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#IAm16ICanRape by Kirtida Gautam:- Well researched psychology and debate!!! (Book Rating: 4¼ of 5 Stars)

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#IAm16ICanRape!! No, I am not 16. I have celebrated my 24th birthday just 3 days ago. But still #IAm16ICanRape!! Yes! This is the title of an Advanced Review Copy (ARC) of the debut novel by Kirtida Gautam, which I am going to analyze here in this blog post.

Detailed  Analysis  of  an  ARC  of  #IAm16ICanRape   K I R T I D A  G A U T A M


Book Cover of #IAm16ICanRape

Title and Cover

#IAm16ICanRape is the most attractive and catchy title. I got interested with a lot of curiosity due to the title of this book. The source of the book title reveals in the fourth chapter. I heard about the possible change in this title as #IAm16ICan.  But I think that dropping the word ‘Rape' from the current title would not be a good idea. I can understand that the word ‘Rape' may sound negative and motivational to commit a rape, but after reading the whole book, I feel the title#IAm16ICanRape better and more impressive than supposed to be mysterious title #IAm16ICan. However, it's my personal opinion about the title. On the book cover, important dates related to rape are printed there in the watermark. A teenager boy's shadow can be noticed on the book cover. Title #IAm16ICanRape is printed with a hashtag so it seems like a trend. Green cover motivates to live a life.


The plot of #IAm16ICanRape runs through several cities like Bangalore, Ludhiana, Cochin, New Delhi, Pune, Gujarat and Kerala in India, Switzerland, and the USA.

Language  and   Writing Style

Editors use different text styles (font, italics and bold) in a proper way. Hindi and Gujarati words, phrases and slangs are highlighted with italic fonts, Italic fonts, and capital letters are used to stress on words and sentences. The author uses bold and abusive language at some scenes which is welcomed and must in the thrillers on such themes like sexuality and rape.


Subhangi's Quote from chapter 8.2 in #IAm16ICanRape

Author counts time in randomly generated number of seconds. The author narrates every character with the presence of mind. Even being a debutant author, Kirtida Gautam uses an amazing narrative style in the novel.



Reading help chart of #IAm16ICanRape

#IAm16ICanRape is not only a piece of beautiful writing but a fantastic editing. Patricia Smith and Neil D'Silva have done a commendable job as editors of the novel. I would mention some unique things of the book. The story of #IAm16ICanRape is narrated through different characters into 12 chapters containing subchapters, but the book doesn't start with Chapter 1. Yes! All the chapters are sequenced in a random order with help of the reading chart. The author acknowledges her detailed acknowledgment under the title of each chapter. The author narrates the story through each character's individual point of view.


Major Characters:

  1. Aarush Kashyap: Aarush Kashyap is the central character in the novel. He is a 16 years old accused juvenile of rape.
  2. Rudransh Kashyap (RK-Ji): Aarush's grandfather Rudransh Kashyap's character is portrayed as "a man who can turn any hardship into an opportunity of a lifetime." The author portrays Rudransh's character in 2 different roles- Bob (Aarush's grandpa) and the RK-Ji; both of his characters are sketched gracefully. I would describe RK-Ji in his own words- "I am not the kind of person who trusts anyone. I gather data and do analysis."
  3. Ananya Mehta: Ananya is a wife of Mrigank and a mother of Aarush. She is one of my favorite characters because of her nature.
  4. Subhangi Tyagi: Author portrays Subhangi as a rape survivor. Yes! She is not a typical rape victim. I would say that Subhangi's character is inspiring for so many rape victims to forget the pain and live the life.
  5. Meghana Pathak: Author portrays Meghana in the role of a successful lawyer in support of juveniles.

There are 13 more major characters like Mrigank Kashyap, Pihu Nagaraju, Harmeet Kaur (Harry), Gayatri, Vijay Prabhu, Shrini, Saurish Acharya, Vaishnavi, Priya, and Taz.

Minor Characters: There are some minor characters like RewatiBhattacharya, Bharti Rajkotia, Navya Mehta, Subramaniyam Sir, Mamata Radhakrishanan, Dr. Samvedana D. Rao and Keshav Murthy.


