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Memorable Day of My Life

Blog Post—104th

Day – 903th

Hi!! I have been notified by Indiblogger via Gmail to write a Blog Post for  and share my experience about a memorable day I spent #togetherwith my dearest one. So I am sharing my experience of that memorable Happy Hour..!!

This was (Still I don’t consider that day as ‘that’) 22nd September 2011...

22nd Septemberis still a very happy and memorable day for me... Why?? Because near about 3 and half year before in 2011, September 22; that day was very surprising and very-very special for me.

On the morning my one friend called me and informed that "your sister wants to meet and talk to you." It was a pleasant shock for me which I wanted from previous 601 days. I could not believe but I got very happy...

I entered into the room where my sister had been living with her roommate. At that time I was so frightened!! But I had touched with eagerly happiness by just thinking to meet my sister and spend some time #together. By thinking that she herself wanted to meet and talk me.

Finally my sister also enter into the room in which I was already waiting for her, she came near me and sat down; all her friends also had sit around me. My sister started the series of questions to me. I was trying to reply her every question honestly. She asked me so many questions but I honestly want to say might be I couldn't given satisfying reply of  her every questions however I tried fully! Otherwise she would accept me her brother what she didn't.

My sister had given me a full chance to talk herself but what would I speak in an HOUR...? I was so emotional to converse her. I did not like respect she had given me; because my sister is elder than me so "I don't think that I deserve respect from her." I could not converse her friendly which I wanted and was waiting from more than one and half year…

I wanted to talk with my sister lonely. Still I want to bewail and show her my tears. How do I whimper and how do I cry in her memories for myself sleep. How do I remember her. To tell her how is my life without her and what is importance of a sister in my life. Although I could not express my feelings for herself still my tears brim in my eyes.

My sister had called me with my autobiography ‘MAAZI TAI: Ek Athvan’; I wrote on our relation to store her memories. She flick through the pages of that book. After I known from my best friend that my sister had already read my complete autobiography. Thank you Tai for reading the book. But I can not store each and every memorable event happened and I lived #together with my sister in my one book so I write that all happy and sad moments in my daily diary; this article has been written in my third daily diary I was writing which was being completed with this article. If you will observe; you will find my sister's name on each and every page in my diary.

I promised my sister that I will not publish my ‘that’ autobiography in the future and I am committed her. I will never breach my promise; but I will try to publish my story by different media, format and type by different title if I can for my reader fans what I have shared in my last blog post as my resolution. Lets see what happens next…

I had drunk glass of water and a teaspoon sugar cause of my Thursday fast through my loving sweet sister’s blessed hands. I can't forget the test of that two substances. I remember that glass of water I drank like 'AMBROSIA' taken through my sister's blessed hands….

After passed an happy hour with my sister #together I returned at my room. In the evening we attended the birthday of my friend where my sister and and her friends’ group had also come. After celebration when we were returning my sister and their group were going forward while I was walking behind them. I saw turning my sister with friends’ group from turning point at the room; this was last glimpse of my sister I saw ever.

Next day on 23rd Sept.2012. My sister was not in Ramtek cause she had left the room last night. I was also alone in Ramtek;  That was very difficult time for me so I cried my heart out but nobody was near there to hear me… I was so mad at that time. I can't describe how did I cry on that day. And then I left the Ramtek.

Now also, I couldn't forget my sister. I expect a wish from my sister on my birthday but she didn't; I was thinking to wish my sister's birthday from bottom of my heart but I also couldn't. In the future I will to wish my sister's birthday. But I got one more pleasant and exciting surprise from an unknown girl from UAE named Malak Al  Dunia on my birthday 18th April in 2013. Malak had wished me on my Birthday via Twitter by texting 'Bro.' means brother. I was so unfortunate in this relation so I tried to ignore her, I even tried to take a test of her endurance; but she won me!! I couldn’t let her go away as my sister; so I accepted her as my second sister and our relationship bond in being more strong as days pass.. I feel very lucky and fortunate about her. Doesn’t matter for me that I have never seen her or even  her image in this 2 years’ virtual relationship.

My sister told me "If you come at my home place; come certainly at home. " She told me "We will remember Rajesh was our classmate in DTEd & wished me best luck in my slam." but I request her if she is reading this blog post; please don't remember my name 'Rajesh’ as your classmate if you want to remind, remember me as 'your brother'.

Three and half years has been passing to that happy moments I lived #together with my sister in that Happy Hour but I couldn't forget her. I live with that happy moments mentioned in my Autobiography and daily diary. Even today also I am living in hope and optimism that my sister will call me and will accept me as her brother… When I had been living with vicinity of my sister for two years during 2009-2011; my friend had saved one mobile no. my phone’s contact list by the name TAI. I was really ignorant from this, but when I saw the number in my contact list firstly I got so excited and happy; but suddenly I was SHOCKED!! Because I didn’t know that how was the number saved in my phone? Who did save that number? And Whose was that number? Because I had tried to get my sister’s number in beginning and very big misunderstanding was happened about me to her. And the then that was happened so I was frightened! I could not delete that number in optimism of that number is of my sister at one side; and another side I could not dare to dial that number and try to know whose number that is!! I was in dilemma. I thought if really my sister received phone; what will I speak her? What will I tell if she asked me from where you have got this number? Surely I would tell her fact but will she believe? Secondly if my sister received phone will she tell an unknown caller her name!! Even if she told; this was an unfair trial!! If someone unknown person received phone then directly I will tell her fact that how did I get the number and why did I call but what will happen of my optimism? So I neither tried nor dared to dial that number in even an emergency and on surprising days. In short I did not dare to know whose number that is!! But in 2012 or 2013 I dared to know that the user is male or female; if he would be male I would undoubtedly know that this is not my sister’s number and would delete that unknown number. But the number was in use and was being received by female user so I disconnected the call but again did not dare to ask the name of HER. After that day I never tried to dial that number. I remember that once a SMS had been sent to that number by mistake from number but I did not receive any kind of response; but once again one more SMS had been sent and I got a call on my number from same number; At that time I was talking with my high school friend on another phone so that call was being received by my little brother. After disconnected our conversation I checked the call history of that received number which was displaying duration of 22 seconds; but the conversation had been held with my brother so again I missed the chance to know whose was the number?

Recently I have been using WhatsApp (+917588887401)  since 2 months from when I bought new smartphone. I have created one group CETFlash on WhatsApp too in which I added so many numbers saved in my contact list included mentioned unknown number. That number is also available on WhatsApp but as I mentioned above I did not dare to text her. But after adding to my group I got first text “Who’s this??” I again FRIGHTENED!! I did not again dare to text her but I did not want to miss this opportunity also to know whose no. number that was? I took so much time to responded, and finally I also sent a text message. Then our chat began. I told the fact that how did I get that number?? I told her about my sister in short because I can’t reveal her everything about our relationship if she is an unknown one and if she is my sister I know that she will never accept that she is my sister. But even after this chat I did not know the exact user’s name of that number. OK.. I don’t want to describe more than what I described in this post. But I request her if she is my sister please accept me your brother; and if she does not really recognize me please read this post because after reading this you will know from where I have got your number. While chatting she had messaged me “Thank you for wasting my time” but after this blog post I am sure that your time will not waste.

At last I wish my sister a very big thanks for at least she had given me a very big and surprising opportunity to meet and talk herself and live #together for that memorable happy hour.

Wishing Best Luck for my sister’s bright future. May Allah keep her safe and bless her health, wealth, great success, satisfaction and a lot of happiness in her life..!

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