishers. I am your favourite reviewer, I know that. But I would like to thank MY favourite reviewer Surbhi Sareen for giving me some tips when I was not sure about to use some literary aspects and implementation of her tips made my BookLysis more interesting. I thank her for honest feedbacks on my reviews. I thank Dipti Mishra for her honest comments on some of my reviews.

There are some people whom I haven’t thank in this post. I know all of them might reading this blog post now. They might expect their name with thank in this blog post. But I won’t!! Yes, I won’t thank Pankaj Giri and Subhajit Das for the comments on each of my BookLysis. I won’t thank my friend and a teammate Ankit Kumar for the work he has been doing perfectly for my blog. And yes! There is one more name, I know you are not familiar with this name, and I don’t think that she too even expect her name in this blog post. I welcome Janci Rani in my team of this blog. But I won’t thank her for the work she will do to make my blog posts close to error-free.  I won’t thank all of you Pankaj Sir, Subhajit sir, Ankit and Janci because I can’t thank you. I don’t have any words to thank all of you. I can’t be a selfish by just thanking you for your precious time you give check my posts time to time, read them and comment. I can’t be selfish by just thanking you when you leave your college work beside and contribute your time to my blog. I can not thank you!! What I can do is I can ask you for keeping your support to me and my work go on and I can ask for your support. I can’t thank all of you because I want to leave under your debt… always!!

Finally last, but not the least, I would thank my readers. I thank you for your consistent support and visits to my blog.

Thank you so much!!!


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Thursday 8 September 2016

Life & Promises- #BookLysis of my all time favourite novel

1445th Day

149th Blog Post

24th BookLysis

Today I am going to share my BookLysis of Life & Promises by PulkitGuptaand Ila Garg. This is my fourth review of Gargi Publisher’s title after reviewingHidden HusbandHey Dad! Meet My Mom… and Her Resurrection. I have read Anniversary Edition of Life & Promises which is published with ‘A National Bestseller’ tag.

Read my first BookLysis of Gargi’s title:

Hidden Husband  by Shikha Kaul (Rating: 4.5/5* | 26 Comments Amazon |Kindle | Flipkart)



Front Cover of Life and Promises

Life & Promises is an attractive title. The novel has a beautiful cover with a lovely color combination. Heart (<3) on the head of ‘i’ in Life & Promises is like a cherry on the cake. Anniversary Edition tag tells specialty of the third edition within a year. Yes, you read it right 3 editions within 12 months. That’s why the novel is ‘A National Bestseller’.

LANGUAGE AND WRITING STYLE: Language of ‘Life & Promises’ is lucid. Italic fonts are used in a proper way. English synonyms are mentioned in a bracket next to several Hindi words. The introduction of several terms from the medical field like Renal Angiography/Angioplastynephrologisturologist,haematologistsclotting disorder and PT-INR (Prothrombin Time)  shows author’s knowledge and research for a perfect storyline. First person narrative conversation style and wonderful dialogues keep readers engaged with the storyline. Flashback technique is used gracefully. Some scenes are titled by place and date which make us feel like reading a diary.

UNIQUE FEATURES: - ‘Life & Promises’ contain beautiful poems by Rachna Sheth. Her poems perfectly suit in certain situations. I liked the poem ‘She said- I said’ in chapter 4. Hindi poem by Abhishek Atul comments on the irony of life in the epilogue.

Also Read: Heart of Bullets by Nikhil Kushwaha (Rating: 3.8/5* | 4 comments | Buy on Amazon | Flipkart )



‘Life & Promises’ is a beautiful piece of wonderful characterization. Sketches of all the three protagonists Rachit Aggarwal, Khushi Gupta and Radhika Banerjee are sketched beautifully. Sketches of major characters is another unique feature of this novel. I always see such kind of experiments in Gargi’s books.


Read my other BookLysis of Gargi’s title:

Hey Dad! Meet my Mom… by Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Aggarwal(Rating: 4.4/5* | 6 Comments | Buy on Amazon | Kindle | Flipkart)

Her Resurrection by Soumyadeep Koley Rating: (4.15/5* | 5 Comments | Buy on Amazon | Kindle | Flipkart)

SETTING: The plot of ‘Life & Promises’ is developed at Apollo Hospital, Delhi where Rachit narrates his story to Khushi. The storyline is developed into 3 major cities Delhi, Chennai (Tamilnadu), and Kolkata (West Bengal). Laxmi Nagar  and  Parathe wali gali   in Delhi is portrayed beautifully. I felt like visiting the location live while reading few scenes. Description of  IIT Madras  and  East Coast Road (ECR)  is amazing. The introduction of Kolkata and  Kalighat temple is described in brief, but helpful for those who haven’t heard or read about the temple.

