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Hello everyone!

So finally we have been meeting thrice on the auspicious occasion of my BIRTHDAY. I have posted two very memorable (i.e. 50th/Golden & 100th/Centurian) blog posts on my last two consecutive birthdays respectively. Unfortunately I could not post as more as 50 posts in this year; but this is also not less memorable than that both birthdays' blog posts… OK !! Let it be…

I wont bore you in this post also by discussing about same things what I scribbled in those two birthdays. I want to tell you something different, something interesting!!

I have already mentioned few plans about starting my own e-Publishing  and e-Shoppy portals as a big resolution in the first blog post published in this year. As I too agree that this will be very challenging for me because it is not so easy but I am committed with myself. I will start working on it very soon. There so many works are pending in my life but I don’t want digression by discussing on all these… Anyway … !!

This is 18th April 2015. I am celebrating my 23rd birthday. This birthday is something special for me. You will ask me why? Because its Saturday. I am born on 18th April 1992 on Saturday. This coincidence of same date on same day comes rarely in a calendar. After 1992, 18th April came on Saturday in 1998, 2009 and now in 2015 only. I did not know even a concept of birthday in 1998 and I was totally not reachable or Out of coverage from the virtual world of internet in 2009 though I remember that I had celebrated my birthday in 2009. Yes!! I had taken leaves from coaching of PET (Pre-Entrance Test) for Engineering from Arvind Academy, Nagpur to just celebrate my birthday with my family. After 2009, my birthday celebrations were joyless however I started celebrating those birthdays with maximum joy and birthday parties for friends. I had decided not to celebrate a birthday in 2011 but I got a surprise wish from unknown girl Malak Al Dunia from Fuzairah (UAE) who have been in my life as a sister since my last 2 birthdays through social media. Malak has been wishing me first on my birthdays since 2 years. In fact I see her more excited than me about my birthday. She has already celebrated me on my birthday this year before a week on 11th April when I was publishing  review of my laptop on the occasion of its first anniversary; that time I was also unaware that my 23rd birthday was just few days away.. and today also she greeted me on Twitter. So I thank Malak from bottom of my heart by breaking our deal of not thanking each-other.. hehehe(:!!

I know that I am not any big celebrity or a great social reformer but I feel myself very lucky and very fortunate that I have born in April. Fruitfully a week of my birthday (i.e. 11th – 18th April) is more fortunate.  11th April comes with a birth anniversary of a great social reformer Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, 14th April is a birth anniversary of the father of the constitution of India Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb R. Ambedkar ji and then 18th April--- No! No! I am not inserting my name in mentioned great people’s queue; in fact I am not talking about my birthday here; it’s also a birth anniversary of Maharashtra’s first recipient of India’s highest civilian award Bharatratna Maharshi Dhondo Keshao Karve ji. 3 Great souls had born in the land of Maharashtra in same week. So I consider that God/Allah wishes to happen something good from my hands that’s why he has sent me on April 18th. I want to contribute with my hand/pen by writing for society, for Maharashtra, for India and for the whole world. I know that I can never touch even their feet whom I have mentioned above though how biggest success let me achieve; I too don’t even imagine of that. But I can certainly try to be in memories of lakhs of you. Now you are in lakhs across the world but one day my readers will be in crores, millions and hopefully billions also if you keep supporting me…!! I will make it happen through my literary work. Then you will not need Facebook notifications or birthday alarm to remember my birthday as today.

We have been living in rental house for more than 15 years; we do not have our own house. This is also another reason to make this birthday post special. Because this would be last post on my birthday--- No!! I am not stopping writing/posting blogs.. Let me complete first. This is my last birthday post which is being published from our rental house. Yeah!! We are building our own home. So hopefully my next birthday post will get publish from our own new home.

