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THE INTERNET MOGULS OF THE WORLD by Avi Arya [Book Review & Detailed Analysis of 62 Successful Entrepreneurs' Interviews] (4.5/5* Rating #BookLysis by @RDHSir)

  •  32nd BookLysis (Book Review) by RDH Sir 

    Hello readers…!

    I know that I took a very long break in my venture called BookLysis… But finally, I am back with one more book review. We all are aware that this is a new era of startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers and digital marketing. Why am I talking about it today? So let me tell you that I have read a book titled THE INTERNET MOGULS OF THE WORLD (TIMOTW/IMOTW) By Avi Arya, Raya Arya and Avianna Arya. Before I start my review, let me alert you that this is going to be my one of the most detailed book reviews so far. It’s not just a review but a detailed critical analysis and a meticulous chapter by chapter book summary. So, here is my BookLysis of the book THE INTERNET MOGULS OF THE WORLD (TIMOTW). 

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      Saturday 13 August 2022

      My Feelings on My SISTER's 31st Birthday!

      Dear sister,

      It's 13th August 2022...!

      I am literally busy these days, but how could I skip writing a blog post on your birthday...! It's the only way by which I can share my feelings for you... I always wish and pray for you and I will keep praying for you till the last breath of my life. I just hope and pray that you are reading this from your place.

      First of all a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my Dear Sister! I have been sharing a blog post for the last few years on the occasion of your birthday... I had never thought that any of my wishes would reach you, but finally one of my wishes came true in 2020... My personal feelings written in my diary on the occasion of your birthday reached you finally. My best friend (you know her name) sent my wishes to you!! I waited for 3251 days (i.e. 8 years, 10 months, and 25 days) to see your reply. But trust me, there was not a single day when I didn't miss my dear sister... I am an optimistic person... I knew it was difficult, but I always hoped that my sister will read my feelings someday... And my wish became fulfilled in 2020... Thank you so much, Tai! Thank you for giving your valuable time to read my sentiments on your birthday that year. Thank you so much for your kind reply...!!

      I can't explain to you, how happy I was after reading your reply that day on 15th August 2020...! But I couldn't enjoy the happiness of those happy moments for what I was so eager for a long time... I was totally out of emotions!! I had thought that I would be able to wish you directly afterward... I had thought that I won't need a mediator to send you my greetings and wishes... And that was the only reason I had again asked for your contact number... I almost pleaded with my best friend but she called me greedy... No! I am neither greedy nor a psycho!! I was just trying to know my sister's contact number... I can't think to bother you even in my wildest dreams!! I am also assured that you too know that I can never bother you!! And trust me, Tai... I will never contact you for an unnecessary reason!! You didn't give me your contact number... No problem Tai... I knew that day too that you won't give me your number... But don't worry... This time I won't ask you for your number... Please excuse me for my previous mistake... I just hope that my dear friend would complete the task as an errand to send this letter to you in the upcoming unlimited years so far until you don't share your contact details... But I am an optimistic person... Believe me, I still hope that my phone will ring one day and I will be speaking with my sister from another end. You will be asking me, "Did you recognize me (Olakhla ka)?" and I will reply, "Yes, you are my lovely sister (Tumhi maajhi Tai)"!
      I don't know when, but I know that my sister will give me her number herself. I will wait for that day till the last breath of my life. What I would say today is just Thank you for that day! You gave me feelings of being a younger brother... I felt those feelings for the first time in my life... I didn't know what the feeling was after receiving the loveliest sister's reply. Thank you so much for giving me those memorable moments... If you are reading this please send me your reply...

      Dear sister,
      I have intentionally repeated the sentiments that I had written in your previous birthday blog post... I had asked our friend to share the link of my post on your previous Birthday to the birthday girl; I have been waiting to know your reply to that post and it's your next birthday has come today... So I am writing a fresh post... This time too, I will ask my best friend to share this post's link or whole post with you... I hope that she will do her job for her friends... I request you, please send me at least a single reply... If you don't want to send me a reply directly... It's perfectly fine... Do send it through our mutual friend... But please send me a reply... I am waiting...

      Dear sister,
      I know that you are not much interested in knowing what's going on in my personal life... But let me share a big GOOD NEWS about my life... I know, what you are thinking... Hahaha :)!! (Good news ka ek hi matlab thodi hota hai....!!) Before you make any assumptions about my life... Let me inform you that your younger Bro is still a BACHELOR...! Why I am informing you is just that you might not think that you have a sister-in-law (vahini)... Behen ko bina bataye / bulaye Bhai ki shadi ho sakti hai kya?? Jab vahini aayegi tab mai khud bata dunga... :)! By the way, I am planning to get married next year...