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PLOT AND STORYLINE:  Life and Promises contain 16 chapters alongwithprologue and epilogue. I like a comparison between two different education systems in the second chapter. Rachit’s sarcastic comments are just brilliant. He comments on children’s fear or hesitation to talk about physical changes, sexual problems and symptoms of any decease with their parents. He beautifully demonstrates the beauty of Radhika in the fifth chapter. I loved the romantic scene between both of them. Rachit’s room in boy’s hostel represents a typical room of a college student and take readers back in those happy days of college life. Authors elegantly maintain the generation gap by referring the use of  Bluetooth and Infrared for data sharing in the current generation of advanced data sharing applications. They remark on college students’ variety of passion and hobbies from different states. Jay satirically compares booking railway ticket with a war. A scene in which Rachit’s friends from different states debate to claim  Rajinikanth ‘our’ superstar is just amazing. I got new information from Rachitthat prepaid numbers don’t work in Kashmir. Eighth chapter ‘Chak de! India’ take us into flashback and recollects memories of so many real incidents like Chak De! India  movie in 2007 and  T20 Cricket World Cup 2007.

In the second half, Rachit introduces a course of CA. His reference to Coaching classes in Kota reminds my recent trip to Kota. He describes coaching life of CA aspirant in detailed. I would like to quote his words which relate to me and every unemployed friend of to be an engineer- “The worst part is to see your engineer friends getting a job in the 7th semester, getting a promotion, increments, making foreign trips and finally getting married.” :lol:!! Rachit’s speech delivered to CA aspirants is truly motivational and inspires me a lot. Four examples of his inspiration show Rachit’spassion and authors’ knowledge about cricket.

Radhika’s letter sent to hospitalized Rachit is very emotional with Radhika’s sentiments and touches to reader’s heart. Her notes written in her personal diary literally brought tears to my eyes. Her diary relates my own diary and remembers memories of my someone closed which I am going to rewrite soon, if I found some traditional publisher of Marathi novels then you shall read my debut novel soon in coming years. Khushi indirectly appeals not to compare our failure with other’s success. She appeals sensitive people- “Don’t let your emotions overrule your decisions. Just give yourself some time, talk to yourself and relax your mind. Do what you like. Something that you love to do and it will act like a stress-buster.” She tells Rachit that what does inner happiness mean!


  1. “A mother can understand the pain of her child just by looking at her son’s face; he doesn’t even need to tell her what had happened to him or what adverse circumstances he had been through. A mother- son relation is an unsaid bond; it’s not dependent on vocalexchange of some words.” - Page 23
  2. “There is nothing wrong with the valleys of sorrow. They are just like the phases of relaxation to regain the strength to move on.” – Page 48
  3. “Absence sometimes makes you realize the importance of people but then it was too late for anything to be done that could possibly bring them back together.” –Page 48
  4. “Intimacy is not only about being physical. It plays a major role in bringing you emotionally close to your partner. This also helps you understand him/her better. Trust plays a major role in intimacy. It is built up over a period of time with the strong foundation of love and relationship. Emotional intimacy is an important ingredient for a long, ever lasting relationship. Such things cannot be planned. They happen spontaneously.” – Page 73
  5. “Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow.” – Page 159
  6. “Life is too short. Fulfill all your promises” – Page 172
  7. “Life is not a game of chess where you can plan your next move. You should always expect the unexpected. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” – Page 50
  8. “Distance can’t separate love. If emotions are true then it should not matter to you, whether you are near or far. And as days go by, the memories remain. And these memories then add on to the beauty of the relationship.” – Page 109
  9. “Love is not about being in a relationship, but living the relationship.” – Page 153 
  10. “The difference between people who succeed in life and who don’t is their ability to face challenges correctly and not the absence of challenges.” – Page 154
  11. “Life is not designed for people to succeed in the first attempt itself. There are two kinds of people – one that expects easy successes and a smooth life that has relatively few bumps and the other, who understands that they need to try more than just once in order to get what they want.” – Page 154
  12. “If a life brings challenges then it brings several promises. It dependon us whether to see the glass as Half Full or Half Empty.” – Page 158
  13. “Dreams and imagination are the ingredients of a dish called ‘future’.” – Page 161

A MINOR TYPING ERROR:  This is the second novel in last 20 books I have read as a book reviewer where I didn’t find major drawbacks. (Now you don’t start counting my mistakes in this review, you will be tired by counting :lol:!) This novel is almost error-free but the only exception is a minor typing error on page 64 (which I am highlighting with strikethrough effect in next sentence)- “Arrey,you will the get the answers to all of our questions there.” Of course, we can ignore this minor print error but I have pointed out here for the correction in the next edition of ‘Life & Promises’.

