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anniversary-logo.jpgBVFDIr0CQAA2_SW.jpg Hi!
It's 24th Sep. 2013... Means FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG... I started my blog and wrote MY FIRST BLOG POST on dated 24th Sept. 2012... At that time I was looking so many sites for blog... I registered myself on so many sites like Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger and so many other sites... And then I got information about MyWapBlog and quickly I registered on this... I have written much more that why I use MyWapBlog in my Acknowledgement... So I will not write more here...

When I wrote MY FIRST BLOG POST on this site I never thought that I will use this site for a year continuously or I will introduce this site as my blogging website... But I think this site is much easier and better than others to browse and to write a blog with multimedia from any gazette like Feature Phone (Mobile), smart phone, tablet or PC...

I started blog to express myself about my life, literatures and few social issues... I never expected good response from my readers which I receive... But I am getting great response from my readers which I had never expected... When I know that my readers read my full blogpost of single and multiple pages I satisfy... And when readers give their feedbacks in comment below of my blog post I get happiness...

In this one year (365 days) I have posted just 66 blog posts... And I know total articles/blogs are not even 66 because few articles are posted into 2-3 posts because of browser's word limit/length which I use from my mobile... I agree that this is a very least number... I think this number should be atleast more than 200 posts and 66 is not even half of that... But I don't care that How many blogs I write... Writing is must important than figures for me... When I wish I post my blog... Now also I have idea in my mind to post so many blogs but I haven't write that on paper so I haven't posted... I am delaying to post even this post of MY BLOG's FIRST ANNIVERSARY.. Not because I am lazy its because I hadn't papered it...

I have approved 43 comments which are sent by my readers till today for my 66 blogs in this year.. This doesn't mean only 43 comments I have received.. I have deleted few comments and most of my readers give their feedbacks via various platforms of social media... I think they choose simple way to give their feedback instead of writing mail, name and them comment in my site... So they give their feedback in comment or sending personal massage on facebook or sending SMS(es) to my mobile.. Few readers call me directly.. Few readers send their feedback by sending mail personally or from this site... While few readers mentiones me in their tweets.. I welcome all the comments coming from any media...

Its a big achievement for me that in this just first one year 48800+ visitors and readers have visited my site and read my blog posts and the visitor counter is increasing day to day which makes of proud..!


I would like to inform you that My blog readers are not from any single country... Undoubtedly my maximum readers are from INDIA and after them readers who belongs from United States, Norway, Poland, Ukraine, China, Russia, Germany, Latvia, Taiwan, HongKong and other countries also read my blogs.. My most of the readers click on the link of blog post I shared, few goes though Search Engine and rest of the readers visit my site directly... Still today my ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of this blogging site is read by maximum 420 readers...

At the end I Thank You everyone who visited my site and read my blog even once, I thank you who Read, Like, Love, Comment my blog, who Appreciate and even Criticize me... I promise you that I will never nervous you as my readers.. THANK YOU for your lovely response... Hope your Love & Blessings will be showering on me and on my blog always in next year also..!

Your Response Gives Me Strength to write more..
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