      So what is the Good News?? It's a correct question...
      Dear sister,
      I am very glad to share with you that I have been appointed as a Middle School Teacher in the School Education Department at the Department of Public Information (DPI), Madhya Pradesh. Presently, I have been working as a Middle School Teacher (English) or Madhyamik Shikshak at Government Middle School Miriya, Tah. Lanji Dist. Balaghat (Madhya Pradesh) since 09th October 2021. Don't be shocked after reading Madhya Pradesh. Although I work in a village in Balaghat District (Madhya Pradesh); it's hardly 13 km away from my home in Amgaon (Maharashtra). Actually, I wished to share this great news of my success along with the first packet of offerings (sweets) with my sister first... In fact, it was my dream to break this news to you first... But you know my limitations... However, I tried my best to deliver you this news through my friend... I don't know whether she informed you or not but I am still waiting to be congratulated by my sister..!!

      Dear sister, I promise you that I will make you more proud one day... Let me tell you that your brother is creating an identity as a YouTuber. If you haven't visited my channel yet, please visit my channel RDH Sir on YouTube. Don't worry, I won't ask you to SUBSCRIBE and hit the Bell icon on my channel. I know that if my sister likes my effort, she will definitely do so. I post educational videos on English Grammar and Informational videos of Kon Honaar Crorepati and Kaun Banega Crorepati on my channel.

      Dear sister, no one can guarantee a life! It's the only life that we have in this beautiful world... I don't want to be philosophic or emotional here but I had met an accident recently on the 13th of July 2022 (exactly a month ago from your birthdate)... By God's grace, my parents' blessings, doctors' treatment and your precious wishes I am feeling well now... I have almost fully recovered now!! But at that very moment, while walking on a swollen foot having unbearable pain, only one thought appeared in my mind many times... Anything could happen to me but I was fortunate... If any misfortunate thing would have happened by any chance (Thankfully by God's grace I am safe and healthy now), what would have happened to my sentiments for you... How could I have been shared my feelings for you... I don't wish to bid a farewell to this world before making our bond of BroSis relationship tighter forever!! I don't wish to miss this only opportunity to share my feeling for my sister...

      I know that you might think that I am gone mad and the topic of your birthday has digressed, but NO Sister... LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE!! Do you remember Pankaj Sonwane? Let me remind you that HE WAS one of our classmates in DTEd. Maybe you and many friends would have forgotten him... But this is his birth anniversary too... Did you notice that I wrote 'Birth Anniversary' instead of 'Birthday'...
      I have been wishing him after wishing you on 13th August... But I can't do that today... I can't wish him... And he can not even read this ... Yes... Because his birthday has been turned into his birth anniversary just because of a mere cardiac arrest at a young age... He is no more with us on this planet... I hope that he is reading my words as my tribute to him on his birth anniversary and may his soul rest in peace...!

      Dear sister,
      I always wait to share my feelings on the 13th of August. No busy schedule can stop me from writing on the day of my sister's birthday. You had said in your one of three replies that you don't know where I write my diary. Let me inform you that I write a diary on my blog/website But I write my personal feelings about you in my personal diary.

      Dear sister,
      Before concluding this blog post, I just request you only thing and that is- if you receive or read this letter (blog post), please send me a reply. Even if you send me a reply through our best friend, it's totally fine for me... I won't ask you for your number or any other personal details... I promise!! I won't get emotional!! But I will be happy to see your reply... Please make this wish come true!

      Dear Sister, I pray for you and your relatives' healthy life and happiness!!
      May Allah bless you with all the happiness that you wish! May your all wishes come true!!

      Wishing you (my Dearest sister) a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎂🎂and belated HAPPY RAKSHABANDHAN! May Allah (the Almighty) bless you always...!! You are the BEST SISTER in the world...!! I just LOVE you, my Dearest Sister..! What I wish for is just a smile on your face and a lot of happiness in your life!!

      Wishing once again a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SISTER🎂!!

