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How to 'Get Paid To Write WhatsApp Status' at'?

What is your WhatsApp status today? Do you change your WhatsApp status frequently? I have seen two kinds of WhatsApp users. One kind of users keeps the same or default status or any common status for a long period. On the other hand, some people update their WhatsApp DP and status every day. In which category do you fall? Are you the first kind of boring WhatsApp users or you are creative? I know you might have confused that what and why am I asking about this here? So, before you stress your mind let me tell you that if you use WhatsApp then this blog post is going to be helpful for you. It doesn’t matter whether you frequently change your status or not. Because I am going to introduce you to The Global WhatsApp Status Community- WhatsStatus today. WhatsApp users can discover WhatsApp status shared by real users on WhatsStatus.

Introduction Of WhatsStatus:

(Screenshot of  WhatsStatus' Cover | Image Courtesy: Twitter (@RDHSir)
WhatsStatus is the biggest collection of best, top-rated WhatsApp Status placed on a single platform/website on the internet. A specialty of this collection is all the WhatsApp Status available on WhatsStatus are unique and are written by professional writers. WhatsStatus let users freely share the status on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest via a simple click on social media icon just below the status.

Features of WhatsStatus:

WhatsStatus is a smartphone and desktop friendly website designed with a beautiful look and simple yet decent color combination. A random visitor can access full website.with all the four tabs like Category, Top Status, Contributor and How it works through Navigation drop down Menu Tab set on the upper right hand of the website.

Watch Youtube video of Top 10 Attitude WhatsApp Status (2016) by WhatsStatus
  • Top Status: Top WhatsApp Status in the WhatsStatus are voted by real users of the website. Visitors can find most liked status from all categories on top while least liked status at last in Top Status tab.

  • Contributor: Visitors can find all writers registered with WhatsStatus on the Contributor page. This page does not only introduce you to the writers but also informs you about their number of Approved Status and Earnings. Like categories, visitors can find Top #10 contributors even on the homepage in descending order of maximum numbers of status posted by them. While writing this review of WhatsStatus; I have found that Mithu Ghoshal is the top #1 contributor with more than 1100 approved status.

  • How it works?: If you are a creative writer and if you can write unique and creative WhatsApp status, then you too can contribute at WhatsStatus. In order to contribute at WhatsStatus, one needs to go through 4 simple steps.
(Image Courtesy: WhatsStatus)

  1. Step 1 – Sign Up: In order to write and submit a status, you need to sign up and create an account at WhatsStatus and then update your profile with your true information first. If you are a already registered user, you can simply log in at WhatsStatus with your email ID and Password.
  2. Step 2 – Start Writing: After signing up, you have to write unique and creative content. Please make sure not to copy content from the internet.
  3. Step 3 – Submit Status: After writing your own and unique status you can submit it. After submission please wait with patience for the approval of your submitted status. You can know the current status of all your status in your dashboard.
  4. Step 4 – Get Paid: WhatsStatus administration team will moderate each status submitted by you to review whether you have sent your own and original content or not. If you have sent your original and unique status your status will be approved. You get paid for your every approved status. Please note one thing that WhatsStus pays you Re 1/status for first 200 approved status and later they pay Rs 2/status for each approved status. Once your earning reaches to a threshold of Rs 100, you get paid into your bank account from WhatsStatus.
So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for new and unique WhatsApp Status just visit at WhatsStatus and browse from more than 60 categories and choose your status according to your mood. If you are a creative writer you can’t miss an opportunity to share your creative status with the world and get paid for what you deserve.

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