Tuesday 18 April 2023

31 is filled with fun! My Birthday is Special One!!! HappyBirthday #RDHSir

11th Blogpost On My Birthday

Dear Readers,

I welcome all of you to read my blogpost on my birthday.
Today is the 18th April, 2023. This is my 31st birthday! 31st! Uff!!
Oh My God! Am I looking old? I can't believe that I am leaping into my 31st year today! No! No! I am still young! Budha nahi ho gaya mai! (I have not grown old...!!) Kya? Abhi bhi meri shadi nahi hui hai (I am still
unmarried)! Hahaha:)!! Lol!! I know that my readers of this blog and viewers of my RDH Sir YouTube Channel have been waiting to hear the news of my wedding!! I have been telling that I am still unmarried since my many birthday blogposts; But I won’t be able to make such statement in my future birthday blogposts… Yes! You read it right... It’s my last birthday blog post that I am writing as a BACHELOR… Yes, for those who don’t know; let me share with you the news about my life… And the biggest news is here— I am Engaged with Miss Sagarita (Kavita) Asatkar on 22nd February 2023. And another big news is, we are getting married on 11th May this year… Actually I wanted to share this news on this platform earlier; but I couldn’t… However, I had shared the news along with pictures and Reels of our Ring Ceremony on my official social media channels. I am eagerly excited to express my feelings on this very special 31st birthday of my life.

As you know, I share some of my memories from previous year in my birthday blogpost. So some of my cheerful memories are here-- I always give a glimpse of my previous year in my birthday blog posts. So let me take you back for a while…

Last year 2022 went by giving full of mixed experiences in my life.

  • I remember, it was my first birthday that I had celebrated after getting government job last year.
  • I met with 2 accidents last year. While returning from the training held at Khairlanji, my bike was slipped at Ratnara village. Although I was not injured, wiper of my bike was broken in that accident. Later, while I was travelling to my school in the rainy season on 13th July 2022; my bike was slipped again and I was injured… I thank the almighty that my bone was not fractured… However, it was not a minor injury because it was very painful….
  • I completed 5 days induction training at DIET, Balaghat from 22nd to 26th August 2022.  
  • I had planned to visit my maternal uncle’s village during Diwali vacation but I didn’t due to my LIVE broadcast schedule on my YouTube Channel. My dedication towards KBC Play Along helped me reach top #7 and finish at Top #14 rank in the KBC Play Along Leaderboard of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 14 .
  • I published my first book review after many years on this blog.
  • Last two months of the previous year 2022 was full of mixed emotions in my life.
  • I believe that arrange marriages are always better; but when I started searching to be life-partner; I felt nervous in each official seating. But I am thankful to God for matching my destiny with the best life-partner. Thank You God!
  • Beginning of the New Year 2023 was really special in my life. The first day of this new year started with melodious voice of my to be fiancé. I was uncertain but eagerly waiting to talk with the special person on that day… I hadn’t thought that I will get a call but I got it… Yes, it was all fixed… I got my perfect match in the month of December last year.
  • 8th January of this year was really special… I can’t forget the memories that I cherished that day.
  • I was selected for One Month Certificate Course in Teaching English Language at ELTI, Bhopal. The training was scheduled from 2nd to 31st January 2023. Initially, I was not mentally prepared to go for the training because my engagement ceremony was scheduled during the training period; but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take this training. So I postponed my engagement ceremony and went to Bhopal for one month. I will never forget memories that I cherished at Bhopal. I celebrated Makar Sankranti, Republic Day and Basant Panchami in Bhopal. I visited several places at Bhopal. Initially, I didn’t want to go there; but I didn’t wish to come back after getting full training. I got really precious knowledge at ELTI, Bhopal. I will never forget my cheerful memories that I cherished there.
  • I had stopped writing my diary since 2014 but I had started writing my diary once again in Bhopal from 10th January 2023.
  • I can’t forget my simple welcome by my students when I joined school after returning from the training.We had planned to formally engage with each other on 22nd January 2023. But we had to postpone it due to my training. So I engaged with my fiance on 22nd February 2023.

