Tuesday 18 April 2017

Celebrating my Silver Jubilee Birthday

Dear Readers,

I, once again welcome all of you to read my blogpost on my birthday. Today 18th April 2017. This is my 25th birthday! OMG! 25th! It’s my silver jubilee birthday!
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I am aware that I have been very irregular on my posts recently but let me assure that my passion towards blogging has not faded or please do not feel, I am not serious about the blogging. Well! The truth is I am revamping, redesigning and resetting my blog and website. The fresh look of my blog will be launched very soon.
The Year 2016 was full of mixed events for me, filled with joy and pain, the year saw me establishing my blog site, launched androidApp of my blog with the help of my friend Aniruddha Pathak. I bought the domain rdhsir.com for my website and created a branded identity under the name BookLysis for my book reviews. But unexpectedly my laptop was attacked by any .cerber3 ransomware and I had left with no other option but formatting and lose all my important data stored in my laptop as it was encrypted with the .cerber3 ransomware. This attack was more harmful to my efforts put in by me in all these years; than mere to a laptop. I thank my friends Rahul Girhepunje and Manoj Raut for helping me during that painful period.

Later I had to face another blow from MyWapBlog - the old hosting provider of my blog as they closed their service, hence once again I was forced to migrate my blog from MyWapBlog to Blogger. However, I would like to thank Mr. Arvind Gupta (Founder of MyWapBlog) for his assistance and full support in backup and migration process of my blog. Though the migration work is done, my website www.rdhsir.com is under reconstruction now. I am going to change the current template and adopt a new and beautiful template very soon. I am thinking to create separate niche blogs with unique subdomain under my own domain rdhsir.com instead of the one multi-niche blog. So this is what I think about blogging.

While celebrating my birthday, today; I would like to share with you that I have decided to get a permanent job at my first priority. Hopefully, I would get a job in next couple of months.

Today I can proudly say that, I have established an identity for myself as a book reviewer; who provides unbiased detailed reviews with sincere and honest efforts and hard work. I would like to share with you that my recent book review (BookLysis) of the novel FINDING JULIET – Can a Geek ever find Love by Toffee has been published in the Volume-II, Issue-III of Sanskruti International Multidisciplinary Research Journal (SIMRJ) in March 2017.

Author's note of Her Last Wish by Ajay K Pandey (Photo Credit: Ram Prudhvi Teja)
I would like to thank Mr. Ajay K. Pandey (Author of You are the Best Wife and Her Last Wish) for mentioning my name along with some of the established book reviewers in the author’s note (Acknowledgement) of his second novel  Her Last Wish.

You might have noticed my inactiveness or decreasing frequency of time being spent on Facebook and Twitter. Yes, It is because now a days I am spending much of time on WhatsApp. Recently, I have got connected to many groups dedicated to Poetry and literature world, though mainly in the Marathi Language (Regional and oldest Indian Language). I was featured in the interview on ‘Sahitya Kavyagandh’  in January 2017 and in the 'Kavyapremi Shikshak Manch’ just three days back.

Rajesh D. Hajare Receives Prayas Kavi Samman in Kota
I was invited to recite my Hindi poem in the first National Yuva Kavi Adhiveshan - Prayas 2016 in Kota, Rajasthan in which I recited two Hindi poems Lekhni and “SarwaDharma Sambhaw”  and honoured with National Prayas Kavi Samman.

I have attended 23rd Akhil Bhartiya Navodit Marathi Sahitya Sammelan in Pune last year on 29th and 30th Dec 2016 in which I was honored by ‘Jagatguru Tukobarai Sahitya Gaurav Puraskar 2016’.

I spent the last evening of previous year (2016) devoting my gratitude’s in the most auspicious Lord Vitthal temple of Pandharpur, located at central Maharashtra, and started my new year 2017, mingling with underprivileged children of Vanchitanchi Shala (School of Deprived children), this school is being taken care by one of my best friends Mr. Prasad Mohite and his wife Mrs. Anu Tirnagari-Mohite, this school is situated at Solapur.