      Only yours,

      A brother

      Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH Sir)


      AntiVirus - (I liked my new name AntiVirus after Rajdhani Express because both names are given to me by my sister) Just kidding:)

      13th August 2022 (Saturday) 01:30 am


      Monday 18 April 2022

      Today I am 10957 days blessed! It’s MY 30th BIRTHDAY! - Thank You so much for your wishes on my Half-Diamond Jubilee Birthday..! #HappyBirthday #RDHSir

      • 10th Blogpost On My Birthday!
      • 1st Blogpost after being a government servant!

      Dear readers,

      I, once again welcome all of you to read my blogpost on my birthday. Today is the 18th April, 2022. This is my 30th birthday! 30th! Uff!! Oh My God! Am I looking old? I can't believe that I have turned 30 today! No… No! I am still young! Budha nahi ho gaya mai! (I have not grown old...!!) Kya? Abhi bhi meri shadi nahi hui hai (I am still unmarried/single/bachelor)! Hahaha
      J!! Lol!! I am eagerly excited to express my feelings on this very special 30th birthday of my life.

      I am aware that I have been very irregular on my posts last year but let me assure that my passion towards blogging has not faded. Please do not feel that I am not serious about blogging. Well! The truth is I was so busy that I could not fulfill my promise of revamping, redesigning and resetting my blog and website. But believe me; the fresh look of my blog will be launched very soon. I really appreciate your patience.

      I know that you might think that it's been my regular dialogue about my blog on my birthday. I have been writing and promising the same thing on my every birthday for so many years. But believe me, I am not lying... I am really busy these days. Actually the fact is, I am busy in my YouTube Channel. I will talk about it in this blog post later... But before that, I would like to share the biggest news about my career on this very special day... If you would have read my previous birthday blog post on 18 April 2021; you might remember that I had mentioned that I was waiting for a permanent job. You might know that I had qualified in Madhya Pradesh Madhyamik Shikshak Patrata Pariksha or Madhya Pradesh Middle School Teachers Eligibility Test (MPTET, Grade 2) for the post of Secondary English Teacher. I had ranked 157th among all candidates who were appeared in the test. Selection process for the same was being undergone. I was selected for the post of Middle School Teacher (English) as per Provisional Selection List issued by the department on 29th Feb 2020. Our documents verification could not held twice and I was hopeful to get a permanent job that year.

      Finally my documents are verified last year on 11th June 2021 by the respective administration. I am glad to share that I was ranked 73 in the Final Selection (Merit) list issued by the respected administration of School Education Department or Directorate of Public Instructions (DPI), Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Further I was ranked 11th in the Final Selection (Merit) list for School Allotment issued by the respected administration of School Education Department or Directorate of Public Instructions (DPI), Jabalpur Division, Madhya Pradesh.

      And the biggest news is here-- I have joined as a Middle School Teacher or Madhyamik Shikshak or Grade 2 Teacher (English) at Government Middle School, Miriya (Block- Lanji, Dist- Balaghat) in Madhya Pradesh. I have been appointed on 09 October 2021. So I can proudly say that I am no more an unemployed person. I am a proud government servant now. Actually, I had to share this big news when I got posted; but as I said earlier, I was so busy in my new work and managing my YouTube Channel. Sorry for the delay from my side in sharing this big news...!

      Last year 2021 went by giving full of mixed events in my life. I have many cheerful memories associated with last year. Usually I post cheerful memories of the year on my new year post but I could not publish my blog post on the new year this time... So, I had thought that I will share some of my memories in my birthday blogpost. So some of my cheerful memories are here-- Although delayed, I will try to publish a blogpost on my every single achievement/memory later but the list is here--

      • I have got a permanent job and I am working as a Middle School Teacher or Madhyamik Shikshak or Grade 2 Teacher (English) at Government Middle School, Miriya (Block- Lanji, Dist- Balaghat) in Madhya Pradesh. I was grand welcomed by the entire staff of Government Middle School Miriya.

      • I was
        given a memorable farewell by the staff and the students of my old school at Abhinav Vidya Mandir Rondha. I can't forget a surprising gesture of my old students. Gifts given to me by my former colleagues and my students of standard X are memorable. A photo frame presented to me by my former students of Class X at AVM Rondha will be with me forever. Thank you will be a very small word to express my gratitude towards students, colleagues/teachers/non-teaching staff and management body of AVM Rondha/Salekasa.

      • I got fully vaccinated after taking 2 Doses of COVISHIELD this year.

      • I have purchased a new motorcycle/bike Honda CD110 Dream Deluxe for me on an auspicious occasion of Dhanteras / Dhantrayodashi.