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Life & Promises by Pulkit Gupta and Ila Garg keep readers engaged with so many twists and turns in the story. Second half of the novel gives you goose bumps. The love story of Rachit and Radhika make readers laugh and cry at the same time. Rachit’s deep observation and sarcastic comments make us think on crisis in our surround. Khushi’s positive attitude towards life motivates me a lot. I already have mucked every page of the novel as my favourite. ‘Life & Promises’ is added into my alltimefavourite list of the romance genre. I am glad to share that ‘Life and Promises’ is recently published in Hindi by Petals Publishers. I wish author and publisher a huge success for LNP’s Hindi edition ‘Khwaeshein’.”

RATING on BookLysis:


This novel deserves one of the highest ratings in my BookLysis and I would rate Life & Promises 4.75 on the scale of 5 stars. This is the second highest rated book on BookLysis.

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Author Pulkit Gupta (Image Courtesy: ©

CA, CS and Law student by profession and a writer by passion, Pulkit is someone who believes in living life to fullest. Born in Sonepat and brought up in Bijnor(land of Dushyant Kumar), writing came naturally to him due to his genes and current location. He did his schooling from St. Mary’s Convent School,Bijnorand graduated from MJPRU, Bareilly.

He started his journey with writing by penning some random poems in a diary but CA gave a professional touch to his writing skills. He got associated withCAclubIndia and was voted ‘Favourite of the club’ in 2011. His debut novel titled, ‘Life and Promises’ was a big hit and he is back with its bestselling edition. He is also part of a short story anthology, ‘You, Me, ‘N’ Zindagi’. He was also the compiler and contributor at ‘Moonlit Matinee’. He is the owner of publishinghouse, ‘Gargi Publishers’. In ‘Crumpled Voices – Shades of suffering’ he has performed an additional responsibility of compilation along with publishing.

Apart from reading and writing, the author loves listening to Hindi music, watching all kinds of Hindi movies and sports.

He can be contacted at:

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Author Ila Garg (Image Courtesy: ©

Ila loves writing. She has a flair for words. It is a passion, a compulsion; something that gives her an avenue to express herself. She writes when she is happy; when she is angry or when an issue touches her heart. She resorts to writing when she is restless or when she is on the verge of breaking down.

Creativity and writing have always attracted her. She has a huge collection of poems on different genre. Besides that, she loves to sketch and click pictures! Apart from being an avid reader, writer, reviewer, and editor, she is an active blogger too. She blogs at . ‘Life and Promises’ is her literary debut that created a lot of hype, and it was followed by ‘Cheer Up – The worst is yet to come’. She is also a part of several short story anthologies, ‘A Night in Paradise’, ‘Moonlit Matinee’ and ‘You, Me, ‘N’ Zindagi’. Besides that she has contributed in a poetry anthology, ‘Minds at Work 2’, in form of five poems and was the editor for a short story anthology titled ‘Crumped Voices - Shades of Sufferings’.

In her leisure time, she loves to read, watch movies, listen to sufi music, and travel to new places.

She can be contacted at:

Facebook | @ilagarg_smile | Goodreads |


“Story of an IITian turned CA Aspirant”


Rachit, a young, ambitious boy, hailing from a small town of western UP, has big dreams. Destiny takes a turn when he attempts to commit suicide and lands up in a hospital bed. There, he bumps into Khushi, a chubby girl with a carefree attitude. She insists that Rachit uncover the pages of his life and tell her what compelled him to take such a drastic step. Rachit starts narrating his story, seeing no other option. He tells her that he dreamt to be an IITian and even achieved it. Things went well for some days, till that fateful day when Rachit was diagnosed with severe health issues.

After a while, already heartbroken, Rachit takes a tough decision. He drops IIT dream and follows the path of becoming a CA. in this very process, he overlooks Radhika, a gorgeous Bengali girl, his batch mate as well his girlfriend. What will happen to the love story of Rachit and Radhika? Will Rachit become a successful professional, and if yes, then at what cost? Does Khushi have a story of her own?

Gargi Publishers can be contacted at:

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Reviewer can be contacted at:

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Anniversary Edition LIFE AND PROMISES


Life and Promises (Life & Promises)


Pulkit Gupta and Ila Garg

Published by

Gargi Publishers






© Pulkit Gupta

Third Edition

An Anniversary Edition (December 2014)

First Published by

Moments Publishers in December 2013

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