I attended the Rajyastariya Shikshak Kavi Sammelan (State level Teacher Poets Program) organized by Kavyapremi Shikshak Manch (Teachers Group of renowned Poets & Poetry Lovers) in which I was honored by Kshitij Kavyapremi Shikshak Kavi Sanman. I thank Mr. Ramdas Deshmukh Sir for making it possible for me. To attend these programs were indeed a pleasure to me, I enjoyed those moments thoroughly and would cherish those moments forever in my life. This couldn’t have been possible without his help.

I was invited as a chief guest to deliver a speech in the presence of former MLA Hon. Mr. Ramratan Raut and sitting member of legislative assembly (MLA) Hon. Mr. Sanjay Puram for the inauguration of annual gathering at Soniyabai Dudhnag Primary and Madhyamik Ashram School, Mhaisuli in Deori tehsil and Gondia district. I also have attended 3rd Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Shetkari Sahitya Sammelan in Gadchiroli in Feb 2017 in which I was honored by ‘Yugatma Sharad Joshi Shetkari Sahitya Sanman 2017’.

I had won the fifth place for my verses “SarwaDharma Sambhaw” in the Jugalbandi Contest held in the gallery of World Union Poets (WUP)- South Asia last year, in association with Hall of Poets (HOP) to promote love, brotherhood, peace and harmony between the nations India & Pakistan.

This year my English poem “I Can’t Live…” got published in the anthology title FEATHERS- The Hall of Poets which is available on Amazon.in and Amazon.com. I thank Dr. Prerna Singla and editorial board for short-listing my poem and giving me an opportunity to get featured in an international anthology.

My Marathi poem Shivbache Bigul  and Hindi poem Holi Ka Tyohar  are getting published in two different anthologies titled ShivKavya Sangraha (Collection of poems on Shivaji Maharaj) and Holi Ke Rang Sab Ke Sang by Kavyapremi Shikshak Manch in association with Ratnapriya Publication Solapur in the two days poets summit organized on upcoming 11th and 12th May of 2017 at Akkalkot in Solapur district.

Today on the auspicious day of my life, I would like to share with you that I am declared as one of the recipient of second state level Yuva Sahityik Prerna Puraskar 2017  (Award for Youth Literate’s Inspiration 2017) by Kala Sahitya, Sanskruti, Yuva Manch (Youths' Arts, Literature and Cultural Forum) in association with ShabdaVidya (Words Knowledge). I would like to thank my friend 'Hrudaymanav' Ashok Thokal for shortlisting my name and all the respected jury for considering my work eligible and for declaring me as one of the 13 awardees of this prestigious award. I would also like to congratulate co-recipients of this award Mr. Nikhil Jagtap, Mr. Shubham Kakde, Mr. Pratish Kawthekar, Mr. Pravin Somase, Mr. Lalit Kumar, Mr. Nitin Chandanshive, Miss Devshri Agre, Miss. Pranali Nikose, Miss. Komal Jagjhap, Miss Komal Pakhare, Miss Abhyanka Jeevne and Miss. Priyanka Thombre. We will be receiving Yuva Sahityik Prerna Puraskar 2017 in Pune in an upcoming event ShabdVidya Sneha Sammelan on 22nd April of 2017.

Finally, before concluding this blogpost I would like to thank passing 25th year of my life. I have mentioned some memories from this year but now I would like to thank some people who met or connected to me last year. There are so many names but I can’t mention all; however, I would like to thank my teammate, best friend cum brother Ankit Kumar Malode, my another teammate-cum-sister Miss Janci Rani and new member of my team Mr. Sameer Bapat Sir. I thank Mrs. Pallavi Kolhapure Patil ma’am, Mrs. Archana R. Mohankar ma’am, Mr. Anand Ghodke Sir, Mr. Shyam Swami Sir and all the people connected to me in various groups on Whatsapp. Finally, special thank to my parents Mr. Dasharath R. Hajare (My Babuji/Dad) and Mrs. Rukmini D. Hajare (My Aai/Mom), my aunt, and my younger brother Vivek D. Hajare. I wish to mention one more name in this list but I don’t know whether or if she remembers my birthday or not, but if she does thank you, my dear sister. I wish I could get a single wish from her. Unfortunately, I would be refrained from mentioning her name directly here.

Thank you all who sent me greetings and good wishes on my birthday! Thank you readers! Thank you all! Happy Silver Jubilee Birthday to me.
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Rajesh D. Hajare (Yes! A birthday boy for today)


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