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My Mom is #MyFirstExpert

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 Hello everyone!!

We have celebrated ‘World Mothers Day’ recently on April 10th. So, I am going to write about My First Expert today. Yeah! My First Expert – My Mom / Mother (Aai).


I have so much wonderful memories in my heart with my mom. So I can’t tell you which one is most wonderful; because even thinking about this will be disrespect of other memories, and I don’t want to discriminate in those wonderful memories with my mom at any condition. That’s why all memories are same as most wonderful memory I ever have with my mother. OK! This isn’t topic of discussion here.

In childhood every child’s mother plays a role of his/her first expert who teaches to walk and even talk a first step and first alphabet/word. I don’t remember but I am sure that my mother was My First Expert who taught me to take off my foot/step to walk. My mom, family and relatives always say that I did not speak even a single word till three to three and half years of my age and all were thinking that I would dumb for lifetime, but when I started to speak, now my sister suggests me to stop my ‘Rajdhani Express’ (because I speak so fast as non-stop Rajdhani Express). I feel myself so lucky that my mother became My First Expert and taught me to speak. A mother helps her child in his/her homework and becomes first expert; they children be very lucky, but I am little  unfortunate that I did not get any help from my mother in my primary education though I don’t regret about it; because I learnt my primary education so many kilometers away from my family at my maternal grandfather-grandmother and uncles’ village in Zilla Parishad Purva Madhyamik Shala (Z. P. Pre-Secondary School), Indora Khurd which is located in Tirora tehsil in Bhandara (now in Gondia) district. But my mom became My First Expert from Seventh standard of my upper primary education.

I remember very well that I was used to stay at home for study and/or no reason till seventh std. when my friends were playing. One day my mom and Dad sent me to play with friends and I started playing a game of marbles (Goli/Kanchi) and cricket. Since then I kept continued playing cricket with friends and awkwardly I can time pass even alone with bat and ball. I am a very big fan of cricket and I have not only information but good knowledge about this sport however I can’t challenge that I play cricket better than you because I too know that I don’t play cricket well. Hahaha:)!! So my mom is My First Expert on playground too.

My mom is a good protector of both of us brothers. Whenever anyone irritates us for no reason, my mom becomes our protector. But her protection doesn’t mean that she excuses us for our big mistakes. She teaches us a lesson to overcome from tragedy if we face, so my mom is My First Expert.

We used to hear that a mother removes doubts and problems of her daughter when she goes through physical and sexual changes in period of adolescence, but no one even talks about boys’ physical changes and then boys go through distorted ways because of just lack of knowledge and misunderstandings. But I am so fortunate that my mother and father never ignored or kept silent on this sensitive subject. That’s why we can openly discuss about physical changes in human body and other sexual issues we face and see in society in free frank manner with no hesitation or without any kind of fear. My mom and Dad became My First Expert who dispelled our fear about physical/sexual changes and totally cleared up our misunderstandings.

Every woman plays different roles in her all life. When she births she plays a role of daughter for her parents, she plays a role of lovely sister of her brothers. After getting married a woman plays a role of a wife of her husband for lifetime, she plays a role of good daughter-in-law. After bearing a child she herself takes rebirth every time and plays a role of the best mother of her sons and daughters. In her old age a woman plays a role of paternal and maternal grandmother. In this period a woman goes through so many other various roles like student, teacher, good neighbor etc. and the most important one is a role of housewife. My mom also has been going through different roles she plays beautifully as she is a woman. My mom is My First Expert who plays every role she faces beautifully without complaining because my mom is a multi-tasker.

Every person likes to be up-to-date and tries so many cosmetics to maintain beauty. After age of 40 people needs hair colors to show their hair original. Obviously my mom also needs hair color. As I told above my mom is My First Expert; so there wouldn’t be any doubt that her choice of hair color will be expert. Yeah! My First Expert—My Mother’s hair color’s choice is also an Expert! Didn’t you understand? Guess--- OK! I tell you. There is only one brand which has Expert hair color—that’s Godrej. My mom uses Godrej Expert Rich Crème to show her hair original. Anyway Godrej is the most trusted brand and Godrej Expert Rich Crème is the most trusted hair color which is available in so many Godrej Color Packs i.e. Natural Black, Black Brown, Dark Brown, Natural Brown and Burgundy etc.. Today youngsters of my age also like to try hair colors to change color of hair; my little brother is one of them. He is like a scientist about his hair, I mean he does so many experiments with his hair. When I asked him about a good hair color, he replied me Godrej Expert Rich Crème within a second; this is an example of how popular and useful Godrej Expert Rich Crème is! You can know more about Godrej Expert Rich Crème’s Single Used Pack here.

I don’t need to share why Godrej Expert Rich Crème is the best because you already know very well; but I don’t want to miss a chance to share few things about Godrej Expert Rich Crème below:-


Snapshot of

  • No Ammonia:No Ammonia formula helps retain hair protein.
  • Godrej Expert Rich Crème keeps hair strong.
  • Mild smell:Godrej Expert Rich Crème has mild smell which doesn’t irritate.
  • Affordable & Convenient:Godrej Expert Rich Crème’s single used pack is available at just Rs. 30/- only which is very affordable. This pack is very convenient to be used at home.
  • Easy to apply
  • Convenience of pre-measured sachet.
  • Goodness of aloe protein.
  • Godrej Expert Rich Crème leaves hair soft and silky.
  • 20 gram crème colorant & 20 ml of developer- they are pre-measured sachets, so there is no confusion of ratio or no hassle of strong remaining color.

Before concluding this blog post I would like to thank IndiBlogger and Godrej for this #MyFirstExpert contest. Because of them I tried to write about #MyFirstExpert My Mom. This blog post is very special for me that when I scribbled this post it was 15th May- 'International Day of Families'. I feel so lucky that I am too a part of IndiBlogger’s large family. Second reason which makes this blog post more memorable is the last date of submission for this #MyFirstExpert contest- 20th May. Though I am posting this blog post before 3 days of last date, 20th May is a 24th Marriage Anniversary of my lovely Aai and Babuji. I wish them a very Happy Marriage Anniversary in advance. I never call my parents as Dad and Mom so feeling awkward to mention these both words in this blog post for my Aai and Babuji irrespectively.

This post is about my mother so I would like to dedicate a poem in Hindi ‘Maa (मां)written by myself.

मां (कवी- राजेश डी. हजारे ‘आरडीएच’)

मां तो जग मे मां होती है

जिसकी कोई ना सीमा होती है

मां तो जग मे मां होती है


इन्सान जीवन मे खुशियाँ मनाता

पर क्यूं एक बात वो भूल जाता

जीवन मे हर ख़ुशी मां देती है


मां तो ममता का सागर है

मां प्यार का समुंदर है

मां बिन जिंदगी सुनी होती है


प्यार की तो मुरत है मां

संसार के सभी तीरथ है मां

मां तो सच मे देवता होती है


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