Author Kirtida Gautam introduces stages of  ‘Rape Trauma Syndrome’. I feel Meghana's interview realistic which is interviewed by Bharati. The idea of the story or case is introduced by Meghana in chapter 9.1. Readers get to know the contrast in thinking of Aarush and his mother Ananya. The author describes ‘Virginity complex' in an entertaining way and she remarks an important message- "Losing your virginity is not some kind of trophy. Don't focus on such stupid things; it would be fun only if there is no meaning in that. Sex in itself is nothing." The author explains the fact of the reproduction process in the philosophical words. Emotions of each and every character at particular moments are expressed fantastically which seem realistic.

In chapter 8.3, I remembered my childhood that how I was ordering my cousins to leave my maternal grandfather's bed to sleep; when Aarush orders Navya to leave their grandmother Gayatri's lap. I think authoress has done a commendable job by scribbling rape scene in non-vulgar words in chapter 3.4.

Author indirectly criticizes environment and dark reality of rehab centers, while describing the rules and regulations of rehab. Description of Preliminary hearing in the courtroom and other court scenes and interviews show author's knowledge about the constitution, law and legal system and media, journalism and journalists.

The author stands a beautiful example of a strong relationship between a father-in-law and a daughter-in-law which gives a positive message to society. Chapter 4.5 tells the result of pleasure-loving teenager's addiction towards pornography.

The author beautifully scribbles the emotions of a rape survivor Subhangi Tyagi in her heartwrenching note which make us aware of rape survivors' problems. She clears misconception of depression patients and motivates to visits psychiatrists for psychotherapy through the quotation "It's funny misconception in India that people see a psychiatrist only when they are mad." Author Kirtida Gautam introduces ‘Transactional Analysis of theDark Triad'  in chapter 5.3.

I appreciate Ananya's objective answers to her daughter Navya on a sensational topic like rape. I personally think that parents should discuss on such unsaid topics like physical/sexual changes in the human body, physical relationships, benefits and side effects of  this with their children in a good manner in a familiar environment to spread awareness and avoid misconceptions about sensational topics in teenage mind. I feel lucky that my parents never been silent on such topics, so we both brothers may discuss fearlessly on such matters in a family.

I liked session 14 in which psychiatrist Dr. S. D. Rao reads Rudransh'smind. I like Rudransh's comment on an irony in India's judicial system and his message to the society about how to deal with forgiveness and punishment- "a society needs to know when to forgive, but it also need to know when to punish. Forgiveness is not always a virtue. Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any better." He tells the difference between juveniles' judicial system of India and other countries. He believes that "Society is not supposed to be formed on legal values, but on moral values." The author remarks the horrible fact of prisoners' harassment and sexual assault by other prisoners in jail. She comments on forged birth certificates of prisoners to prove them juvenile, however, the scene is stretched.

I like an interview of a rape survivor Subhangi Tyagi to journalist Saurish Acharya. Subhangi fantastically describes the society's stand with rape victims by the analogy where she compares an orange and an apple. She says "it might seem that rape is a feminist issue. It is not. It is a battle for masculine which females are forced to fight against." She tells the difference between the rape and the sex in her answer to Saurish"Rape is not sex. Sex is an act in which there are always two people involved. Rape is not." I think Subhangi's interview in chapter 8.2 is not less than any scripture of motivation for rape survivors and rape victims (both are not same so do not get confused) to look towards life positively. In chapter 8.3, the author gives a glimpse of Imago Theory of Attraction. I thoroughly enjoyed the card game 270, chapter 8.4 shivered me with thrill and goosebumps.

I think Taz's comment "she is not scared of animals anymore. Now she fears only humans" about his best friend Subhangi's change after a rape is a slap on society and us, the so-called responsible people of India must feel shame on ourselves for such condition. Chapter 10.4 is really touching and sensitive. I truly choked while reading this chapter.

I won't share climax here' but, I truly support Rudransh's demand of juvenile law amendment because "If a person is adult enough to commit a rape, the person is adult enough to take the punishment, period." At least "Punishment has to be in proportion to the crime."


So many one liners and quotations are used there in the novel. I would like to note some of them.

  1. "Suicide is for cowards. Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem."
  2. "Humans experience their lives at six levels- physical, emotional, professional, social, creational, and spiritual."
  3. "There are these three ego states- child ego states (psychopath), adult ego states (narcissist), and parent ego state (Machiavellian)."
  4. "Don't plant a seed just a day before you need the fruit."
  5. "In a functional family, a mother should love her child and a father should love the mother."
  6. "God cannot help those who don't help themselves."
  7. "People become artists in hours of grief."