      • I have purchased a new smartphone Realme GT Master Edition (8+256 GB, Voyager Grey) in December 2021. Although I was little confused to purchase an expensive smartphone like this, but I am really thankful to my younger brother Vivek for such a lovely recommendation.

      • I have celebrated Republic Day first time in my new school. Glimpses of that day are amazing in my memories and in my Phone. We had been to the forest of Miriya and lake of Wari during.

      • We bid a farewell to the seniormost colleague Mr. J. D. Chaudhari Sir of our teacher staff at Government Middle School Miriya on his retirement at the age of 62 from his government service on dated 31st March 2022.
      • We took him to his home at his native village in Dahegaon amidst the sound of DJ while dancing in an emotional environment.

      Even my picture was printed in the print media newspaper Jagprerna, Lanji (Balaghat, MP) on dated 02nd April 2022. One memory of that function is- we sang a 'welcome song' "Aaye Hain Atithi Dwar..." written by me on the karaoke music of Na Kajre ki dhaar in the background.


      I have thrown a dinner party to my friends, family, neighbors, relatives and old and new staff to celebrate and share joy of my employment on dated 01 April 2022. (No! It's not an April Fool.)

      I got an opportunity to appear in the level 2 Digital Audition of Kon Honaar Crorepati 2021 and KHC 2022 twice and Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 13 once during this period, however my fortune did not support me in going to the next level audition.

      We prayed to Maa Bamleshwari Devi Temple Dongargarh, Chhattisgarh last month. Vlog of our tour will be releasing soon on my YouTube Channel.

      We visited to the temple of Maa Pandharipath Devi at Wari/Kharadi which is situated in Lanji tehsil in Balaghat District in the state of Madhya Pradesh twice this year with family and took blessing of the goddess.

      You know that I run a YouTube channel named RDH Sir. I share English Tips and Tricks, Educational content, Job notifications, current affairs and Information about quiz shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati, Kon Honaar Crorepati and The Big Picture etc by uploading videos on my YouTube Channel. I publish all kind of content on my YouTube channel in various niches (Playlists). I am glad to share that my RDHSir YouTube Channel finally hit the milestone of 5.6k+ subscribers and it's growing day by day. My RDH Sir channel has also completed 5,40,000+ views. I am satisfied with the overall performance of my channel.

      I am planning to publish my upcoming videos through this blog too. I remember that I had promised that I would be active on this blog which could not be possible but believe me; I really think to active this blog now! I also think to publish blog posts on regular interval for sharing my day to day experiences. And yes, I am glad to announce that I am going to come back in the commercial book review industry soon under my book reviews venture BookLysis by RDH Sir on my website.

      For those who keep asking about my marriage, let me inform you that I am still single; but yes! You may hear the news of me getting married by my next birthday.

      I am eagerly waiting to somehow contact my beloved sister (you know that I always refrain from mentioning her name/identity). I always write a blogpost on the occasion of her every birthday. I had posted a blog post on my sister’s previous birthday too! (I wish I will get a single greeting from her someday, and I have been waiting for that day for last 11 years!) I still wish that my phone will ring someday and my sister will be on dialer’s end… If she is reading this… Dear sister… your brother is just like this… a soft hearted emotional person… I don’t wish for anything… I just want to be your bro… I want to tell the world that- Yes! I have a sister! The best sister… My princess… My Angel… I wish that you will wholeheartedly accept me as your brother… Distance and lack of conversation can never lessen my love and respect for you… You were the best! And You Are The Best Sister!!!

      Although I could not contact the one whom I love the most treating as my sister... I got one caring sister last year... Yes! I am talking about Miss Hina Khan who once happens to be a viewer of my YouTube Channel... But she is my sister and I am her brother now!
      I don't know whether she would like it or not because I am mentioning her name without her consent but I am pretty sure and hope that she will be awestruck to see her name if she is reading this blogpost. Hahaha..)!

      It's 18th April today!
      I feel myself very blessed and I am literally 10957 days blessed now that I am born in the month of April. Fruitfully a week of my birthday (i.e. 11th – 18th April) is more fortunate period. 11th April comes with a birth anniversary of a great social activist Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, 14th April is a birth anniversary of the architecture of India’s constitution Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb R. Ambedkar ji and then 18th April--- No! No! I am not going to write my name in the queue of mentioned great personalities. In fact I am not talking about my birthday here. It’s also the 164th birth anniversary of the first Maharashtrian recipient of India’s highest civilian award, ‘Bharat Ratna’ Maharshi Dhondo Keshao Karve ji. Three great souls were born in the land of India during the same period. Its also the 67th death anniversaty of one of the greatest scientists Albert Einstein. I mean to say that my birthdate is associated with heritage of of social reform. And it's an another fact that 18th April is celebrated as 'World Heritage Day'.

