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My Book Review of ‘The Pocket Love Story’ by Ajitabha Bose (Rating: 4/5)

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Do you love to read love stories? Do you have a time to read those? What? Yes! You do like; but you don’t have time. No Problem! You don’t need to worry about it. Actually you don’t need even time to read a love story book. kyun? Chaunk gaye na? Yes. I am introducing you to India’s Smallest Love Story Book The Pocket Love Story by Ajitabha Bose. Yes!  I have read this book and you won’t  believe, but I finished almost full book while travelling by train in the journey of one and half hour. So, what are you expecting from me in this blog post? Let me think… Achchha Review?? Are haan… Wo hi to share karna hai…



[Image: ©Book Cover of The Pocket Love Story |]

The book has perfect title ‘The Pocket Love Story’ which is consistent with it’s size.  Tagline ‘India’s Smallest Love Story Book’ becomes suitable for the length of the book. Author Ajitabha Bose himself designed a catchy and most attractive cover for the book. Symbol of heart (Dil) is used as ‘O’ in ‘The Pocket Love Story’. Three fourth heart in red colour outside of blue jeans packet grows attractiveness of the book cover. Blurb is printed on the back cover with the image of author Ajitabha Bose. In short Ajitabha Bose deserves five out of five as the author and cover designer of his book ‘The Pocket Love Story’.

BLURB of the book

Ram falls in love with rich and beautiful Tani. But Tani doesn’t like him at all. Will turning points of their life bring them closer? Do they get breath of love? To know, Come join the most amazing love story of this year and dive in the real dilemma.



[Image: ©Author Ajitabha Bose | Wikipedia.]

Ajitabh Bose is a mass communication graduate from IMS, Ghaziabad. Born and brought up at Jamshedpur, he moved to Delhi for his higher studies in the year 2010. With a keen interest in writing, he has been a consistent blogger (  He published his first novella named It’s A Love Story in the year 2013. He has published numerous articles and short stories including “If Only” & “Yours Forever”. He has recently edited and compiled an anthology named, The Untold Love Stories.


  • “Ajitabha Bose’s belief in love has inspired him to give life to his books.”      -India TV News
  • “Love stories runs in his veins.” –Arunava Chatterjee, India Today


‘The Pocket Love Story’ is the India’s smallest love story book. Author Ajitabha Bose describes this love story in 8 chapters.

  • Theme:-

As the title suggests The Pocket Love Story is based on themes of romance, love story is based on themes of romance. Love and humor.

  • Location:-

The story runs around IMS, Delhi and Rishikesh.

  • Language:-

Author uses simple English to narrate the pocket love story, so the language is not much complicated. He uses few trendy words like ‘Ya’ and ‘Yup’ for ‘Yes’. Author and editors use italic fonts properly.

  • Writing Style:-

Few sentences in a book indicate that author keeps his presence of mind in a plot while scribbling a book. Humorous elements and author’s presence of mind are plus points in this love story book. Author uses narrative style of writing to narrate this pocket love story.


There are very few characters in The Pocket Love Story.

  1. Ramchandra Chauhan (Ram):- Author Ajitabha Bose introduces Ramchandra Chauhan as the main character of the love story. One can easily relates Ram with himself. We get to know the story from Ram. He is a hero in this love story.
  2. Tani Sharma:- Author introduces Tani’s character as Ram’s girlfriend. First portrayal of her personality through Ram's eyes is portrayed elegantly. Her Character is sketched as the heroine of this love story.
  3. Shaurya Chauhan:- He is the son of… (wo main thodi na bataunga….) to know about his parents; you have to read this pocket love story.


The Pocket Love Storycontains eight chapters. In the first chapter ‘Admissions’, author satires on institutions' deceptive claims of being best and Google’s denial on their claims. He exposes big colleges reality and weaknesses about lack of teachers. He scribbles about friends’ reaction on late arrival in college on very first day and embarrassment after going late. Few incidents are described as it happens in reality. I remembered someone from my college days while reading those scenes. (No! Don’t misunderstand! She is my sister.) He writes how boys seek for a chance to talk to beautiful girls in ‘College Days.’ He describes about boys’ uncomfortable mood and wait for girlfriend after not finding in chapter three ‘I fell in love’. Conversation between Ram and Tani is narrated fabulously. He writes how Ram gets surprised after receiving unexpected but most awaited phone call from his girlfriend Tani to say ‘I am sorry.’ Author comments on Majnu avatar of Ram after rejection in love and we get to know about turning point in Ram’s life. In chapter five, author describes relationship between Ram and Tani in ‘The next two years’ after college days. Author defines what the true love is when Ram declines an offer to have sex before marriage. He gives a massage to say NO to Pre-Marital Sex in a ‘Trip to Rishikesh.’ ‘Farewell’ ending brought tears in my eyes because the event and incidents are described as it is happening in reality. Author discloses climax of love story ‘in the end’. Now don’t expect from me to read climax also; I won’t. You have to read The Pocket Love Story to know whether the end is happy or sad.


  1. Author uses trendy words like yup and ya, its good but grammatically incorrect.
  2. There are no page numbers mentioned in whole book.
  3. Author uses celebrities’ names as it is like Shahrukh Khan and Lata Mangeshkar and one brand’s name BMW.
  4. Misprints:- There is a Misprint in chapter six; Where is printed instead of When. There is a Difference between Ajitabha Bose’s name’s spelling on front cover (Ajitabha) and as a cover designer (Ajitabh).
  5. High MRP:- Though Rs. 99/- are not too much, the price is expensive for such book in small size containing 60 pages only.



[Image: ‘The Pocket Love Story’ in my pocket. | ©]

“The Pocket Love Story is a very small book in size so one can really carry it in pocket as the book title is! Author Ajitabha Bose has scribbled a fantastic love story which seems really true. He didn’t exaggerate so the story seems realistic and one can relate own story with anyone because the story narrated by Ram is unbelievable but seems real and touches to the heart. Ajitabha Bose took a right decision to publish this love story in the format of pocket diary and I am sure that this format will be a trend in coming years in English literature.

Readers complain anytime about lack of time for reading but this pocket love story would be a perfect choice for them even for their time pass; because one doesn’t need even time to read this book. I myself has almost finished reading The Pocket Love Story in the train. So I won’t hesitate to recommend you The Pocket Love Story.” – RDH Sir



I would give 4 out of 5 stars to ‘The Pocket Love Story.’


  • Title: The Pocket Love Story
  • Tagline: India’s Smallest Love Story Book
  • Publisher: Authors’ Ink Publications
  • Copyright: ©Ajitabha Bose 2015.
  • Type setting: Calibri (26 pt.) by Authors’ Ink and Trust wordy Editing Works
  • Printed and bound in India by De- Unique
  • Format: Pocket Diary
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Praises by: India TV News and Arunava Chatterjee, India Today.
  • Cover Design by: Ajitabh Bose
  • ISBN: 978-93-85137-24-2
  • MRP: Rs. 99/- (incl. all taxes)
  • Pages: 63 (excluding cover)
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars | Good
  • Reviewer:  © RAJESH D. HAJARE (RDH)


  • This is my personal opinion on The Pocket Love Story and your views may be vary.
  • The book ‘The Pocket Love Story’ was sent to me by author Ajitabha Bose.
  • Reviewer of this book is the Gondia District President at Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Sahitya Parishad

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  1. I’ll say this is a very good & compact review Sir. Very Good review it is. ‘The Pocket Love Story’ by Ajitabha Bose is very simple & touching love story. As you said, it seems very realistic. Along with the drawbacks, your rating of 4 stars is quite perfect I would say. Keep it up. Well done.


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