There are some typing errors like readroster and Khandha instead of red, rooster and kandha on page numbers 3, 119 and 313 respectively. Few Hindi words and sentences are not translated into English. Narrator's name (Gayatri) is missing as a title of chapter 11.3. Few chapters are stretched for no reason, but this point may be sort out in final copy or next edition of the novel #IAm16ICan.

Reviewer's Opinion


©Rajesh D. Hajare

"#IAm16ICanRape is not only the typical novel but it is like a tonic and doses of philosophy on unspoken and sensitive subject like rape. The novel does not only give you big philosophical doses but make you and society answerless with a lot of serious questions. Rape victims and rape survivors must read this novel because this book will not only inspire them to live a life with a positive attitude, but the #IAm16ICan will work like any scripture of motivation for them. #IAm16ICanRape is a perfect psychological thriller and a perfect page turner with so many twists and suspense till the end.

I would recommend the novel  #IAm16ICanRape  or  #IAm16ICan  as a reference book for the study or research of rape, juvenile psychology behind rapes and criminal minds, general psychology of human being, information about psychotherapies, the judicial system, and amendment of law.


I would rate 4.25 out of 5 Stars to #IAm16ICanRape

Watch this amazing book trailer of #IAm16ICanRape

#IAm16ICan in a glance

Title: #IAm16ICanRape (ARC-Advanced Review Copy)

Title: #IAm16ICan

Subtitle: The War Against Rape Culture

Author: Kirtida Gautam

Editors: Patricia Smith and Neil D'Silva

Cover designing: Manoj Vijayan

Publication: Self Published by Kirtida Gautam

Copyright: ©2015 Kirtida Desai & Mrityunjay Gautam

Series: Yin Yang Series

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Price: INR 450/-

ISBN 13- 978-81-931360-2-7

Pages: xxvi+592 (including cover)

Binding: Paperback

Reviewer: Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH)

My Rating: 4-25-small.png 4.25/5 (Good)




Rudransh Kashyap is a self-made billionaire and man of high moral fiber. His life is shattered when he returns home one day to find that his prodigy, his 16-year-old grandson, Aarush, has been arrested and accused of a brutal gang rape. It is easy to say, "Kill the Rapist" but what if the accused is your child?

This case takes an unprecedented turn when Aarush's identity is made public on social media. Rudransh finds himself living a nightmare as he fights against tremendous odds to get justice for Aarush, to save him and to bring him back home… But what if the unthinkable is true? Can Rudransh save his grandson, or will he end up fighting a different battle altogether?

 About  Author


Author Kirtida Gautam

Kirtida Gautam is a clinical psychologist turned screenplay writer whocompleed her education from the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, India. Her passion for psychology and writing inspired her into writing psychological thrillers. While the readers are reading this introduction, the next thriller is in the making…


  1. This is not a paid review.
  2. This is my personal opinion about the Advanced Review Copy (ARC) of the novel #IAm16ICanRape by Kirtida Gautam and your opinion about #IAm16ICan may be vary.
  3. The Advanced Review Copy (ARC) of #IAm16ICanRape was sent to me by the author Kirtida Gautam for an honest review.
  4. All the rights of quotations used in this review are reserved with the copyright holders of the novel.
  5. Reviewer of this review works as the Gondia District’s President at Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Sahitya Parishad.
  6. Review typing by Harshit Pandey
  7. © Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH) | All Rights Reserved

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  1. I have read some of your reviews
    They are really good. Great job sir

    Everything else is very nice but I personally feel that the cover page description that you provide in each of your review, is not necessary.
    It's okay to have it but the review will appear to be more effective without that

    Yet again it's my personal opinion,
    May be this is a requirement for book reviewing, I am not quite aware about that

  2. Rajesh D Hajare RDH22 April 2016 at 10:58

    @Sohail Ahmed,

    Hmmm.. but my opinion is different... jab author publisher itna kharch kar karte hai cover pe.. cover designer mehnat se 1 cover banata hai... so its my duty to analise the cover...
    No.. no.. requirement is only to give a glimpse of cover with brief comment.. but i do Analise the cover.. with each aspect
    Anyway thanks for ur comment and suggestion as well..

