Wednesday 1 March 2017

FINDING JULIET - Can a Geek ever find Love? by TOFFEE : 4.85 of 5* to Romantic novel on Love, lust & Life!

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Hello friends!
After a long gap; I am back with one more Book Review!
Today I am going to share my views on Finding Juliet by Toffee.

Title & Cover:    

Front Cover of finding Juliet by Toffee (BookLysis)Finding Juliet is indeed an attractive title which reminds me of Romeo and Juliet  by William Shakespeare and Finding Juliet  by Frank Sennett, but there is no direct correlation as such with this new book. This book was first published as a digital book on Juggernaut online application and later published by Srishti Publishers in paperback format. This is my fourth book review of the book published by Srishti Publishers. The beautiful cover of Finding Juliet is designed by Wasim Helal. A guy is portrayed in the witty pose. The book asks readers “Can a Geek ever find love?” This question can be considered as the subtitle of the novel.