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My Analysis of the novel KLASS by Prita Yadav: 3 Stars Rating

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KLASS by Prita Yadav was waiting for its turn to be read by me from my bookshelf since 13th Nov. 2015. Finally, I have read this book in this month, Before starting the analysis of KLASS. I apologize to the author for the delay and thank her for the patience.



Front Cover of KLASS by Prita Yadav

The title KLASS is familiar to us as it sounds like CLASS but it’s not CLASS, it is KLASS so the novel becomes interesting from its title. The title is mentioned everywhere in capital fonts so obviously one can guess that KLASS is an acronym of something. Full form of KLASS reveals in the very first chapter. The title KLASS carries a meaningful subtitle “A Man Is Lifeless Without A Passion In His Life!”  Book carries a beautiful cover. Book cover has green shades with full of nature, trees, and garden.

SETTING- The story of KLASS runs around Pune and nearby locations like Lonavla and Shinhagad. Kanchansingh’s life has a background of Kolhapur, Mumbai, and Uttar Pradesh.

LANGUAGE AND WRITING PASSION- Author Prita Yadav uses lucid language with the use of some splendid new words. Grammar is properly used until the end.  Prita uses third person narrative technique and narrates the story in past tense so each chapter feels like a unique story. Use of phrases like ‘twenty-nine pair of curious eyes’ shows author’s passion and imagination for writing. Author gracefully scribbles all kind of expressions by each and every character.  However over description of some unnecessary scenes make readers bore at several moments.

THEMES- The novel KLASS is based on different themes like Friendship, Love, Romance, Flirt, Sports and mainly a Passion.

PASSIONATE CHARACTERS- Author Prita Yadav has beautifully portrayed all characters. Readers meet so many characters in the novel. Jolene Jordan aka ‘Jo’ is the protagonist. Rino is the mother of Jo. Kelvin Jordan is Jo’s father. The author portrays Tejaswee Gupta (Teju) as a best friend of Jo. Two Khan sisters Zara and Aafrin are sketched in a contrasting way. Tanuja Singh is portrayed as a clever student in KLASS. Mr. Kanchan Singhs’s character is very motivational. He is the Director of KLASS, Nikhil Chavan (Nik), Ankit Patel, Shumi, Sunny and Jogeshwar (Jogesh) are friends of Jo, Teju, Shirin Shaikh and others. Ankit’s character is portrayed as a flirt with a pure heart (hahaha!). Bharat Sharma and Zara Khan are portrayed as brilliant students in sports. Rashmi Sonawane aka Sonawane ma’am’s character is described beautifully. I liked the way she and Jo’s uncle Angus Jordan care for Jolene. Mrs. Ashwini Marian is sketched as the strict principal of KLASS. Ashwini Marian’s son Dennis’ character is sketched as a disobedient student. Readers meet some other minor characters like Somesh Advani, Scollie, Dalia Sen, Dr. Palteru, Dagad ma’am, Agrawal ma’am, Patil ma’am, Bedi ma’am, Jerry, Mr. Abraham Marian, Mrs. Rose Yadav and Mr. Vivek Gupta etcetera.

PLOT- Story of KLASS begins with an introduction of XI A in KLASS. I like the first interaction between Jo and her class teacher Sonawane Ma’am. Timetable and a whole first scene from fourth chapter take us in past into our childhood and reminds our school days. The interaction between ‘Jo and Teju’ touches our heart. The second scene in seventh chapter feels us like watching a live India vs Australia cricket match. I literally laughed while reading a naughty trick when Jo places magnets under the iron table and teacher throws her out of the class. Tanuja and Teju’s passion for numbers (Maths) remind me my friend Tarendra, whose name is again coincidentally starts with alphabet ‘T’ as Tanuja and Teju. I look myself in Jo when she reminds nothing except useless Pythagoras theorem (a2+b2=c2) in Maths test (hehe!) Author Prita Yadav gives an indirect message to ‘Save plants and Trees’. Jo’s answer in history class grows your knowledge of history. The second scene is one of my favorite where ‘Angus Jordan tells his story’. Author Prita has interviewed the chemistry between Jo, Ankit and Aafrin in an amazing way. The scene of ‘Mixed football match’ is scribbled very well so the scene looks like a live football match.

