Wednesday 18 April 2018

Thank you for your wishes on my 26th Birthday!

Hello readers! I am back on my blog… And the reason of my come back on my blog is more special.  It’s today’s date. Do you remember what is today? No… Guess until you reach to next paragraph. “I am aware that I have been very irregular on my posts recently but let me assure you that my passion towards blogging has not faded or please do not feel, I am not serious about the blog.” I remember that I had mentioned the exact same lines in my blog post on my previous birthday. I had said that I was revamping, redesigning and resetting my website, but the truth is my work has not done yet. Believe me, I have so many ideas and plans in minds but all left being still plans due to my busy schedule with a new and fresh look, tabs and pages of my website very soon.