      Even an auspicious Hindu festival of Ram Navami was occurred in the same week of my birth in 1992 on April 11th. At the same time my birthday falls during the holy month of Ramadan as per Islamic calendar. So I feel blessed; who knows, God/Allah might want to happen something good from my existence and that’s why he would have sent me on this planet on April 18th for some unknown but good reasons!

      I was born on Chaitra Krishna Trutiya as per Hindu Marathi calendar (Panchang) and Vaishakha Krishna Pratipada as per Hindi Panchang. Today is Chaitra Krishna Dvitiya according to Marathi Panchang when I am celebrating my 30th birthday according to date. That means my 30th birthday falls again tomorrow as per Marathi tithi.

      Today while celebrating my 30th birthday; I wish to determine something. I sleep too late from last few years. I need to determine a perfect sleeping timetable and to stay resolved with that determination! It could not be possible for me though I have resolved the same so many times in the past; but I have to make a resolution now! I had started exercising in the mid of 2020 but I stopped practicing within two weeks after having body pain. I resolve to start exercising at home once again.

      While celebrating my 30th birthday today, I would also like to wish my former students Master Om Y. Asati (a student of std. X) and Miss Vaishnavi Girhepunje (a student of std. VI) in AVM, Rondha; who are sharing their birthdays with me today. One of my favourite cricketers and vice-captain of Indian cricket team KL Rahul’s birthday also falls on today; I do not only share my birthday but the exact date of birth 18th April 1992 with him. I also greet my student of std. X Master Tanmay U. Patle whose birthday falls tomorrow. Happy Birthday to all of them. May their future shine brightly and they achieve everything whatever they deserve in their life! I would also like to wish my friends Er. Kuldeep Bisen (along with his Dad) and Mr. Vijay Wairagade who will be celebrating their birthday on 20th April. This year's birthday will be the last birthday in Vijay's bachelor life since he is going to get married just day after his 31st birthday on April 21st! I wish him and his to be wife a very happy married life and great future ahead!

      Today, while celebrating my 30th birthday... I thank to the almighty for each and every day of 10957 blessed days my life so far in this beautiful world..! I wish to say my thanks to all of you for making my birthday special with your wishes. I can’t mention all names here but I would like to mention two names of my former students. I thank Vaishnavi Girhepunje who wished me first among all this year in advance via Instagram. Coincidentally she also shares her birthday with me. I would like to also thank Miss Saloni Patle who wished me at 12:00 midnight sharp. Special thanks to my parents, my family and my younger brother Vivek.

      This birthday is quite more special for me because I got blessings from my elder uncle Mr. Yadoraoji Hajare who had come to our home from his native place Panjara (Rengepar) near Tumsar in Bhandara district. He was our guest who returned to his village yesterday. I can't forget the memories of my time that I spent with him in this entire week. I was astonished to see his knowledge about English grammar and curiosity of learning new things... If he would have opportunities of better education, he would have been retired from any senior post of Government service. I can see the hunger of education in him even today at the age of 71.

      I would like to thank all the present and former students, parents and staff of Government Middle School Miriya as well as Abhinav Vidya Mandir Rondha / Salekasa for making this day memorable by their WhatsApp Statuses, messages and calls on my birthday. I wish to mention one more name in this list but I don’t know if she remembers my birthday or not (though I had informed her my birthday), but if she does, I thank my dear sister. I wish I could get a single wish from her. Unfortunately, I would be refrained from mentioning her name directly here.

      I can't express my gratitude in return for your blessings and best wishes on this very special day. I am not exaggerating but I am receiving continuous notifications of birthday wishes on Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Phone calls etc. Abhi bhi 'Thanks' type karke ungliya dard kar rahi hai… ! (Still my fingers have pain after replying thanks..!)... I always try my best to reply every single wish I get, but its not possible to reply all of you guys... Please accept my thanks through this blog post.

      Thank you all who sent me greetings and good wishes on my birthday! Thank you readers! Thank you all!