Jo’s conversation on a ‘Skype call with Angus’ touches to my heart and reminds me someone close. Sinhagad trip comes with so many twists and turns in the story and thrills us with goosebumps! Mr. Kanchan Singh Yadav’s interview by Teju and Jo is truly motivational. The journey of KLASS comes to the climax in ‘Summer Vacations’. Farewell scene reminds me my last day (farewell) of DTEd. I personally think that author Prita Yadav had to add Epilogue and share the story after farewell, but epilogue is missing in the novel.


  1. “Determination, dedication and devotion will definitely help you to fulfill all your dreams. Don’t dare to dream if you don’t have the prowess to fulfill your dream.” 
  2. “Time and tide waits for none.”
  3. “Learn to value what you have, rather than cribbing about what you don’t.”
  4. “You need to start wearing bright colors, maybe that would always keep you in a cheerful mood and you may smile more often.”

DRAWBACKS:- KLASS has so many typing/printing errors. The surname of Jogeshwar Rao is printed as Roa on page no. 20. Other misspelled words are you (your), way (was), SPOCS (SPOCs), herded (heard), twelth (twelfth), dairy (diary), couch (coach) and rerurning (returning) on page numbers 35, 60, 241, 260, 280, 298, 301 and 303 respectively. 1 is used for I next to the roman numbers XI and XII (i.e. X1 and X11). Punctuation marks are missing at the end of so many sentences. Use of italic font could have been much better. Font size of content is also small a bit. Bright white page quality is a unique and plus point of this novel; however, some words have fainted.



Author signed the first page on my Review Copy of KLASS

“KLASS by Prita Yadav is a novel which comments on a friendship between Jo and Teju. The book focuses on the life of a fortunate girl Jo and tells that how twists and turns change her life. The book shows contrast behavior of friends and a father and reminds your school/college days. I feel the story stretched to 312 pages so it feels boring at some points. So, I personally think that story of KLASS could have been finished within 250 pages. I felt the book average, thus I would rate 3 out of 5 stars to KLASS- A Man Is Lifeless Without A Passion In His Life, by Prita Yadav. Still, I would recommend this book to all who are passionate about sports and life...”



Jolene Jordan has been forced to join KLASS by her father and she dislikes the fact that she has to toe his line. She makes up her mind to be extremely rude, disobey the teachers and break all rules; so that she would be expelled from school and father would be humiliated. For some time Jo is the ‘Mind your own business’ girl and the bottom performer in her class until a sudden unfortunate twist in her life makes the girl change over a new leaf. The story revolves around Jo’s whirlwind journey through KLASS, her dilemma to choose a game as her MAJOR, her resolve to get thrown out of KLASS as a rebuke to her father and her struggle to overpower her nation to be friend with anyone at KLASS.

About the Author


Pictures of Author Prita Yadav (Source: @PritaYadav, Twitter)

Born and brought up in Pune, Prita Yadav is extremely passionate about sports, especially hockey. She has represented Maharashtra state in hockey and is currently part of a women’s hockey club. She developed an interest for reading books at very young age and was especially fascinated by the ones from the fiction genre. The fond memories for her alma mater, plus the zeal to master as many sports as she can, motivated her to write this book on a sports school.



Book Cover of KLASS by Prita Yadav

Title- KLASS

Subtitle- A Man Is Lifeless Without A Passion In His Life!

Author- Prita Yadav

Copyright- © 2014 Prita yadav

Publisher- White Falcon Publishing (Self-published by the author)

Language- English

Genre- Fiction

Pages- 312 (excluding cover)

ISBN 978-1-63415-137-5

Price- Rs.180 (inclusive all taxes)

Rating- (pic) 3/5

Review is typed by- Ankit Kumar

Reviewed by- Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH)


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  1. This is not a paid review.
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  3. Author signed review copy of the novel KLASS was sent to me by the author Prita Yadav.
  4. Quotes from the KLASS are used in this review with the written permission of the author Prita Yadav.
  5. ©All rights reserved | No parts of this review can be re-published (except author) without permission of the reviewer RDH Sir.

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