Saturday 13 August 2016

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Sister in the world

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Day: 1420th

This is the 13th August! One of the most memorable dates of my life. What’s special about this date? This is the 25th birthday of my sister. You know my unfortunate in this brother-sister relationship. I know that I don’t need to share the story again but I have been never successful to greet my lovely sister on her birthday even being in the same college or same mohalla for first two years in 2010-11. After 2011, I didn’t even dare to greet my sister though I have her home’s landline telephone number. Today I have one number which is saved in my phone by the name of Tai (Sister) since the time we were in the same college but still, I am not sure whether the particular number really belongs to my sister or someone else and I am consoling myself about having her number. I am really not sure how come that number saved in my mobile but I know that someone of my the then friend circle would have been saved that number by the name of my Sister. After finding that number in my contacts list, I was just shocked with surprise but I can’t deny that someone would have played a prank with me. Possibly, he might have done this as a joke? Joke? Yes! My entire life has been a joke since I get to know that my sister doesn’t acknowledge me her brother. I could not win her heart. Though she said that she has excused me and she doesn’t have any misunderstanding about me, I can’t stop blaming myself for not clearing her misunderstandings personally! I can’t excuse myself for not showing a confidence to greet her on her birthday. I can’t excuse myself. I know how much I love. Yes! I love her… My heart knows what did I acknowledge her and what did her image, name and entire SHE means to me. She is my SISTER. I acknowledged her my sister on the very first day I saw her in 2009 when I didn't even know that we were going to learn In the same college. But one misconception spoiled my entire feelings for her. I didn’t get even a single chance to confess her my feelings. However, I let her know my feelings through our mutual friends somehow. I wrote a full Marathi novel MAAZI TAI: Ek Athvan on our relationship. I shared my each and every feeling in my full fledged 4 big diaries and consoled myself life talking her.

I don’t know, what my readers (means you) are thinking about me and this blog post right now.  I have a doubt that even you are understanding what I am writing about… My readers matter a lot for me. You are my strength to keep this blog on. But today I really don’t care about you. (Please note the word ‘today’)! Because Today is the special day. And by the way, today I am not writing for you. I am writing for my sister even I am aware that she doesn’t exist in this virtual world of internet as far as I know. I know that she might have forgotten me- her rejected brother. But I didn’t acknowledge her my sister to forget her! I don’t build relationships to forget. But still, I didn’t lose my hopes. My brain knows that I can’t meet her in this birth but my heart always denies this fact and let me hope that we will meet somewhere somehow and she will accept me her brother like a melodrama. I am still hoping for such miracle… Who knows that she might have existed in this virtual world by other name or surname? Who knows that she would be reading my blog posts? Who know somehow my feelings would reach to her? Who knows she might be reading this blog post right now…

“I tried to forget her but I failed

I tried to replace her but I was deceived”

I never forced her to accept me her brother. But I can’t simply forget or replace my sister. She is my sister from the bottom of my heart. Her place is reserved in a special corner of my heart. I know just one thing, she will remain my sister until my last breath. I have been praying for her every day since 2010 and I will keep praying for my sister’s happiness until the last day of my life. It doesn’t matter for me that how far she lives or she loves me or hates me.

I just want to say her that please forgive me for what I didn’t. Please accept me your brother. Because I am still waiting for you to pick your phone up and greet me on two occasions of my birthday and Rakshabandhan. I just want me to call you on your birthday and greet you first than anyone, but all my wishes are just my hopes or (dreams) which I am still hoping to come true. Finally, I would say that I miss her. I still love her. I still care for her.

Oh, Allah! Please bless my sister a happy, successful, prosperous and healthy life. Cherish her with the utmost respect, happiness, and satisfaction with your blessings and love. Greet her from her innocent brother on her birthday.


उधान फुटलं या भावाच्या सुखाला

आज प्रतीक्षेनंतर हा दिन आला

उधान फुटलं या भावाच्या सुखाला


माझ्या मनी राहील तुझी आठवण

भाऊ - बहिणीच्या प्रेमाची साठवण

कधी न पाहो तू गं जीवनी दुःखाला


सदा गं जीवनी तू हसती राहो

अल्लाह तुला सदा सुखातच ठेवो

हिच प्रार्थना ईश्वर चरणी देवाला


पुर्या हो ताई सर्व तुझ्या ईच्छा

वाढदिवसाच्या तुला गं हार्दिक शुभेच्छा

भिडू दे ताई नाव तुझं या गगनाला

कवी- राजेश डी. हजारे (RDH) 

Gush Has Grown To The Happiness Of This Brother

This day has arisen after so long awaited today

Gush has grown to the happiness of this brother


Your memories will alive in my heart

Storage of love between brother and sister

May you never see sorrow


May you always keep smiling in life

May Allah always keep you in happiness

This is my only wish to the God


May your all wishes come true sister

I wish you a very Happy Birthday

May spread your name to the sky sister.

Poet – Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH)



A brother (Rajesh)

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  1. i wish to god that he gives lots of happiness to your sister and you

    1. Thank you so much! Mai to dua karta hu ki meri bhi saari khushiya meri behna ko life me daal de.....


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