Wednesday 17 April 2013


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This is my 50th (GOLDEN) BLOGPOST so ofcourse it's a special blog for me; another reason which makes this blog more special is a date of TODAY 18th April 2013→ 21st BIRTHDAY of mine... Before exact 21 years from today on dated 18th APRIL 1992 I BORN. . . The only difference is that was SATURDAY and it's a THURSDAY. . . The day of my fast by the name of LORD GAJANANA MAHARAJ. . . I am not an atheist. . . I believe on GOD. . . But I don't faith on 33 aroses Gods & Goddess of Hinduism..!!! however I am HINDU and I proud of it cause I born in HINDUISM..!! But I believe, like and try to follow ISLAM in my personal life living as Hindu cause I although born in Hinduism I have influenced by ISLAMISM. . . but this is THURSDAY means day of Lord SRI GAJANANA MAHARAJ, SAI BABA, Goddess LAXMI MATA so I think their blessings are with me and ALLAH's blessings are always with me; so this day is a special. . .

One another reason to be this day special is- again my article CET FLASH published in weekly newspaper 'ROJGAR NAUKARI SANDARBHA' of this week dated 20-26 April 2013 after the longest gap of 6 papers. So this whole week is special for me. . .

Today's date was bad for actor Sanjay Dutt it was the day to surrender for him but Supreme Court have reliefed him by increasing this period to surrender for more 4 weeks so it's a lucky anyway...

This is my 21st BIRTHDAY means I have completed 21 years on the Earth today. Now I got a legal right to marry with any 18yrs or elder girl. India's constitution have given of this right... Now you will say "I am hurrying to marry" but NO. I will not marry till atleast complete my 25 yrs of age; it shall be increase more but now strictly NOT. Then you will say- If I self wiln't marry before 25 old them why I support to marry before less ratio than 21-18; YES! I am stable with my statement that marriage ratio should be 19-16... Then many unlegal marriages will be legal and who wants wait to wed surely they can wait like me. . . For more info about this you must read This Blog.

I had never celebrated my birthday defore 2010 and whenever celebrated that with much simplicity; but in 2010 and 2011 I had celebrated my BIRTHDAY with lot of joy, spending money, offersing little party and inviting few friends. . . I would like to Thank my friends CHANDU DHAKATE, NILESH DHURVE, PRAKASH BAWANKULE, PRAVIN DEHANKAR, SARANG GIRADKAR & others for their help, support, appreciation and the contribution as much possible for them they did to arrange such a little but unforgettable party of my B'day; AARTI, BHUMIKA, MEENA, PRIYANKA, RITU & others to been a part of my li'l BIRTHDAY PARTY at RAMTEK (Dist. Nagpur) and made the celebration unforgettable. . . Again one more name who couldn't participate in my B'day party but never forget to wish me first; without mentioning whose name this list never will be fulfilled that is none other than My Best Friend DIPALI. . . Here would be my sister's nd her friends name whom I had invited in my 19th Birthday celebration party but unfortunately they didn't participate and I have decided to NOT CELEBRATE more party on the occassion of MY BIRTHDAY... And previous yr I followed my that decision...

This is 2013. . . Whole MARATHWADA (MAHARASHTRA) is facing terrible DROUGHT and how I can wish to celebrate my Birthday? It will not fare for my famine-stricken area's friends... However Drought condition is not in our VIDARBHA's GONDIA Dist. (AMGAON)... But I would like to Thank Mr. ABHAYKUMAR DHAKATE to wishing me first in Advance before 3 days of 21st BIRTHDAY...

I know you will find so many grammatical mistakes in this English blog cause my English isn't much improved like YOU so I try to improve it daily... But I think it's not very bad too:-)!! [Read Continue...→NextPage ]

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