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BookLysis of "I'm not a betrayer" by Sonam Gupta (Book Review: 4/5*)

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Who doesn’t know Sonam Gupta? Every one of you might have heard her name or you might have made fun and memes on her, you might consider her betrayer but do you know the truth behind those memes? I recently read her story- yes the story titled I’m not a Betrayer by Sonam Gupta. Yes- The Sonam Gupta who herself claims to be the same victim whose name is being maligned these days by the media. Let me share my experience after going through her story.

Cover of I'm not a betrayer by Sonam Gupta (Source: #BookLysis
“I’m not a Betrayer” is a debut short story of struggles faced by a young lady. The Title “I’m not a Betrayer” perfectly suits the story and the maligned image of the author, Sonam Gupta. Author Sonam Gupta herself is a protagonist in her story. “I’m not a Betrayer” is the story of just another girl, who has desires, ambitions, and goals for her career and life. The story comments on Sonam’s life. Sonam’s story portrays how a girl’s life changes after marriage. This story talks about relationship shared by a married couple. Sonam’s story raises so many questions about men’s responsibilities to lead a happy married life. Women’s physical harassment by their husband is a common domestic violence existing in India. This story brings attention to the serious issue of sexual harassment and post-marital rapes. She asks-
“In our country if you have the marks of beating on your body, only then your husband or his family is to be banned. What if your body is used as a mean of pleasure for your husband without your permission?  Who gave him the right to use your skin as a scrap of paper on which he can write his story? Why isn’t your body your after marriage? Why does a husband become the sole owner of it, with or without your permission?”
She asks a question to herself, which can be asked to each and everyone who is making memes on her,
“How long could I live a life like this? How long could I allow him to use me, how long?”
Positive points of the story: I appreciate Sonam Gupta for coming forward and telling her side (story) to the world. Her story contains 16 pages only. But she has elegantly put her point. Hence, 16 pages of her story say too much about problems which are being faced by women in Indian society.  

Minor Drawbacks: I feel that cover image could have been more decent. I had expected the author to write about how the antagonist would have been written her name on currency notes and connect the epilogue with the prologue but that connection is missing in the story.

Reviewer's Opinion:- 
"I’m not a Betrayer is a well written, well characterized, strongly narrated and brilliantly developed true tale of the suffering, problems, various kinds of women’s assaults and domestic violence in Indian society. I feel that the epilogue of the story should be more descriptive otherwise characters, setting, plot, story, and all the literary aspects are followed in perfection by the debutant author. Personally, I would suggest Sonam Gupta to develop this story and come up with a full-fledged novel because this story has lots of power in itself."
At the end, I would like to say only one thing and that is, “Sonam Gupta bewafa nahin hain…” (“Sonam Gupta is not a betrayer”). If you have made fun of her, then it’s time to read and know her side as well… I would rate 4 out of 5 stars to “I’m not a Betrayer” by Sonam Gupta."

 Blurb of I'm not a Betrayer by Sonam Gupta 

My name is Sonam Gupta. You must have heard about me. Yes, I am the one whose name you have seen in the currency notes. I’m the one who has flooded several Facebook timelines. And I’m also the one who is making to news headlines these days.

But, what people say about me is not true. I’m not a Betrayer. If you are looking for a betrayer, it is society, the mentality and the times we are in. I’m just another girl. A girl like anyone, who had desires, who was apple of their parents’ eye and who had a dream to win the world.

Like so many, I too chose to fulfill my parents’ desires. I chose a life they wanted me to live. I chose a smile on their lips, over my dreams. Does that make me a betrayer? I don’t expect an answer from you. But then, I don’t want you to judge me either. I want a little time of yours. Will you sit with me for a while? Will you trust me until you hear me? Will you listen to my story? If your answer to these questions is a yes, let me tell you my story.

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    1. Nice review as always. Keep the reviews coming. Miss them. All the best.. :)

    2. Sir, this review is more than perfect, seriously. “I am not a Betrayer” by Sonam Gupta is a must read to everyone in this society. Now a day, we live in a society, where most of the husbands used to take their wives as their Legal #Property, which is NOT RIGHT AT ALL….. Even after marriage, sexual harassment or having sex forcefully, without the permission of wife, is also called “Rape”, and a Rape is a RAPE no matter the Rapist is the husband or any other person. Marriage doesn’t give the authority to a male to do whatever he wants with his wife. You’ve correctly pointed out some of the most important questions in this review. And one thing, like you said, I also think that the cover photo could have been more #Decent. Excellent to the point review Sir. Last but not the least….#SonamGuptaIsDefinitelyNOTABetrayer… (No Doubt about that). 4/5 rating is appropriate actually. Thank you.


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