You know that I run a YouTube channel named RDH Sir. I share
English Tips and Tricks, Educational content, Job notifications, current
affairs and Information about quiz shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati, Kon Honaar Crorepati and Shark Tank India etc by uploading videos on my YouTube Channel. I publish various kinds of content on my YouTube channel in various niches (Playlists). I am glad to share that my RDHSir YouTube Channel finally hit the milestone of 7k subscribers and growing. My RDH Sir channel has also completed 860,000+
views. I am satisfied with the overall performance of my channel. My previous Instagram account @rdh_sir has been deleted and I have created new account @rdh.sir on Instagram.

I am planning to publish my upcoming videos through this blog
too. I remember that I had promised that I would be active on this blog which could not be possible but believe me; I really think to active this blog now! I also think to publish blog posts on regular interval for sharing my day to day experiences. And yes, I am glad that I have already published a book review after many years under my book reviews venture BookLysis by RDH Sir on my website.

It's 18th April today! I feel myself very blessed

that I am born in the month of April. Fruitfully a week of my birthday (i.e.
11th – 18th April) is more fortunate period. 11th April comes with a birth
anniversary of a great social activist Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, 14th April is a birth anniversary of the architecture of India’s constitution Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb R. Ambedkar ji and then 18th April--- No! No! I am not going to write my name in the queue of mentioned great personalities. In fact I am not talking about my birthday here. It’s also the 165th birth anniversary of the first Maharashtrian recipient of India’s highest civilian award, ‘Bharat Ratna’ Maharshi Dhondo Keshao Karve ji. Three great souls were born in the land of India during the same period. It’s also the 68th death anniversary of one of the greatest scientists Albert Einstein.

Even an auspicious Hindu festival of Ram Navami was occurred in the same week of my birth in 1992 on April 11th. At the same time my birthday falls in the holy month of Ramadan as per Islamic calendar. So I feel myself blessed; who knows, God/Allah might want me to contribute for something good from my existence and that’s why he would have sent me on this planet on April 18th for some unknown reasons!

This is my 31st birthday…  This birthday will always remain special in my life… Because I am celebrating my birthday as a bachelor for the last time in my life. As I mentioned earlier in this blog post; we are getting married on the 11th of the next month. Today, I want to tell the world that- Yes! I have got my SOULMATE!

Today while celebrating my 31st birthday; I wish to determine something. I sleep too late from last few years. I need to determine a perfect sleeping timetable and stay resolved with that determination! It could not be possible for me though I have resolved the same so many times in the past; but I have to make a resolution now! I had started exercising in the mid of 2020 but I had stopped practicing after having body
pain within two weeks. I started exercising at home once again.

While celebrating my 30th birthday last year, I
became an uncle. I would also like to wish my niece Miss Tanvi Hajare and my former students Master Om Y. Asati and Miss Vaishnavi Girhepunje who are sharing their birthdays with me today.

Today, while celebrating my 31st birthday... I thank to the
almighty for each and every day of my life in this beautiful world..! I wish to say my thanks to all of you for making my birthday special with your wishes. Special thanks to my parents, my family and my fiancé Rani.

I can't express my gratitude in return for your blessings and
best wishes on this very special day. I am not exaggerating but I am receiving continuous notifications of birthday wishes on Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Phone calls etc. Abhi bhi 'Thanks' type karke ungliya dard kar rahi hai… ! (Still my fingers have pain after replying thanks..!)... I always try my best to reply every single wish I get, but it’s not possible to reply all of you guys... Please accept my thanks through this blog post.

Thank you all for your greetings and best wishes on my
birthday! Thank you readers! Thank you all!

Yours truly,
Rajesh D. Hajare (Yes! A birthday boy for today)
18th April 2023, Tuesday / Amgaon Dist-. Gondia