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'Cricket is a Religion in India;' and I follow this with UC Cricket.

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If I would ask you about your favourite sport, all of you would reply together and will answer me cricket. Cricket is our favourite sport. Though Cricket is not India’s national sport; Indians’ love towards cricket is not less a bit. Cricket is not just a sport or a game for us Indians. ‘Cricket is a religion in India.’ And we all Indian cricket fans are devotees means followers of this religion. We Indians are crazy for this sport. As we can see bat and ball in even 2 years old kids’ hands in almost every galli and mohalla in villages across country. I think we everyone have seen this picture in villages which is enough to tell how crazy we are about cricket. If we try to find a guy who neither know nor like cricket, I think we could find any person rarely, at least in India. Who is there who doesn’t know ‘Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar- The God of Cricket in India’, Mahendra Singh Dhoni- 2 times world cup winning captain of Indian cricket team, ‘Sixer king’ Yuvraj Singh and many more legendary players of former and emerging team! None! This is our love about cricket and cricketers.


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Big tournaments like Cricket World Cup and ICC Cricket Championship are not just tournaments or championships, those are big functions of happiness for us Indians.Even commercial tournaments like IPL also bring happiness in our life. We do not understand how days pass during big tournaments of cricket. We pray for our favourite team’s victory. Even we can see people offering holy rituals like Havan and Yagya/Yadnya for India’s victory which shows our passion and devotion for cricket. We neither concern with victory or defeat nor we have any benefit by our favourite team’s any result; even then we wish our team’s victory in the battle of cricket. Yes! We consider cricket tournaments equal to a battle. We dance in jubilation when India (or any other favourite team) wins, conversely we too become sad as we ourselves get defeated on the ground when favourite team defeats. And after couple of days passed by, we accept past result by understanding that defeat and victory are 2 parts of coin means game as defeat and victory are never confirm nor lifelong. This is sportsman spirit. This is our love and passion about cricket.

Cricket is a force like no other in our country. It tempts us to skip work, postpone family get-togethers, bunk tuitions and sometimes even cancel a date of various important to do work. Yeah, we do this to find time for watching cricket match live on television. Because as I mentioned above cricket is not just a sport for us Indians, It’s a religion in India and we everyone follow this religion as devotees with lots of passion and love because cricket connects people to each other. So we forget to take a meal or to sleep while watching late night cricket or even timing before going to school, college or office and our work. When we don’t skip our work, college, office, tuition then we worry of missing a live cricket match. This happens with all of us cricket fans or I can say cricket’s devotees. But now there is not a need to worry about missing live and exclusive cricket updates without skipping our worthwhile works and daily routine. Yes! I will tell you how we can keep updated with cricket updates without skipping our daily routine below…

UC Browser:-

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Now you could stay connected to the game (cricket) while not missing out on all the little things that make life worth while. You just need an internet connection on your PC, smartphone/ mobile phone. If you have internet connection to your gadgets, I recommend you to Download and Install latest version of UC Browser on your device. UC Browser is more faster application to browse and download from internet. You can Surf it All! Surf it Fast With UC Browser! It’s faster, easier to use with seamless transitions. I have been using UC Browser since 2012. UC Browser is compatible with all kinds of gadgets, even in mobile feature phones too which is more easier to use with lots of features like different themes and Day(Normal)/Night mode in it. One more benefit is that UC Browser is not only faster for browsing and downloading but it consumes very less amount of internet data as compare to other browsers. UC browser has a great feature for cricket fans. UC Browser features UC Cricket.

UC Cricket:-

UC Cricketis an awesome feature for crores of cricket fans. UC Cricket is a space dedicated for every cricket fan, connecting them to the match wherever they are. It means you can know cricket updates anywhere you would like. There is neither a need to sit at front of TV and/or listen a radio nor to skip your daily routine because you will have cricket updates in your pocket via your gadget now. You won’t believe  me, but let me tell you, India’s great all rounder and the winner of tournament in Cricket World Cup 2011 Yuvraj Singh aka Yuvi himself use UC Browser. Yes! #YuviSurfsUC Cricket.

©Embeded UC Browser Video on YouTube: Yuvraj Singh ke Chakkae by UC Browser

UC Browser provides the best cricket service in India including Live Scores & Latest News into UC Cricket. UC Cricket itself has lots of features for cricket fans…

Features of UC Cricket:-


Screen Snapshot of UC Cricket's home page

  • Live Scores with auto update:- When you browse UC Cricket in UC Browser to know Live Scores of your favourite current match, you don’t need to refresh again and again to update score, because UC Cricket has ‘auto update’ feature which updates score ball to ball with commentary by default.
  • Fixture & Result:- You can know results of all cricket matches played earlier on single page with accurate figures and pictures using UC Cricket.
  • Latest News:- You can read all latest News about cricket anywhere anytime on UC Cricket.
  • Videos:- You can browse and play online videos related to amazing incidents in cricket match using UC Cricket.
  • Album:- You can see pictures of particular cricket match and series in this section into UC Cricket.
  • Upcoming:- You can know accurate time-table or schedule of all upcoming cricket series and matches with their accurate dates, times and location at just one place in UC Cricket.
  • Live Commentary:- We can read even ball to ball live commentary on UC Cricket which doesn’t realize us of not watching match on television.
  • Live & Exclusive Updates:- You can not only enjoy live updates; but in case you missed live updates of cricket match, you can enjoy Exclusive updates to know cricket summary also in UC Cricket.
  • International as well as Domestic cricket:- UC Cricket is not limited to international cricket only, it gives updates of also domestic cricket.

So what are you waiting for? I recommend you to go with it, just Download and Install latest version (10.6.0) of UC Browser from and enjoy UC Cricket! Surf it All! Surf it Fast! Now you could stay connected to the game (cricket) while not missing out on all the little things that make life worth while using UC Cricket in UC Browser.

Thanks a lot!

  • Note: This blog post has been written by me to promote UC Browser and UC Cricket.
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