Wednesday, 17 April 2013


50th → BLOG POST
207th → DAY


Today finally that day came when I had promised that I will publish my GOLDEN BLOGPOST!! I had invited almost 70users of via Facebook Event and you all were waiting for this post so THANKS !! THANKS !! THANKS a lot. . I have started to write a blog inspiring from habit and known publicity of Megastar Mr. AMITABH BACHCHAN Sir's blog. . . I tried to write a blog on Blogger and Tumblr but I felt all the websites difficult than this I wrote and published my First Blogpost on dated 24th September 2012 and from then I write continuously whenever I get time... I look to this site as my Homepage or personal website like this blog's title. So today I am publishing first time the LOGO of this blog... However I may change this logo in future. . .
This is my 207th day on this site and you are reading my 50th BLOGPOST means my blogging average is 4.14day/blog, 99.36Hrs/blog, 5961.6 Minutes/blog or 357696seconds/blogpost... I know its a long gap per blog but for me the writing is more important than the time... Now you would be interested to know my favourite blogger so tell you his name- my favourite blogger is Mr. ABHILASH VIRU RUHELA... My blog aren't more much important for him; it may be that he don't read my blogs but he is my fav. blogger. I inspire from his blogging style and blog look his blog. I would like to THANK him for writing such nice blogs in rapid time. . .

Before 3 yrs in 2010-11 I was considering mad the people who were browsing internet but from the ending months of 2011 when I created my account of Facebook I have like addicted of social networking sites; I want to tell you I am not addicted of there but I can't refuse the fact that I can't live for a day without internet. . .

I am a writer so my work is writing and I am a student so always my first preference should be STUDY...!! My annual exam of B.A.Part-II (YCMOU-Yashvantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University) is coming soon from upcoming 7th of the May, 2013... only 18 days are left even them I an writing blog for only you. . . I mean to say I try to manage both- My STUDY as well as WRITING... Now you will better understand why I have spent 207 days for just 50 Blogs. . .

Today I an on so many sites; if you search my name RAJESH D. HAJARE or my popular name RDH Sir on any search engine you will found me first in many different type of websites. . . But I use my FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and FACEBOOK PAGES RDH Sir and CETFLASH. . . I am on Twitter... I am not a big celebrity or an author of any own's published cool however more than 65 tweeples follows me; for you it might be not a big figure but for of its satisfying cause my friends, followers and fans are increasing gradually day-by-day. . . I love this media of social networking cause we can john, connect, and converse directly online with our followers. . . I can share my personal thoughts and views to the society. . . I get Positive and negative responses of my readers which is most important for me. . . Only social media have given of this opportunity. . . So I love this media. . .[Read Continue→Next Page |Last Page]

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