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Hi readers, how are you?? I have come with indeed a good news... yes! I have purchased an own domain from GoDaddy and this free blog's URL is being changed to!!! I know this is 1st April - April Fool Day, but I am not making you fool in this blog post for sure. You can trust me!!!

This blog was launched on 24th September 2012. And from the very beginning, I have been considering this blog as my official website although I know the difference between a blog and a website. Till today, I was using MyWapBlog's subdomain with my blog ( But after receiving a tremendous response from you 4.15 lakh plus visitors around the world who keeps visiting my blog, I thought to own a domain. Actually having an own domain and an official website instead of a blog with subdomain was one of my dream which is coming to be true today.

While starting this blog I had never imagined to be a professional book reviewer or this blog will be identified for my book reviews; but one thing I can say for sure, that certainly I did not start this blog for fun anyway... If you would check my old posts, you will find so many articles (blog posts) in various categories. But now this blog is getting an identity for book reviews. I would have been parked a domain name for this blog so early, but I never tried to own and one due to lack of knowledge/information. My friends asked me several times to integrate Google AdSense or other similar platform to monetize this blog for advertisements and for earning purpose. This is not the case that I don't want to earn from my blog but I didn't try to earn through my blog though I knew about AdSense. My first 2 book reviews also were unpaid, but when I received positive response to my review of Hidden Husband from the authors, reviewers, and readers, I thought to be a professional book reviewer (oh! not a book reviewer but a book analyzer) and I started charging a reasonable fees for my reviews.. I neither provide book reviews only for money nor I compromise with my honesty in my reviews just because I get paid for the work. I charge my fees for my time, hard work and efforts, I charge for my honest analysis of the book. Though I don't earn so much from the reviews but I am satisfied in what I get in return for my efforts. At least now I can pay my internet WiFi charges Rs 600 per month from my own earnings from my PC even being an unemployed person. I delayed parking a domain due to lack of information and some misunderstandings. I didn't want to invest even a single rupee on my blog. Yes! But then I read some motivating blog posts by a professional blogger who earn tremendous income with just AdSense and other monetizing platforms from his blog and he quit his job, I was wondered!! I read a sentence there- "People know the ways to earn through a blog, they read as well but they do not implement such platforms on their blog." That sentence is hundred percent correct about me as I knew about AdSense and parking a domain and earning through a blog, I was enjoying to read but I never tried to implement it. That day I decided to integrate AdSense on my blog.

I had lots of misunderstandings, doubts, questions and lack of knowledge to buy a domain, hosting, configuration, parking, hosting fees, renewal fees and so much. But I consulted with my friends to clear my doubts. I will mention some names later in this blog post to acknowledge all of them for their help. First of all, I was confused about the domain name (Personal or Professional) for this site. My blog is being identified for the book reviews so my friends and I myself wished for the professional domain which would represent my work as a brand, and secondly; I did not start this blog for just book reviews, in fact book reviews were not in my mind while starting this blog, I have been writing on so many topics on this blog and I can't stop myself from writing on those topics. So if I would have purchased a professional domain for this blog, the blog would have had limitations about the content related to that domain only. I didn't have any problem with that too, but in that case I would have to start a new blog for my other writing works, and I can't afford to spend that much time on a new blog, neither I could have afforded to purchase another domain nor I could have gained such consistent traffic. So I decided to purchase a personal domain 'rdhsir' as it was in my old URL having subdomain!

Now, after purchasing my personal domain I can call this blog as MY official website as I like myself to call RDH which has the letters of my name Rajesh D. Hajare. People ask me why I call myself as Sir... No, I don't like to call myself as Sir, but I like to call myself just RDH. But there is already a global brand available with the name RDH which means Registered Dental Hygienist and I do not want to violate any copyrights and other legal issues like registered trademarks so I add Sir next to my desired name RDH. And yes, let me know you one thing that I am officially eligible to add 'Sir' next to my name because I am a Diploma holder in Teachers Education (DTEd). Okay, So now after deciding a domain name for my blog I was confused with a suitable extension for my domain .com and .in but I chose .com as it seems like a global extension. Then I decided to select one more name as a brand which will represent my work of detail analysis and then one nice name came in my mind BookLysis as this word has one and a half keywords a 'Book' and 'Lysis' from 'analysis' which suits to my style of detailed review. Although I have mentioned myself as a Book Reviewer I think if I am a book reviewer who analyze book in detail then who are those who provides short reviews or feedback on the books? And if they are Book Reviewers then how is it possible that I will also put myself in the same category? Now you will say, I am a Book Critic; but no, for the respect of verrry popular and intelligent book critics, I can't call myself a book critic as I am neither such knowledgeable for being called a critic nor I do only criticize book. But yes, I always provide detail analysis so I would like to call myself a Book Analyser instead of a Book Critic or a Book Reviewer. So I chose the name 'BookLysis' as an identity for my book reviews.

OK! I would like to mention my friends who motivated and helped me by resolving my doubts, confusions and queries with their friendly help and technical support as well. First of all I would like to mention that blogger's name Harsh Agrawal whose blog 'ShoutMeLoud' motivated me to add AdSense on my blog. I would thank my virtual teenager friend and probably my to be team-mate Master Harshit Pandey for his ideas, then I would thank my friend and the founder of Hall Of Poets (HOP) ezine Dr. Prerna Singla for her assistance to add AdSence though I got unable to add that due to lack of domain (but now after having an own domain I hope I will be able). Next, I would like to thank multiple times to my friend and a developer of my RDH Sir's Android App Aniruddha Pathak for his assistance to integrate free monetizing platform UC-Union to my blog and for assisting me to configure my domain with DNS Management. Afterward I would thank GoDaddy and their customer care representatives Mr. Ravi (for help regarding domains), Miss Salma Sultan (for assisting me while purchasing a domain) and Mr. Shabbir for assistance to configure a domain, and last but the most, I would like to thank Mr. Arvind Gupta and Technical Support team of for all the assistance and guidance they are giving daily to me via mail in this week; without technical support of I could have not decide, purchase, configure and park my domain.

So, I am sharing here new URL of my website I am looking forward to update this website, navigations, categories, and blogrolls. I am also looking forward to introduce new logos/favicons and banners of this blog and BookLysis!!!

Till then enjoy..!!


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