Saturday 11 April 2015

4 Stars to DELL Inspiron 15-3537

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1st Anniversary of my laptop DELL Inspiron 15-3537


Hi friends!

So we have been meeting once again after so long. I am going to turn into 23rd of my age next week on April 18th. Last year on April 11th I bought my new laptop DELL Inspiron 15-3537. Today a year is being passed of my laptop shopping (Sadly laptop’s one year warranty is also expiring!!) When I had purchased new laptop; I had decided that I will post my review after exact one year experience of using it. So I have picked up a pen to share my experience of DELL Inspiron 15-3537 as review.

Before purchase a new laptop I had done so many researches about laptops of various brands on internet. Then I had liked 2 models DELL Vostro 2520 and DELL Inspiron 15-3521. After discussion with friends and reading users’ reviews on Flipkart. I had decided to go with DELL Inspiron 15-3521 which was under my budget with specification ci3(3rd Gen)/4GB/500GB/15.6”/DOS but this model was WITHOUT GRAPHIC CARD. When I asked for graphic card, dealer told me that for graphic card I would have to spend INR 3000/- extra. When I went to buy DELL Inspiron 15-3521 with Graphic card dealer told me that graphic card can not be inserted into a laptop. DELL Inspiron 15-3521 comes WITHOUT GRAPHIC CARD. So I would have to buy DELL Inspiron 15-3537 if I wish to buy a laptop WITH GRAPHIC CARD. As I told above I had researched so much and then I had decided to go with Inspiron 15-3521 but I had not even looked DELL Inspiron 15-3537 as that was out of my budget. So I researched about that one on Flipkart again and read reviews. It’s key specifications were ci3(4th Gen)/2GB/500GB/15.6”/Ubuntu/1GB Graphic card. I decided to buy DELL Inspiron 15-3537 then but this laptop had only 2GB RAM. So I increased RAM upto 4GB by purchasing 2GB extra.

I know that you are not interested to read whatever I wrote above. So I am sharing my experience, PROS & CONS, suggestions and whole review below.

My DELL Inspiron 15-3537 laptap has following key specifications:-

Intel Core i3 (ci3/4th Gen)/2+2=4GB RAM*/500 GB HD/Win7*/15.6”/1 GB RatOn Graphic Card

(RAM*-- Inbuilt 2 GB + 2 GB Extra purchased

Win7*-- Inbuilt OS was ‘Ubuntu’ but I use ‘Windows 7’ operating system.)

  • Pros (+ Points):-
  • DELL is a good and big brand around the world.
  • Laptop was seal packed in very good condition into strong box.
  • Great designed body and beautiful look.
  • Light waited and very slim:- 2.35 kg & Dimension 376 X 259 X 25.3 mm
  • Scratch proof designed body.
  • Fit in budget:- I bought in INR 35,900/- approximately; but now rates have been much decreased.
  • Well built body:- Though plastic material is used to build body of DELL Inspiron 15-3537; used plastic material’s quality is neither so cheap nor so poor as DELL used in VOSTRO models.
  • Better to use:- Better to use for students, businessmen and all daily uses for official work and entertainment.
  • No Heating problem:- Laptop heats while charging only, else generally heating problem didn’t occur yet even after continuous uses.
  • Long Adopter Cable:- We can charge from long distance because the adopter cable is satisfactorily long.
  • Avg. Battery Backup:- In beginning I was getting 5-5.30 hrs battery backup which is 3-3.30 hrs now after a year. I think this is also not bad if it maintains in future as same.
  • ULV (Ultra Low Voltage):- ULV consumes Low Power clock speed (1.7 Hz)
  • Good Sensitive Keyboard:- Keyboard is very sensitive but I recommend to protect keys by covering with keypad cover always and to use external keyboard and mouse for long typing/writing works for long life of laptop’s keyboard.
  • Extra number pad attached to keyboard:- Its easy to type numbers through extra number pad.
  • Multiple zoom, Image rotation, webpage zoom by fijngertip.
  • 2 Slots for RAM
  • 3.0 USB port
  • HDMI port:- Though VGA port is not available in this laptop, there is latest HDMI port given.
  • All drivers are updated
  • Webcam is fine:- 1 MP camera is not sufficient but it is good to capture photos and shoot videos even in night. Video sound is also awesome.
  • Good Sound Quality:- Sound is average but quality is fantastic. Don’t use 3rd party softwares like VLC media player to increase sound for speakers’ long life.
  • Very clear sound in Headphones:- In case media file’s sound is low; it is better to use headphones than 3rd party softwarers like VLC media player.
  • Entertaining to play Games & HD Videos:- 1GB RatOn graphic card is effective to enjoy HD games and videos.
  • Did not hang except few exceptions.
  • Mcfee Antivirus:- Dell provides Mcfee AntiVirus free for 15 months but I don’t think Mcfee is protective as other antiviruses; so I have purchased and installed Net Protector AntiVirus (NP-AV) recently for 12 months.
  • 10003407_794302287352342_537877818324056
  • Cons (-ve Points)
  • No VGA Port:- In this laptop only HDMI port is available. There is NO VGA Port. I don’t know that does this laptop support projector connectivity or not? I have read HDMI-VGA convertor cables but according to my knowledge these kind of cables are not available in India. I am not sure about it; if you have an idea please do share info with me.
  • DVD Disc Driver is weak:- DVD Disc Driver is so weak. It is fit near  surface of bottom to the right side. While opening DVD disc drive there are more chances to touch surface and thus disc may be break so user must have to be careful about it while opening DVD disc.
  • Touchpad’s pointer keys make noise.
  • Fingerprints’ sweat appears as touch impressions on touchpad and side area.
  • No backlight to keyboard:- So it’s get trouble to use keyboard in dark.
  •  No more multimedia function keys like HP laptops.
  • Keyboard’s dust appears on LED screen.Bleeding of LED on keyboard.
  • Takes some more time to Start, Copy, Transfer data and Shut down.
  • Internet works slow:- But this is not PC’s problem; Internet speed is based upon Service operator, Data pack, Network and connectivity module.
  • DELL did not provide any extra accessories for free.
  •  Laptop’s information manual is very short and not in detail.
  • ‘Inspiron’ is not printed on top of computer’s front.
  • Mcfee AntiVirus is not very protective:- Though DELL provides Mcfee AntiVirus free for 15 months;  it is not protective trustfully. So I recommend to replace/buy and install any other antivirus.
  • Scratch proof  rough design of back does not look so impressive but yeah its unique.
  • DELL’s warranty extension rates are very high for common PC users. 

