Wednesday 18 April 2018

Thank you for your wishes on my 26th Birthday!

Hello readers! I am back on my blog… And the reason of my come back on my blog is more special.  It’s today’s date. Do you remember what is today? No… Guess until you reach to next paragraph. “I am aware that I have been very irregular on my posts recently but let me assure you that my passion towards blogging has not faded or please do not feel, I am not serious about the blog.” I remember that I had mentioned the exact same lines in my blog post on my previous birthday. I had said that I was revamping, redesigning and resetting my website, but the truth is my work has not done yet. Believe me, I have so many ideas and plans in minds but all left being still plans due to my busy schedule with a new and fresh look, tabs and pages of my website very soon.

Today is the 18th April 2018! In case you don’t know or if you don’t remember let me tell you that I am celebrating my 26th birthday. I have been publishing a blog post on every birthday from last few years. I know that you might laugh after reading ‘busy’ above. But let me remind you that seeking a job was my first priority after spending a quarter (25) years of life. Though I didn’t find a permanent job, let me inform you that I am working as an Assistant English Teacher at Abhinav Vidya Mandir School, Rondha (Salekasa). I had a great year there. While serving as a teacher, I didn’t understood how days, months and later a year have been passed. My work (duty) kept me engaged and schedule was really busy which did let me find a time to set my blog. I couldn’t even read a single novel this year and I felt something missing in life. But now the academic session has been ended. More than two months summer vacations have been started this week. This week and couple of days in next month are scheduled as busy due to friends’ and colleagues’ marriages. However, I promise you that I will read some novels and I will bring you some reviews (BookLysis). As promised above, I will certainly try to adopt a new look for my website very soon. Till then, all I can appeal to you is to wait with patience and to browse this website daily.
Today is the 18th April, 2018. 26th birthday of mine… 26! Oh My God! Am I looking old? No… No..! Abhi to meri shadi bhi nahi hui (I am still a bachelor) HahahaJ!! Next year’s’ plans will be ready soon and those will be implemented as well; hopefully pending projects will be finished this year. Today I have nothing much to tell you! But how can I miss publishing this post on this auspicious occasion of my life. On this day I would like to take an oath and I would also like you to take this oath with me- “I won’t drive a vehicle fast.” Let’s take this oath together- “Let’s drive slow and safe. Let’s follow all traffic rules. Not due to fear of paying challan but for ourselves and our loved ones’ safety. Let’s drive slow and safe.” “Let’s love and respect our parents.” "We don’t know what is planned on the next moment in our destiny. So let’s love each other… Let’s live for humanity… It’s always better to live and take precaution than a regret for a second’s mistake later.” I don’t know why I am writing this… I really don’t know… But I know that each and every line in whatever I have written is meaningful! I will certainly try to write about this in a separate blog post later. But today you can wish me Happy Birthday!

Today, on the special day of my life I would thank my parents, friends, colleagues and students for finding time and greeting me on my birthday. I specially thank my friend, brother and a team-mate of this blog who wished me first among all on my birthday… Thank you Ankit Kumar Malode (But mera gift nahi mila is baar dhyan rakhna)!! I would also like to thank my brother Vivek D. Hajare… He sent me a beautiful picture to upload on this special blogpost. Thank you Vivek. I am not exaggerating but I received continuous notifications of birthday wishes on Facebook and Whatsapp. Abhi bhi 'Thanks' type karke ungliya dukh rahi hai… But I would mention some names.. A special thanks to my colleague Miss Diksha Shahare for making me awake on a phone call with her wishes. I thanks my friend Vijay M. Wairagade for coming to my home and wishing me. I also wished him for his birthday in advance… I thank my another colleague Miss Khushboo Bhatia for sending a beautiful birthday video. I thank my friend Shivaji Aglawe for finding a time and wishing me on a phone call. As usual, I have missed only wish today, you know whose wish that might be which could make my day! I wish I could get that single wish from my sister someday…

A birthday greeting sent by my colleague Khushboo Bhatia

While celebrating my birthday today, I would also like to wish my students Master Om Asati who is sharing his birthday with me today and Master Tanmay U. Patle whose birthday falls tomorrow. Happy Birthday to both of them. May their future shines brightly and they achieve everything they deserve in their life. I would also like to wish my friend Er. Kuldeep Bisen whose birthday is falling on 20th April… (Saala engineer ban gaya par party nahi diya)...

Today was also an auspicious occasion of Akshay Trutiya… I wish you Happy Akshaya Trutiya. And once again thanks to all of you who wished me on my birthday… Thank you all!!! If you haven’t wished me yet and if you still wish to greet me, then you can send your wishes in the comment box below… I am sharing some glimpses of my birthday celebration at home with family.

My Mom making 'Tilak' of mine
My aunt making 'Aukshan' on my birthday
I am cutting vanilla flavoured cake on my 26th Birthday at home
My mom feeds me cake on my birthday
Me, my Babuji, Aai and aunt

Thank you all!!

Rajesh D. Hajare (A Birthday boy for today)

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