Here this blog was concluded before get publish after typing a draft of this post, But I got few Good as well as few unhealthy surprises on this birthday which I would like to share with all of you. First surprise is I met Pavan S. Uke who has been one of my best friend since my SSC in Adarsh Vidyalaya Amgaon after so many years last evening of my 22nd year. Glad to meet him after such a long period. Another good news on my birthday is a Marathi film ‘What About SAWARKAR’ hit a record of earning maximum on Box Office of Marathi film Industry on its first day release; this news doesn’t relates to my birthday but I appreciate the success of Marathi film industry as a proud Marathi Kalavant (artist). There are two bad news today. One is Mumbai Indians lost thrice in row in current 8th season of IPL last night. I was fit till last evening; but I have been suffering with tonsils since last night that’s why I awake so late at 9.36Am on happy day of my birth. Genuinely I neither check nor expect  notifications to see wishes on my birthday but I was shock when I saw No birthday post, No massage, No Image, No tweet, No SMS on phone, Hike & WhatsApp and No Call on midnight. I thought my friends might have been forgotten my birthday; but after sunrise my smartphone is still ringing for notifications of my birthday wishes on SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Posts, FB Messanger, Tweets and phone calls. When I asked reason to few of my close friends of wishing me on morning, all give me same reply that “you awake quite late so we are calling now.” Chalo Bhale hi hume humare dost bhul gaye ho par humari aadte to nahi bhule.

I got so many greetings from my so many friends on different platforms via various ideas so its not possible to mention all my well wishers’ names but I would like to mention few of them. I thank my sister Malak Al Dunia for wishing me first before a week in advance and today via twitter. I thank my friend Pavan S. Uke for wishing me second in advance directly. I thank my friends Ram L. Wadibhasme, Pawara Sangita mam, Prathmesh Suresh Shirsat (Editor, Kalavishkaar-E-Diwali Magazine), Pranav Joshi (Published young author), Sharad Gore Sir (Rashriya Karyadhyaksh- Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Sahitya Parishad, Pune), Sunil Narwade, Anil Narwade, my friend Sagar Sanjay Jadhav, Pravin Ghule, Shyam Pendhari ji, Sandip Nazare ji, Arun V. Deshpande Sir, Chandrakant Bhosle sir, Vishnu Potkule & Mahesh Aghav Patil (both from Dodadgaon Tal. Ambad Dist. Jalna), Bhushan Nikam, Yogesh Banothe, my bro. Vivek Hajare, Manish Bhagat, Shruti Bambole, Shailesh Sursaut, Rajiv Funde and Pramod Guddhe for posting their greetings on my Facebook timeline. Its birthday of my another FB friend Sachin More, though he didn’t wish me yet I wish him a very Happy Birthday.

I thank Shubham Hadge, Digambar Wanjari and Swapnil Kakulate for wishing me on FB messanger.


I thank my friends Kuldeep Bisen, Hitesh Singanjude, Pravin Rokde,  Tushar Kosarkar, Engineer Sandip Bisen and Sheetal Shende for their wishes and special thanks to my friend Prakash Bawankule for sending me a beautiful cake on WhatsApp (+91-7588887401).

I thank my friends Engineer Niraj Chute, Ratnamala Karemore, and Babasaheb Tompe and Sujit Tete sir for finding a time to call/phone and greet this very small man.

Atlast I thank my bro Vivek, my Babuji (Father), Aai (Mother) and Aunty for their wishes. Also thanks to God/Allah for blessings he has been showering on me through all of your wishes.

I have been receiving so many birthday wishes from you still now but I am missing wishes from my beloved 2 persons i.e. from my one best friend who never forget to wish me but I think she could not have been wish me yet as she is married now and another one is my dearest one sister who never wishes me on birthday but I pray and consider that she might know my birthday and may be she would have been wishing me on my birthday indirectly into her heart.

Finally thanks to all those who wished/wishes and are wishing me a very Happy Birthday. I tried to mention all of my well wishers’ names but I ask for excuse me if anyone’s name would have been missed by mistake I thank them specially for their kind wishes.


THANKS a lot..!!!

Birthday Boy:- Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH)

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