I saw all features and specification on Flipkart but did not purchase my laptop online though my much money were being saved. My friends told me that there might be occur service related problems in future and I did not want to take any risk so I chose dealer for post shopping service but you can sure order online if you want to save money. Though I did not buy on Flipkart I thank them because I got so much help to choose my PC on Flipkart. I bought my DELL Inspiron 15-3537 from the biggest COMPUTER WORKSHOP (CW) in Gondia, Maharashta (India). I got few accessories free from dealer and I bought few. I would like to share Pros & Cons about my experience of service from dealer CW Gondia.


  • Pros (+ Points):-
  • Satisfying Customer Service
  • Pre-installed so many necessary softwares.
  • Defected free mouse has been returned.
  •  Gave some important suggestions for computer’s safety and long life.
  • Gave free gifts:- Keypad cover, mouse, mouse pad, clean kit and headphone.
  • Purchased TVS Champ external keyboard is working good.
  • Zebronics’ USB connector is also working fine.


  •  Cons (-ve Points):-
  • Unfit PC Delivery:- There was a gap in right corner of my PC.
  • Headphone was very cheap:- Gifted headphone of Terabyte was very cheap and built in poor quality. I had asked to pay extra penny and replace with good one but CW refused. Terabyte headphone broke down by just bending. 
  • DELL’s Laptap Bag is not good:- Gifted bag with Dell’s logo is not good. Original chains have been broken twice and even replaced new chains also broke. Bag is being torn.
  • Dealer did not give extra discount.
  • Language stickers also were neither sticky nor plastic made/polythin printed. Letters are vanished now.
  •  Purchased card reader has been defected in just 2 months.
  •  Purchased Digisole Dongle works slower.


I have observed that many people complain about some same problems in DELL PCs even then DELL’s customers  have not been affecting by it. So I would like to comment on that problems and want to give some suggestions to avoid those problems.

  • Problem- Average Battery Backup
  • Precaution- Keep Lowest Brightness:- I have already mentioned about average average battery backup in DELL’s Pros. You can use in Save Energy/Power Saver mode or with lowest brightness in On Battery and  Plugged In both sections of Power Saver and Balanced both modes to increase your battery backup.
  • Problem- Battery Expires soon:- People complain that DELL’s battery/Adopter expires soon (i.e. in 1-3 years).
  • Precaution- Always try to use in Plugged in mode:- I recommend to try to use any loptop of any brand always in plugged in (while charging is on) mode everytime whenever possible to save battery life.
  • Problem- Sound/Speaker Problem:- People complain that DELL’s speakers get defected in so many cases.
  • Precautions-
  1. Use Headphones:- If sound is low, use headphones instead of trying to increase sound through third party media players like VLC.
  2. Use Windows Media Player (WMP) only:- Try to use Windows Media Player (WMP) only. If you want another media player, you can go with GOM for low quality videos like .3gp format. I don’t have any idea about other media players because I do not use any other.
  3. Remember- NEVER USE VLC or any other THIRD PARTY MEDIA PLAYER.:- Third party media players like VLC outputs more sound than inbuilt speakers’ capacity so these kind of third party media players are disastrous for speaker defect.
  • Suggestion- Use external Keyboard & Mouse:- You can use external keyboard and mouse for long writing/typing work to save you inbuilt keyboard’s and touchpad’s long  life.


I am not any expert technician to review but I have tried my best to share my honest experience of my DELL Inspiron 15-3537 laptop. I have noted so many negative points (cons) but most of them are either ignorable or limited for me and does not mean your experience will be same. So I recommend you to go for this if you liked. Aakhir kaun hai jo apne gadget ko boora kahega yaar jagb itne rupaye kharch karke liyaa ho.. (:-:) hahaha!

Rating:- **/***** (4/5=Good)

P.S.- I hope this review will be helpful for you. If you have any queries please mail me or tweet me with @RDHSir.

|Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH)

Mob.: +91- 07588887401, 07744018492








  1. Good review I must say. Actually it’s your own laptop, and your review is on the basis of your personal experience, so I shouldn’t be telling much about this, but one thing I would like to say that your CONs are very much dominating than the PROs, and still you’ve given 4 stars!!! After reading your review, I must say that you truly LOVE your lappy. Because if I were you, and I would have experienced the same as you, I would have given max to max 3 stars! But, you review is really honest indeed.

  2. Rajesh D Hajare RDH17 March 2016 at 23:43

    @Subhajit Das,
    Yes sir.. put my cons are not dominating.. so many cons are found by me and those are ignorable . Plus for few cons My shopkeer is responsible , not the DELL.. Though i agree that 3.5 would be even enough for this model


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