      Yours truly,
      Rajesh D. Hajare (Yes! A birthday boy for today)

      18th April 2022, Monday

      Amgaon Dist-. Gondia

      Tuesday 15 February 2022

      Valentine's Day: प्यार का एक समीकरण...!?

      VALENTINE's DAY: An Equation of Love..!? (वैलेंटाइन्स डे: प्यार का एक समीकरण...!?)

      लेखक: राजेश डी. हजारे (RDH Sir)

      आज 14 फरवरी है। 14 फरवरी- 'वैलेंटाइन डे' - प्यार का इजहार करने का एक दिन। वैसे देखा जाए तो यह एक पश्चिमी त्योहार! परंतु ऐसी कौन सी पश्चिमी चीज है जिसे हम भारतीयों ने स्वीकार नहीं किया? वैसे प्यार का इजहार करने के लिए अलग से किसी एक दिन की आवश्यकता नहीं हैं। लेकिन कोई बात नहीं; होना चाहिए एक दिन ऐसा भी 'प्रेम दिवस' के रूप में केवल प्रेम को समर्पित...!

      प्रेम (प्यार)! "ढाई पवित्र अक्षरों का संगम है प्रेम (प्यार)।" पर आज प्रेम यह शब्द कानों पे आते ही अथवा होठों से निकलते ही नयनों के समक्ष आते हैं दो परलिंगी पंछी==> युवक - युवतियां और किशोर उम्र के बालक एवं बालिकाएं भी..! आज पवित्र शब्द प्रेम अधिक से अधिक अपवित्र होता जा रहा है और समाचार पत्रों और समाचार चैनलों पर दैनिक अपराध से संबंधित अपराधों से यह सिद्ध भी होता है!

      "वास्तव में प्रेम ही सृष्टि के चक्र को नियंत्रित करने का एकमात्र आधार है। प्रेम के बिना एक क्षण सांस लेना भी संभव नहीं है।" हो सकता हैं, शायद मेरे मित्र मुझे प्रेमविरोधी के रूप में भी जानते हो। पर सच तो यह है कि मैं बिलकुल भी प्रेम-विरोधी नहीं हूं। मुझे 'प्यार' शब्द से कोई आपत्ति नहीं है..! जब भगवान भी पवित्र प्रेम का विरोध नहीं करते तो मैं कौन होता हूं प्यार का विरोध करनेवाला? मैं आज के युवाओं के विचारहीन प्रेम का विरोध करता हूं।

      मैं पूछना चाहूँगा कि क्या प्रेम केवल प्रेमी-प्रेमिका का ही होता है? तो नहीं। प्यार माँ-बच्चा, प्राणी-पक्षी, गाय-बछड़े, दोस्त-दोस्त, प्रेमी-प्रेमिका और भाई-बहन में भी होता हैं। मेरा आज के युवक-युवतियों के पवित्र प्यार को भी विरोध नहीं हैं किंतू ऐसे पवित्र प्रेम करने वाले प्रेमी युगलों को ढूंढने निकले तो शायद हाथ - पैरों की 20 उंगलियां भी ज्यादा हो जाए! और यही चिंताजनक विषय है।

      आज प्रेम शब्द देख-भाल, परवाह, दायित्व, संरक्षण, भावना एवं एक दूसरे के प्रति समर्पण का नहीं बल्कि देह-सुख के लिए भोग का शब्द बनकर रह गया है। हर एक इंसान प्यार का उपयोग अपनी-अपनी आवश्यकता के अनुरूप करने लगा हैं। बदलते वक्त के साथ-साथ प्यार कि परिभाषा भी बदल गई हैं। "आज की पीढ़ी प्यार के नाम पर वासना के मोह कि ओर खींची जा रही है।" यह लेख लिखने के पीछे मेरा उद्देश्य प्रेमी, प्रेमिका, प्रेम या वैलेंटाइन डे का विरोध करना बिल्कुल भी नहीं है; लेकिन मै जानता हूं की आज के नवसीखे शौकीन-मिज़ाज पागलप्रेमी युगल मुझे लैला-मजनू, हीर-रांझा, सलीम-अनारकली, देवदास-पारो और रोमियो और जूलियट के ऐतिहासिक पवित्र प्यार की मिसालें देंगे, लेकिन वह पवित्र प्यार अब बचा नहीं है और भविष्य में वैसा प्यार दोहराया जाएगा इसकी भी कोई संभावना नहीं है। क्योंकि वैसी सहनशीलता आज के युवाओं में बची ही नहीं है। और जिन्होंने प्रेम कि पवित्रता को शुद्ध जल के समान संजोकर रखा हैं; उन्हें मेरे विचारों का विरोध करने का अथवा आपत्ति जताने का कोई कारण नहीं है; इसके विपरीत, वे इस लेख की सच्चाई और वास्तविकता को जानेंगे तथा भली - भांति समझेंगे।

