Monday 24 October 2016

Enjoy Everest base camp trekking with Mojhi.

Trekking! Who do not like mountains? Humongous in size, mesmerizing view, various types of rocks, weather everything is just describing nature's beauty. And when you get the chance to visit it, well it takes dare to say- No! Backpacking, wilderness; these are various names of adventurous walk hiking which are often known as trekking. Backpacking is the common name for hiking in America whereas trekking is the common in India and nearby mountainous regions. Hiking is a long distance trail from end to end which is also referred as trekking. Trekking with friends is a common adventurous sport of today's youth. It may or may not contain camping. Camping is also a part of hiking in which we live in a tent for the night on mountains. The fear of falling with the excitement to reach on top gives a bitter sweet feeling for hikers.
Camping while trekking is one of most common things. Camping in night with friends with the light of fire gives amazing moment to enjoy. Also sleeping in tent house in the night is a wonderful thing. Everyone should experience trekking and camping once in a lifetime. 

Who don't know about 'Mount Everest - the earth's highest mountain'. Which is located in the Mahalangun mountain range in Nepal. Many people come up with a dream to climb the highest peak of world and some of them succeed as well. Trekking also has career in it, those who climbs the mountain often called as mountaineers . 

One of my friends Ankit Kumar  who experienced trekking says, "That was the best feeling when you reach on the top. The mesmerizing view from top is a mood changer. It turns your mood to the best." He says about the preparation that they climbed the mountain with just some water bottles, hiking boots, and some eatables. According to him, they climbed a small mountain but to climb big mountains like Mount Everest is the big challenge and needs long pre-planned preparation. These are the basics of trekking. 

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Talking about adventures, Mojhi is the first name clicked in my mind. Mojhi is the world's largest market place for adventurous activities. It has over 3500 adventures across India from more than 350 operators. You can search adventurous activities by location. All the detailed information like map data, cost details etc. are available on their website; which let you compare adventure activities quickly. On Mojhi, there are links of so many affordable packages for those who keep interests in adventurous activities. You can know everything about Mount Everest base camp trekking at Everest base camp trek page on Mojhi's official website

Overall this adventurous trekking leaves behind some great memories to live with. And it is also a nice place to take selfies too... Do enjoy this wonderful adventure once in a life to create great memories. 

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P.S.: This blog post is written by our guest blogger Ankit Kumar.


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