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Men of the Same Feather (Guest blog post by Jyoti Seren)

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Hi readers! Thank you all for being with me for the long period of 1200 days… Did you notice? 1200 Days!! Yes! I have completed 1200 days as a successful blogger. And this blog gave so many memorable experiences in this journey of blogging since 1200 days. Only one thought is coming in my mind on reaching this landmark. THANKS to lac of you.. We are going to be a family of 4 lac members soon.. Yes!! THANK YOU so much… Your Support Is My Strength…!!! Your Support Gives Me Strength To Write More…!!!

On reaching to the landmark of 1200th day, I am glad to introduce you with my friend Jyoti Seren who is joining this blog as a guest blogger. First of all let’s welcome her with open arms… This is her first blog post on this blog as a guest blogger. Let’s appreciate her to write more…

Men of the Same Feather

©Jyoti Seren (Jyoti Seren with children)

"Birds of same feather flock together but men of same feather could never be gathered together."  The minute thing causing behind it. This is a self identity. I am only talking about living beings. Self identity is one of the traits of human beings. Every person is different to one another due to this identity. This means, we can recognize ourselves above the mirror but animals could not. They are faceless individually, that’s why they have great UNITY. This is to be agreed that a tamed dog could never tolerate other dog in its surrounding. Dog is such an animal who is greedy of monopoly; but among a group of dogs, if cross animal would come, at that spot… any howthey can’t tolerate, They start fighting to other one and would compel it to opt. It’s one of the speciality of the dogs. But a person either irritates with its same caste’s person or cheat to him by living with him.

A chimpanzee could learn to recognize itself in mirror but monkeys couldn’t, and it’s about other animals too. Metaphorically it’s an amazing fact. Only human being does favour and discriminate with one another as they are going to remain rascal types. Literally their types are not individual. Such a classic mindset could be seen in human being, besides it never happens with animals. It’s not the point that they hate different face animal. They are surviving merrily even in today’s bio diversities. e.g. different caste’s thirsty birds come to the desert and water the same cactus by putting all beak into deep roots. A person always ranks the people’s calls.. ‘This one is good that one is worst.’ High status class doesn’t like to bohemians and masses of pavements. They couldn’t like lowers, let upon helping them. De facto we must not disdain whether we couldn’t help them. At least we must not create mean mentality of ranking.

Generation has been totally changing day by day. People are facilitated; in such environment antisocial affairs are flourished. Mercy, courtesy, loyalty and safety have started vanishing. At such condition one’s COMPANY is needed for human beings. Thankfully birds are nothing like this as we are. Not only they have same feather but even have indifferent faces. And we have lack of such faces. Hence birds always flock get together whether they are not much better discreet in comparison to us.

About the Guest Blogger


©Jyoti Seren

Jyoti Seren is an aspiring writer since 2013.. She holds the degree of B.A. in Communicative English and she is a student of post graduation nowadays. She is learning M.A (English Literature) from Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University (RTMNU) in PGTD Campus College, Nagpur. She has good knowledge of Articulation and phonetic transcription. You can follow her on Facebook.

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  1. Its true tht u said Birds have same feathers flock together
    Bt mens of same feather never gathered Coz mens dont have same featherss

  2. Literal message to the men


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