  3. Thanks Rajesh, it's such a detailed and well written review. Thanks a lot.

  4. Rajesh D Hajare RDH22 April 2016 at 11:03

    @Kirtida Gautam,
    Welcome ma'am... i hope u have liked my efforts...

  5. Very nice, detailed review as always, Rajesh. The book must be good as the title itself #Iam16IcanRape gives an impression of the impact that this book might have. And yes, reading your reviews are always a pleasure. Keep up the good work... You're already one of the better Indian reviewers in the market.. :)

  6. Dr. Prerna Singla23 April 2016 at 01:50

    Mast likha hai review

  7. This book was a pleasure to edit. The story was so engrossing that it did not seem like I was doing some work. At every bend, there was something happening, and kept me hooked, as a reader more than an editor. The best thing is that Kirtida has managed to put across such a strong message with such a captivating story. All the best to her.

  8. I had the great pleasure of editing Kirtida Gautam's book ‪#‎IAm16ICanRape‬, which is now retitled to ‪#‎iAm16iCan‬. For once, the editing process did not seem like work. The book kept me hooked more as a reader than as an editor for the absolutely riveting story it told - a story that I could identify with. Most importantly, it set me out on a journey in which I edited more books, all of them fabulous in their own way.
    Here I share Rajesh D. Hajare's extremely detailed review of the book. He speaks as a reader, what he liked about it and even the minor slipups. The review itself looks like a labor of love.
    Do pick up a copy of this book when you can. It might change your perspective on a few things. Heads up - Psychology aficionados will love to analyze this book.

  9. This book is one of my favorites. I just love the antagonist in it.
    The review is actually very good and detailed. A perfect outlook for those who haven't read the book yet.
    It is really nice.

  10. Anupama Dalmiya23 April 2016 at 19:33

    Very well written review. Feel like reading the book again now

  11. Rajesh D Hajare RDH23 April 2016 at 19:34

    Thank you so much @Anupama Dalmiya ma'am

  12. Rajesh D Hajare RDH23 April 2016 at 19:34

    Thank you @Kapil Kumar... I am glad that u liked the review.

  13. Rajesh D Hajare RDH23 April 2016 at 19:36

    Thank you so much @Neil D'Silva sir for sharing my review of ‪#‎iam16ICan‬ by Kirtida Gautam ma'am with ur detailed feedback... I am obliged!!

  14. Thanks so much Neil D'Silva- you are a brilliant editor to work with And thanks Rajesh D. Hajare for the detailed review.

  15. Mrudali Ranjithakrishna23 April 2016 at 19:40

    hi..rajesh...went through your review....nice description..

  16. Hey..
    Read ur review.. Uts impeccable.. You have improved alot and the facts u wrote were epsilutely amazing..

  17. Rajesh D Hajare RDH23 April 2016 at 19:45

    @Surbhi Sareen,
    Thank u ma'am.... i hope, i followed ur tips... hehehe

  18. Very well written review Rajesh Sir. Superb work done by you once again I must say. #IAm16ICanRape by Kirtida Gautam is a very finely written novel on a very sensitive issue. Finishing & some layers of the novel is really very very good. I can see the uses of some bold & some abusive languages also, but like I said before, they certainly goes with the prospect & situations. So appropriately used! I'm impressed! Hat's off to the character of Shubhangi & to the author as well. Very well deserved 4.25 stars. Exactly correct rating! Very perfect work done by you Sir. Keep it up. Always with you.

  19. pragati singh2 May 2016 at 12:06

    Very awesome review jus luv it...title is best and the topic writer choose. Is very unique....hats off jus luv it!! Thanx rajesh..gud work #kirdita

  20. Very well written review Rajesh Sir. Superb work done by you once again I must say. #IAm16ICanRape by Kirtida Gautam is a very finely written novel on a very sensitive issue. Finishing & some layers of the novel is really very very good. I can see the uses of some bold & some abusive languages also, but like I said before, they certainly goes with the prospect & situations. So appropriately used! I'm impressed! Hat's off to the character of Shubhangi & to the author as well. Very well deserved 4.25 stars. Exactly correct rating! Very perfect work done by you Sir. Keep it up. Always with you.becoming a life coach


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