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My Scheduled IDEAL YATRA to Kota and Ajmer in June.



Summer holidays vacation have been started. So many of us would have been planning for the tour to spend their holidays on this vacation. I also like to spend my holidays in tours and travels. I do not plan intentionally to spend my holidays out of my city; but whenever I get a chance to travel anywhere for any reason, I don’t miss an opportunity to spend some days there and experience the beauty of nature. I have been invited to recite a Hindi poem in the first Akhil Bhartiya Navodit Hindi Kavi Adhiveshan by Prayas Organisation in Kota, Rajasthan on the 1st June 2016. So I decided to plan my journey for a day event into the 5 days vacation to spend 5 days in Rajasthan. So, I am sharing a plan of My Ideal Yatra for Rajasthan scheduled in the first week of the next month.


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I always prefer trains to travel as we know that Indian railway provides safe traveling experience at the lowest and affordable fare but Indian railway’s online portal always appears busy while checking for trains and the availability so I always prefer for the hassle free experience to find or book tickets. does not only help to find trains but this website provides facility to book Flights, Trains, Buses, Cruises, Hotels, Holidays and much more online. As usual, I checked the trains to Kota Junction from Gondia Junction on the 30th May 2016 and displayed results of my searches within next few seconds. I also checked domestic flights from Nagpur to Kota on 30th or 31st May but I found none as there is not an airport available in Kota. Fortunately, confirm tickets were available in sleeper class so I reserved my ticket in the sleeper class of BSP-BGKT Express (Train No. 18243) for the stations between Gondia Jn. and Kota Jn. at the fare of Rs 460/-. I will be boarding in train at Gondia Jn. in the night at 23:09 IST and I will departure at Kota Jn. in the evening at 17:25 IST on the next day. Due to tiredness of around 15 hours journey, it won’t be possible for me to travel more in the evening and I will need some rest. Our program is scheduled on the 1st June which will be going on for the whole day. So I won’t be able to experience the beauty of Kota on 1st June as well. I was about to book hotels in Kota for two days stay from but our organizers informed us about the arrangement of room and meal by the organization. So I will stay in the room provided by our organizers on the night of 31st May and on 1st June. The program is arranged to give an opportunity of reciting a poem to newcomers by Prayas organization. We also have an opportunity to hear some well-known poets in the night. I am not sure about my chances, but I am hopeful to get an opportunity of reciting a poem in the night event as the organizers have invited me along with other four poets with special honour.


KGN Dargah in Ajmer Sharif (Source: Flickr)


KGN Dargah in Ajmer Sharif (Source: Wikipedia)

When I searched on, I found that Ajmer is not far away from Kota. So, I decided to go to Ajmer on the next day. I was looking forward to reserving a ticket in only Kota Jn.- Ajmer train from on that day but my friend Aishwarya Sen informed me about the anytime availability of private and government buses between Kota and Ajmer on convenient timings. I again checked buses availability at and found it helpful, so I decided to travel from Kota to Ajmer by bus. On the 2nd June, I will offer my prayers to the holy grave in the Dargah of  Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz Moin-ud-din Chishti Saheb. Although I belong to the Hindu community, I am highly influenced by the Islamism. A moment when I will be offering my prayers (Dua) to the most sacred and popular religious pilgrimage of the Islamism in Ajmer Sharif, the moment will certainly be a proudest and memorable experience for my lifetime. My friend Aishwarya also informed me about the history of a popular temple of Lord Brahma in Pushkar near Ajmer, I will try my level best to visit that temple also. But my first intention to add Ajmer in my yatra is just to offer my prayers in the Dargah Sharif. I was thinking to end my tour and return back to my city from Ajmer. But there is not a train availability from Ajmer to Kota on the 2nd and 3rd June. Being in Ajmer, I would have already missed the only train for Gondia Jn. from the Kota Jn. on the 2nd June at 11:20IST. So I searched flights from Ajmer to Nagpur on for my return journey on the midnight of 2nd June or on the 3rd June. I saw several flights as a result of my searches. I was thinking to book a flight in Jet Airways 9W 2054 or Air India Airlines AI 612 for the return journey, but then a sudden thought passed through my mind that Kota is a beautiful place for tourism, and if I spend even 10 days in the city, even then I cannot visit all places. So I changed my mood and decided to come back to Kota from Ajmer by bus and spend one more day in Kota. I was looking forward to booking hotels for 2 nights stay at Kota through but I managed my two nights stay at my friend’s room. Possibly, I will be returning to Kota at night.


Brahma Temple (Source: Wikipedia)

I have reserved 3rd June for the roaming around beautiful nearby locations in Kota. I don’t know about more places in the city but one place I would like to mention is Seven Wonders Park. Seven Wonders Park is the garden where replicas of all the seven wonders are situated at one place in the city Kota. So my visit to the Seven Wonders Park will much like to the world visit. I will also visit some other nearby locations in Kota.


7 Wonders Park, Kota (Source:

I have reserved my train ticket in sleeper class for my return journey from Kota Jn. to Gondia Jn. on the 4th June 2016 in BGKT-BSP Express (Train No. 18244) at After boarding the train at 11.20IST in the train from Kota Junction, I will have been arrived in my city Gondia Jn. on the next day at 07:31IST from my Ideal Yatra of Rajasthan. Then I will be posting an another blog post in which I will share my experience of My Ideal Yatra in this vacation in Kota and Ajmer. Till then you just wish me luck and send your wishes for my happy journey.

Keep traveling and enjoy YOUR IDEAL YATRA in this summer vacation.

Disclaimer: This blog post is a part of 'Your Ideal Yatra' initiative in association with Yatra.

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