Sunday 18 November 2012


I was wishing from previous many months for my personal own's blogs/website... I tried on some too but I was not satisfied...But now... Finally I have a nice platform for blogging... I started writing my own blogs on 24th Sept. 2012... But Many persons & medium's hands are behind me to doing this... So I shall acknowledge their Thank all today...

First of all, I will thank myself... because if I didn't wish this will be stopped at any time before start. its happening because I have a passion and interest about internet so I am blogging.

Now I would thank My Parents - Mr.DASHARATH R. HAJARE & Mrs. RUKMINI D. HAJARE who born me & make the opportunity to see this beautiful world and meet beautiful persons like you... Although I would have to tell you that they never support me to surfing internet for late hours specially for late nights... However I shall have tell you that Iself responsible to their behaviour against me because I spend extreme time on internet/mobile which is not right. Although they against my surfing extreme internet I can not ignore so I am thanking them.

I would like to thank my Mouthsaid Sister too... by whom I inspires...

Now, I would Thank 1 of my friend VIPIN TEMBHARE who helped me to create my 1st Facebook Account... After automatically blocked that I created new. Ofcource you can SUBSCRIBE my Facebook Account. But you must have to LIKE my Facebook Page

I would thank now 1 of 5 co-founders of Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg.

I would like to thank all social media like Facebook & Twitter. Ofcource I am on both sites so you must Follow me on Twitter.
I would thank Media, Google & Blogger. So what because Google launched Blogger and media published that...

Now I would thank a person, Superstar of the billennium one and only Mr.AMITABH BACHCHAN!!! Yes... You are reading right... When I didn't know what is meanby blogs... I read first SrBachchan's Official Blogs on Tumblr... and quickly I also created my account/blogs on Tumblr. So I thank it also... But generally I don't write my blogs on Tumblr... because I found better & easier site according to me...

Now I would thanks a most important person ARVIND GUPTA who found & launched a easier website for blogging from mobile and gift me a free domain He built this very nice website and gift a easiest platform/way/media to all the bloggers like us who wants to write blogs from mobile phone and PCs too I think... I would like to include his speciality that personally Arvind Sir helps us via reply by mailing if we asked any solution about we not got...

I wanted and want my own's website... When I known about Webnode from Younger Female Social Activist of Pakistan MALALA YOUSAFZAI I tried to launch my own website but I did not satisfied with Webnode like Tumblr & Blogger... So I am still continuing with . I am builting and I look this as my not only for blogging but as my website too... So, in the future if I launched my another own website with personal/bought/registerd another domain; even then I will try to keep blogging in
At last I would thank Famous BLoGGeR ABHILASH VEERU RUHELA. Because I am inspired from his ARB - Blogs.

Finally I would like to thank my big supporters... means you.. Readers! like Dr.GIRISH CHAUHAN, SUNIL NARWADE, LALIT DABALE & So Many...!!! Keep Reading... I want your Lo♥e& appreciation...

At the end of acknowledgement, Iacknowledge all the above people, media, mediums and each & everybody who wished,helped, or inspired me to write I thank them from bottom of my heart...


♥RDH Sir♥


  1. Sir tumhi asech jinvant utarottar success milva.
    i with u sir.

  2. You have very good site. Thank you.

  3. I like your site. Thank you so much.

  4. Thanks for sharing9 April 2013 at 06:47

    Between us speaking, you did not try to look in


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