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Happy Birthday Malak Al Dunia

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Hello Shaikhah!!

Its 7th July. This date is little more special for me. Yeah!! I have scribbled this blog post to wish Happy Birthday to a girl who considers me her brother.

You know, how unfortunate I am in this sacred relationship of brother and sister. I do not have a sister in blood relation, but I asked one to be in my life as a sister during 2009-2011 and what happened of that relationship has been scribbled by me in my first unpiblished book. Anyway that’s not topic of this blog post but I have to mention that before writing ahead. Though my sister (mentioned above) did never accept me a brother, I could not forget her and I don’t want to do that. But in 2013, April 18th, an unknown girl from Qidfa-Fujairah (UAE) had mentioned me in a tweet with caption ‘bro.’ on my birthday. I wrote about her in short last year on same date 18th April in my 100th blog post on my birthday.


Snapshot:- © Content of my 100th blog post

OK!! So, this is 7th July, 2015--- 22nd birthday of my second sister Malak Al dunia aka Shaikhah. I have been so unfortunate to wish my first sister on her birthday since 2010. Though I eagerly wished to wish her on her birthday, I couldn’t! My sister was coming and going from my eyes in college on her birthday and I was just scared to wish her. Her room was at nothing more than 5 minutes walking distance from my room and even then I was unfortunate to wish her face to face. I was not her culprit as I did never wrong with my sister, in fact I can’t even think of that; and anyway which brother will think of doing alike that?? But I was her culprit in my eyes because of just a misunderstanding she had about me in that period. I am sure that still I am the first person to wish her on birthday but the difference is I never dared to confess. I just pray to Allah on midnight of her birthday and I wish her, I express my feelings on her birthday in my daily diary at night, I don’t know my wishes do reach to my sister or not; but I feel more satisfied. When I was living in companionship of my sister, I got so many opportunities to wish her on birthday both years in 2010 & 2011 but I intentionally missed all chances. I have scribbled my feelings in my diary and the book I wrote on our relationship. Unfortunately I was very away of this virtual world of blogging in that period to express my feelings. In between 2012-2014, my sister’s 3 birthdays have been passed but still I never dared to wish her as I fear her with lots of respect. Any way my sister’s 24th birthday is coming soon on 13th August. I will dare and try to wish my sister on her birthday by calling her on phone.

Now you would have been known that how unfortunate I am about wishing on birthday of my sister. This is 7th July, a birthday of my another sister… I don’t want to miss an opportunity to wish her too on her birthday. That’s why I am scribbling this blog post. A relationship of brother and sister between me and Malak Al Dunia started on my birthday. Means a birthday of mine and her has some more importance in our life. Malak has been wishing me first on my birthday April 18th since 2013. In fact I started to re-celebrate my birthday on her appeal because I have felt her more enthusiastic than myself about my birthday but I am little lazy. Actually my sister Malak’s 2 birthdays have been already passed after our acquaintanceship. But I remember that I was in Mumbai on her birthday in 2013. Actually 7th July 2013 was more memorable day for me as good as well as bad too. I had visited to a sacred religious place of Christians ‘Church’ in Mumbai for first time in my life. We had planned to visit to Islamic religious place- famous Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai; but we had been caught by TTEs at CST station and I had paid Rs. 265/- penalty for my friends’ mistakes, that’s why my mood was totally off that day. Though this was not a reason of not wishing Malak on her birthday because I had remembered very well about her date of birth but I had not sufficient internet data balance that day. That’s why I had wished Malak two nights belated on 9th July 2013 while returning to my village when Vidarbha Express was stopped at Bhusaval Jn. between 2-3 am. I was sipping tea at my first sister’s village Bhusaval’s junction railway station and was wishing another sister Malak on her birthday via Twitter. I remember that I wished her at right time in 2014 and this is 2015.

I have been wishing my sis. Malak this year on her birthday in advance since 1st of July- A birth anniversary of her father and a birthday of her mother. I have wished her midnight also on twitter, but I think that she deserves something more than just a tweet as her birthday wish. Because I wish anyone on facebook and twitter but Malak and my one more sister are not anyone, they are special part of my life so they deserve something more from me. I had wished to publish this blog post on midnight but I could not find time to scribble this that’s why I am posting this blog post at evening. I have never seen Malak yet, even not her single picture because Malak belongs to Qidfa-Fuzairah (UAE) so I can’t send gift to my sister that’s why I am posting this surprise blog post dedicated to my sister Malak Al Dunia on her 22nd birthday. I requested my sis. several times to send her picture but she doesn’t like to post pictures of herself on this virtual world.  I have still wish to see my beautiful sister but I never force her to show that. Because our happy unseen relationship doesn’t need to see each-other as we know each-other more well than those who make relationship after looking each other. But yeah, if Malak will do that ; that day will be one of the best day for me, and I am ready to wait for that day. I know that there is nothing special in this blog post but I hope my lovely sister would like this Hatke surprise gift from her bro.


My Picture

Before concluding this blog post I would like to mention a Marathi poem written by myself for my sister’s birthday in 2010---

उधान फुटलं या भावाच्या सुखाला

आज प्रतीक्षेनंतर हा दिन आला

उधान फुटलं या भावाच्या सुखाला


माझ्या मनी राहील तुझी आठवण

भाऊ - बहिणीच्या प्रेमाची साठवण

कधी न पाहो तू गं जीवनी दुःखाला


सदा गं जीवनी तू हसती राहो

अल्लाह तुला सदा सुखातच ठेवो

हिच प्रार्थना ईश्वर चरणी देवाला


पुर्या हो ताई सर्व तुझ्या ईच्छा

वाढदिवसाच्या तुला गं हार्दिक शुभेच्छा

भिडू दे ताई नाव तुझं या गगनाला

कवी- राजेश डी. हजारे (RDH)  

I know that Malak doesn’t understand Marathi so here is an English translation of above poem.

Gush Has Grown To The Happiness Of This Brother

This day has arisen after so log awaited today

Gush has grown to the happiness of this brother


Your memories will alive in my heart

Storage of love between brother and sister

May you never see sorrow


May you always keep smiling in life

May Allah always keep you in happiness

This is my only wish to the God


May your all wishes come true sister

I wish you a very Happy Birthday

May spread your name to the sky sister.

Poet Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH)



A well-wisher brother- Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH)

  • P.S.:-  Its also a birthday of Indian Cricket Team’s 2 times world cup champion captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, my cousin Vijay H. Rewatkar and so many more persons; I wish them all a very Happy Birthday.

  • This is Holy month of Ramadan so I wish all Muslims Ramadan Mubarak.
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  1. OMG... Welcome sister... How late...

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