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#Airtel4G – The Fastest Network Ever

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Hello readers!

We are internet loving people entering in 4th generation of Cellular Technology. We can’t live even a day without an internet, we can’t imagine a day without an internet today.

There are so many telecom operators exist in telecommunication who provide 2G and 3G internet and more across the world, but internet was limited till 3G in India. There is an unique telecom operator in India which broke all limitations of internet speed and launched 4G in India. Yeah! You are right! I am talking about an Airtel. Airtel is an unique and outstanding telecommunication service provider among all of them.

Believe me, Airtel is the first and the only telecom operator which has launched it’s 4G in 296 cities/towns in India. Really! Who had thought in India that there will be 4G internet available in country where 3G and 2G networks have not reached in few regions of the nation? But its true!

I have been using mobile for last 8 years or more. During these years I have changed so many SIMs, mobile numbers. Handsets and telecom operators. One or two among them was/were Airtel which is my most favourite telecom operator till now. I was not interested in browsing internet till 2011, but I remember that I started using internet from 2011 end or beginning of 2012 and from then I haven’t looked back as I can’t imagine a day without an internet today. I had 2G compatible mobile phones in that period and we know how 2G internet is slower in India. Though I was using 2G till yesterday, I was always anxious about 3G compatible smartphone with 3G SIM in that in 3G network in my hand. I was so curious hearing speed of 3G internet from my younger bro.. And the day arose, I too bought 3G compatible phablet (smartphone) in end of January this year. But I had no choice other than to go with 2G because 3G service was unavailable in my area. I used 2G internet till yesterday. I was so frustrated with 2G’s slower speed, One service provider launched 3G in my location but the rates of their data pack were so high, So I used 2G. I always complained my telecom operator about their slow 2G internet. In fact if my old telecom operator starts an award to the user who complained customer care maximum times, I think an award will be mine without a nomination! Hahaha:)! I had told the same to my old telecom operator once. But now I have changed my telecom operator through Mobile Number Portability (MNP) which has 3G in my location. Actually I was waiting to be launch Airtel 3G/4G in my location, unfortunately this could not happen yet in my location. So I had no other option to choose other telecom operator. But I am eagerly waiting to see my favourite Airtel 3G/ #Airtel4G in my location soon.


Image- ©Brandcover of Airtel4G

Airtel!!!Airtel is the leading and the first telecom operator to provide mobile network and internet service in mobile phones run by Bharti telecommunications and Enterprises. Airtel is the first telecom operator to introduce 2G, 3G and now #Airtel4G in India. Mentioned information is enough to tell about Airtel. Though I have not experience Airtel 3G yet as its not available in my location but I used Airtel 2G and that was enough faster than other telecom operators’ 2G internet. I am really anxious to use #Airtel4G in my location soon and I hope that #Airtel4G will launch here as well very soon. I have read about #Airtel4G on their official website

#Airtel4G is The Fastest Network Ever.If you crave speed of 2G and 3G internet of your telecom operator. #Airtel4G is for you. Yeah! This is the time to use internet of fastest generation in India. And Airtel has launched its fastest #Airtel4G in 296 cities/towns in India.

I know that you might have a question in your mind that how to get started with #Airtel4G. Its very simple. All you need to get started with #Airtel 4G is just 3 things:

  1. 4G Device:-User must have to use 4G compatible device (smartphone, tablet etc.) to use #Airtel4G service.
  2. 4G Plan:-#Airtel4G plans are available at 3G prices and starts from INR 25/- only. Isn’t it unbelievable?
  3. 4G SIM:-Getting an Airtel4G SIM is very simple. You just need to have a twitter account to get #Airtel4G SIM. Yes! Getting a #Airtel4G SIM is just a tweet away.

You have to just a tweet your request for 4G SIM with hashtag #GetAirtel4G with mention Airtel’s official twitter handle @airtelindia. After a tweet, you will receive an instant reply from @airtelindia. You will have to fill the online form with your name, Airtel Mobile. No. (on which 3G is activated) and address details and submit the form. After successful submission of the online form you will get free delivery of 4G SIM from Airtel. Yes! Its unbelievable! But it’s the reality.

All is done! #Airtel4G- The Fastest Network Ever in the reach of your fingers tips now. Yes! Dream of using 4G comes true with Airtel.

TVC of #Airtel4G ©Youtube

#Airtel4G (4th Generation Cellular Technology) is also known as Long-TermEvolution (LTE), which is 5 times faster than 3G. That’s the reason why we call Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever again and again and again for infinite times till date. It’s a reason why Airtel challenges in it’s Television Commercial (TVC) advt. “ If your network is faster, we will pay your mobile bills for life.”

Unfortunately #Airtel4G has not been launched yet in my location, I mean Airtel 3G is also not available in my area. But I hope that Airtel will launch 4G in my location very soon so we too could enjoy the fastest #Airtel4G. I am looking forward to replace my 3G compatible smartphone into 4G till then.

I am eagerly excited to get benefits of #Airtel4G with unbelievable 4G speed of Airtel under my hood:

  • Proud To Be An Airtel User:-Airtel is the most trusted and the first telecom operator to launch mobile network, 2G, 3G and now #Airtel4G in India. I would like to be a proud user of an Airtel.
  • 5 Times Faster Than 3G:-Airtel 4G is the faster telecom operator to roll out 4G services. I am very curious about this 5 times faster #Airtel4G than any other 3G services.
  • Expecting Airtel4G:-Airtel has nationwide rolled out 4G across 296 cities/town in India. I expect my location to be added soon.
  • 4G Availability at 3G Prices:-I am looking forward to get the same data balance I get under 3G pack and want to enjoy superfast 4G speeds at no extra cost. Because #Airtel4G packs starts from just INR25/- only which is amazing!
  • Superfast Downloading Speed:-I always got trouble to install/download any app from Google Play Store. As per my experience WhatsApp takes 73 minutes in 2G and almost 2 minutes in 3G for downloading, but I can download same app in just 18 seconds with #Airtel4G. I don’t want to miss this amazing downloading speed of #Airtel4G.
  • Faster Movie Downloading:-I have seen my friends downloading a full movie overnight, which was the waste of time and battery consuming trial, but the days of overnight movie downloads have gone. I will download average size movie in just 3 minutes. It’s unbelievable downloading speed!
  • Fastest Search Results:-I can find location in just few seconds. #Airtel4G provides search results in fraction of seconds. Its Outstanding!!
  • Fastest Browsing Experience:-I browse Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Blog, Wikipedia and so many more websites, but slower browsing is still a problem. I would browse the same sites with fastest #Airtel4G.
  • Fastest Video Streaming:-It takes longer time to reload videos while streaming on Youtube in 2G and even in 3G, but the problem of slower video streaming would have been a history with #Airtel4G.

In short there is so much to do with #Airtel4G. I can’t imagine the fun of enjoying superfast internet speed of 4th generation cellular technology with #Airtel4G.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have already Airtel 3G and you have a 4G compatible device, just tweet #GetAirtel4G with @airtelindia and enjoy Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever in India.

Thank you so much Airtel India for #Airtel4G

  • This blog post has been written for #Airtel4G campaign in association with Airtel.
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