Tuesday 19 April 2016

THANK YOU for wishing 24th #HappyBirthdayRDH

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Hello, everyone!

First of all thank you all for wishing me on my birthday. This is a fourth time when I am posting a blog post on my birthday. I remember that I have posted 50th and 100th blog post on my birthdays. In this year, I have not published so many blog posts, but I can count 2015-16 as the most satisfying year of my journey as a blogger. In this year, I have accumulated an identity of a professional book reviewer. I have been posting my resolutions for every new year. But neither I could post the status of my last year’s resolutions nor I could post my new resolutions for this year. So I am thinking to share some ideas on my birthday. In this year, finally I have owned my domain rdhsir.com for my blog and I have also started earning my pocket money through my blog. Also, I have integrated Google AdSense and looking forward to adding Flipkart andAmazon’s affiliate links to monetize my blog. I am still an unemployed person, though I have a big dream to become a full-time blogger. I am hoping to gain somewhat enough benefits through monetizing platforms and other legal ways. So If all went well, I won’t need any other job being a full-time successful blogger and a book reviewer. And then I am really looking forward to implementing some more innovative ideas and to make this blog the most popular reviews dais of honesty.

Oh, yeah! I have shared the meaning of RDH Sir in my previous blog post on the launch of my domain RDHSir.com. Still my readers may think that whether RDH Sir is appropriate as a domain of this blog/website in a professional way or not? But I would like to explain both personal as well as the professional meaning of RDH Sir. As I have shared in my previous blog post that I wanted to buy a domain name which belongs to my personal as well as professional identity, but the domain should not be restricted to anyone. So I chose RDHSir.com. I have shared in the previous blog post, RDH defines my name Rajesh D.Hajare and Sir defines my qualification; in this sense RDH Sir is my personal domain. Now, my readers might have to ask one question that how can this domain belong to my profession? So I am glad to share the professional meaning and tagline of my blog on the occasion of my birthday today- My domain RDH Sir has 2 parts- meaning, and tagline related to my profession. RDH is an abbreviation of the meaning‘Reviews Dais of Honesty’ and SIR is an abbreviation of my website’stagline ‘Sincere Illustrated Revolution’. So, whenever I will be publishing any book analysis/review that will belong to my professional domain and when I will be publishing any blog post other than a book review, the post will belong to my personal domain. I hope you would like analysis of my website's domain as a personal as well as a professional aspect of my blog RDH Sir’s Official Website (RDHSOW). My friend Aniruddha Pathak have designed a fantastic logo for this website. However, I am looking forward to launching a new cover of my website which will have the professional meaning of RDH Sir along with the new tagline. I have shared another unique name ‘BookLysis’ for my reviews venture in my previous blog post. I am confused about this name but I am looking forward to using this name like an unregistered trademark of my book reviews.

On the occasion of my birthday, I would like to share a good news with my readers. I have received a formal invitation to recite a Hindi poem in‘Akhil Bhartiya Novodit Kavi/Kavayitri Adhiveshan’ by Prayas group in Kota (Rajasthan) which is being held on the 1st June 2016. I am really honoured and thankful to my friend and a co-organiser of the programme Mr. Kuldeep Prajapati Vidyarthi ji and a well-known poet and the president of Prayas Mr. Dev Nagar ji for their invitation. I am glad to share that my blog is being featured very soon in the mywapblog.com’s official blog Notable-Id where I have been interviewed by Mr. Sulton Wijayanto.

This is my 24th birthday. I do share some stats of my blog on my birthday blog post. This time, I won't share detail statistics but I would like to share some stats. I do not collect weekly data of my blog stats except weekly page views but I will start storing and publishing the stats since June 2016. Today my blog is reached to around 4.25 Lakh page views within the time span of 1304 days. Which means my blog gets 325 page views per day, 2275 page views per week, 9883 page views per month, and 121428 pageviews per year. In this week (08-14 Apr 2016)my blog statistics are 5520 Visits, 1635 Unique Visitors, 6450 page views and 1.17 pageviews per visit. In this week, my blog visitors’ top ten countries are the United States, India, Philippines, Ukraine, Germany,  Switzerland, France, Israel, Russia, Moldova, Singapore, Japan, Canadaand Sweden.



This birthday was quite special for me because of so many reasons. Firstly, this is the first birthday I am celebrated after gaining an identity of a professional book reviewer. This is the first time I am celebrating my birthday after earning some money through my blog. This is the first birthday I have celebrated after parking my own domain. And, this the first birthday I celebrated in our own newly build home. This is a Monday, Lord Shiva is showering his blessing through all of your wishes and greetings. I usually do share the name of first well-wisher of my birthday, so here are the names… I thank my friend Narayani Dhungel for wishing me the first in advance. Today so many known unknown friends, authors, reviewers, relatives, neighbours and of course you readers have been showering their wishes on me. I can’t thank all of you individually here by mentioning your names so I thank all of you. Even then I would like to mention one name my friend and a reader Mr. Sunil Narwade for sending me these images on my birthday. Thank you, myfriend, Sunil Ji for the time and effort you spent for editing these photos. I had been receiving the first birthday wish from UAE for last 2 years, this year, I didn’t receive her wish but I know she must have remembered this date as her ex-brother's birthday. Today again I didn’t receive the most awaited wish since 2010 from my most beloved sister, but I hope and pray that she would have at least remembered my birthday, my birthday in her memory is also more than enough for her brother. OK! I think you are finding digression in above 2-3 lines, but no, this blog post and my birthday cannot be celebrated without mentioning them directly/indirectly at least on my blog. You can’t understand the pain of this brother’s heart. Finally thank you all again for showering your greetings, blessings and wishes on my birthday on my facebook timeline, messenger, Whatsapp, phone calls, meeting and directly.



(Photo credit: Sunil Narwade)


Birthday boy: Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH)

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  1. Thnx so much sir.... i m so lucky i wishing u in u r birthday..... thnx for add my name here.

  2. Wish you more success as a professional reviewer in the days to come.. :)

  3. Sulton Wijayanto22 April 2016 at 07:32

    happy birthday, hopefully long life and become a better person again..

  4. Hmm... Your detailed review always charms me, I wish you more & more & more success as a professional reviewer & full time blogger in future. May God fulfill all your dreams. Tum jio hajaro saal saal k din ho 50 hajar.. Jio, muskurao, sada khush raho, or aise hi hamare sath chalte raho. Congrats for the invitation from Kota. Keep smiling.

  5. Rajesh D Hajare RDH26 April 2016 at 12:23

    @Subhajit Das,
    Thank you so.. so.. so much Subhajit sir...


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