Saturday, 8 October 2016

Thank you for 500,000+ pageviews

Hello readers,

Thank you so much for more than 5 Lakh pageviews to my blog on dated 6th October 2016.


Hello readers,

This website's hosting provider Mywapblog is closing their service from 15 Nov. 2016. So, I am going to transfer this blog on my another blog existed on Blogger . I will keep the same domain after migration. So, if my users surfs they will be redirected to my new blog. In this process, I will have lost my traffic and I will need to customise and design my blog available on Blogger from the beginning. But, what I can ask you is your patience and support. In this process, please support me.

UPDATE on 18 Oct. 2016: Thank you Mywapblog. Bye bye! This is going to be my last blogpost on MyWapBlog and I am going to export this blog on existed Blog on Blogger or a new blog. I request all my readers to bookmark my old url and current url . After exporting this blog into any blog on Blogger you will be redirected to my new blog.

Thank you!!


- Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH) Admin,

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