      आज प्रेमी + प्रेमिका = प्यार (LOVE) = वासना (LUST) और यह वासनापूर्ण प्यार से ही बाद में होते है शारीरिक संबंध (Physical Relations/SEX) और अगर किसीने भविष्य में मना किया या 'धोखा' दिया तो बाद बाद में होते हैं--- 'बला xxx (R×××) और हत्या..! और ये सब होते हुए अगर लोग LOVE = SEX का समीकरण बना भी रहे हैं, तो इसमें वह क्या गलत कर है? आज अधिकांश (कुछ अपवादों को छोड़कर) प्रेमी युगलों ने ऐसा समीकरण तैयार करने पर विवश कर दिया हैं एवं अपनी हरकतों से यह समीकरण सही भी साबित किया हैं..!
      ये हुए वर्तमान प्रेम के संबंध में मेरे विचार... खैर...!

      आज 14 फरवरी अर्थात 'वैलेंटाइन्स डे' है। इस दिन को मनाने के लिए मूलतः मेरा विरोध हैं ही नहीं..! 14 फरवरी 'वेलेंटाइन' नाम के दो अलग-अलग संतों की शहादत का दिन है जिन्होंने रोम और तर्नी यह दो अलग-अलग देशों में प्रेम का संदेश दिया। यह दिन प्रतिवर्ष उन्ही दो महान संतों का प्रेम का संदेश देकर (प्रेम का इज़हार कर) मनाया जाता हैं। इस दिन हम किसी को भी हैप्पी वैलेंटाइन डे कहकर शुभकामनाएं दे सकते हैं। यहां तक कि माता-पिता, दोस्त, भाई-बहन, छात्र-शिक्षक, सहकर्मी, पड़ोसी और प्रेमी-प्रेमिका को भी..! कोई मतलब कोई भी! ऐसा हर कोई जिसे हम प्यार करते हैं। हां ..! आपका वेलेंटाइन कोई भी हो सकता है! यह दिन उन लोगों के लिए अपने प्यार का इजहार करने के लिए हैं, जिनसे आपने कभी अपने प्यार का इजहार नहीं किया। उन्हें अपनी ओर से पवित्र प्रेम का प्रस्ताव देने का दिन हैं जिसे हम अंग्रेजी में propose कहते हैं... और जवाब में 'केवल हां' की उम्मीद करना भी सही नहीं है। जिन लोगों को अपना प्यार जताने के लिए हम कभी समय ही नहीं निकाल पाए उन लोगों के लिए अपने प्यार का इजहार करने के लिए यह एक खास दिन है...

      मुझे समझ नहीं आता कि क्यों एक पाश्चात्य त्योहार कह कर केवल इसी एक दिन का विरोध किया जाता हैं? विरोध का शायद एक वाजिब कारण अवश्य है कि - 'वेलेंटाइन्स डे' के नाम पर मिली आजादी की आड़ में प्रेमी-युगलों का सड़कों पर अश्लील हरकते करते हुए घूमना तथा सभी मर्यादाएं भूल जाना.... इस एक बात को अगर छोड़ दें तो मुझे नहीं लगता कि वैलेंटाइन्स डे का विरोध करने का कोई कारण है; और अगर उपरोक्त प्रकार बंद हो जाते हैं, तो इस दिन का विरोध करने की कोई आवश्यकता नहीं होगी...

      खैर ...! अंत में, अगर मेरे शब्दों से कुछ शौकिया प्रेमियों को ठेस पहुंची हो, तो मुझे क्षमा करें ...! पवित्र प्रेम को जानने और उसका अनुकरण करनेवाले शायद मेरे शब्दों तथा विचारों का समर्थन ही करेंगे ऐसा मुझे लगता है।

      अंत में एक ही संदेश देना चाहूंगा- चलो शांतिपूर्ण और सभ्य तरीके से जिएं, हर एक से प्यार करें, और पवित्र प्रेम का संत वेलेंटाइन का संदेश पूरी दुनिया में फैलाएं

      Happy Valentine's Day..!

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