Thursday 1 August 2013

Welcome TELANGANA- The 29th State of Republic India

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Telangana.JPGFinally UPA government has declared Telangana as a 29th state of Republic India... Some people are happy as well as some are sad with the decision of independent Telangana... But I will say-- UPA's this decision is like a huge achievement for those freedom fighters who had been and those who are fighting for the separate Telangana... But this is not the victory for them; because same decision had taken by the then HomeMinister of same UPA government Mr. P. Chidambaram ji on 9th December, 2009... So this time they will not trust on government on the issue of separated Telangana.. But I see somewhere own's willingness of UPA and Congress government to make free Telangana state from Andhra Pradesh... So lets hope it will happen finally this time... And only then the victory will be come for all the freedom fighters who were/are fighting... Now it may be different matter that the decision of separate Telangana state is good or bad..!

After the declaration of separate Telangana state now there are coming appeals or demands and proposals from so many other mini states to make them free.. We know it is not easy or we can say it is impossible... But one old demand is going at a big level to make Vidarbha free from Maharashtra state...

Now Telangana has also separated (almost confirmed) from Andhra Pradesh; so Many of the Vaidarbhian people's hopes have been increased by government's this decision... But there is a big history behind freedom of separate Telangana.. So many people sacrifised their life to make state free, so many MLAs and MPs had resigned from the parliament, so many politicians had resigned from the political parties, so many movements happened there successfully... AD20130731903524-1-Pro-Telangana_s.jpgso many times strikes and bandhs stood successfully by their supportes for the demand of separate Telangana... So much times Telangana supporters's bandh became on the violent turn (which I don't support)... So many leaders spearheaded the movement of separate Telangana... Thatswhere now government have declared free Telangana state...!!!

I don't mean to say free Vidarbha's demand is new or like movements happened in Telangana had not happen in Vidarbha... 9bbf3cf1-001f-4312-bb57-4c39aec9c5e4HiReBut somewhere I see lackness in supporting free Vidarbha..!! However almost every Vaidarbhian wish for separate Vidarbha state... agitation_vidarbha_20111205.jpgOur politicians have willingness but they can't resign from the post of MLA, MP and Minister in parliament... Here are not lackness of leaders but no leader would like to take over leadership of movement for separate Vidarbha... Here also few Bandhs happened successfully but that's number is not enough... We support with strong willpower in movement and bandh for separate Vidarbha state once, twice, or atlast thrice (and thats only then when the gap betweet 2 bandhs will be of long time duration)... But if the bandh organised again and again within less duration; no one supports with that strong willpower with which we support first time thinking that this is daily habit (As you know generally I also don't support bandh but for the demand of separate Vidarbha state this is one of positive step to show activeness for separate Vidarbha...) .. !!

And now after declaration of free Telangana state we shall hope to make our Vidarbha free from United Maharashtra !!! But we shall restart fighting again for the movement of free Vidarbha state like citizens of supporters for free Telangana state ... !!



-Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH)

(The writer of this article/blog is Gondia District President of Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Sahitya Parishad, Pune)
01st Aug, 2013 (AMGAON)

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