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"My image was ruined by social media"- Sonam Gupta says in the interview

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Dear  friends! We all are familiar with Sonam Gupta, who is trending on social media these days. Though, Sonam’s life resembles a two-sided coin. We all are aware of the views of social sites about her. But this interview reveals the other side. Sonam talks to us about her personal life in this interview.
  • Que: Hello Sonam, most of the people already know you through the memes created on your name. But I would like you to introduce yourself first.
  • Sonam Gupta: I am a small town girl from a middle-class family with little desires and dreams to win the world. I have a small family with parents and a younger sister. I do teach children to make a living. I’m a person of principles, emotions, and morality.
  • Que: Tell us about your hobbies and dreams.
  • Sonam Gupta: My hobbies include anything and everything under the sky. To mention few- I like cooking, photography, reading books, watching movies and so on. I also like to read blogs and websites to keep up-to-date with developments in the country. I have a long list of dreams too. It will be tough to mention all. But then, I want to have a school of mine where poor children can be given free education.
  • Que: You will be aware of so many fake profiles created in your name. But why should people believe that your Facebook profile belongs to fake or real (the same) Sonam Gupta who is on news nowadays?
  • Sonam Gupta: Believing me or not is just a choice. One can choose to believe me. or, choose not to. You know, few people ping and ask me the same. I wonder if the fake one will say - "No. I'm not Sonam Gupta."
  • Que: We found that your Facebook account has been created recently. If your profile is real then why didn’t you create your Facebook account till now? Any reason behind not updating your profile details on Facebook?
  • Sonam Gupta: I had a facebook account before this incident. But as soon as this happened, I was getting numerous messages and tags. I had to delete that account. I don't want to go more into details. And, I believe, I'm more than a name now. I'm every common girl who lives your next door.
    • Que: When and how did you come to know about the phrase "Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai" written on currency note(s)? What was your first reaction after becoming an overnight celebrity?
    • Sonam Gupta: I came to know about it somewhere in August this year. Of course, it was through social media. Am I trending someone else too? I would not call myself an overnight celebrity. My image was maligned. How would you feel if your image is maligned? Sad? Upset? Angry? Right? I too felt upset.
    • Que: How did this incident change your life?
    • Sonam Gupta: This incident changed my life a lot. When people who know me personally came to know about the same, they reached me and inquired. I had to answer them. I had to cover my face before I left my house. I would always look down so that nobody can recognize me.
    • Que: Sorry for the personal question, you can skip it if you don’t like to answer, but do you know the person who has maligned your image by picturising you unfaithful? If you know him, what would you like to tell to such sick minded person in the society?
    • Sonam Gupta: I believe, you too know the person now. In case anyone doesn't, they can go through my story and get the answer. I wouldn't like to tell anything to him now. I have already given my answer. I believe that was enough.
    • Que: Why did you tolerate this negative image of yourself when you are an innocent? Is there any reason behind that? Why didn't you convey your side till now? Did you file a FIR against alleged(s)?
    • Sonam Gupta: Everyone has a level to hold things inside him or her. I tried to ignore it first. But later, when I could not bear it, I had to raise my voice. Who is alleged here? Is it a person? Or, two? Or, more? My image was ruined by thousands and thousands of people in social media. Can I file a FIR against everyone?
      • Que: Still media is unable to find the victim Sonam Gupta. When you are claiming to be the victim, it's unbelievable that media has not reached to you yet? How is it possible? Why didn’t you go to media and ask them to let you tell your story?
      • Sonam Gupta: Media has not only reached me but other Sonam's too. Do you think you can have a normal personal life after you go to media after such an incident? Though I do not have one, still I believe, going to media would have ruined it more.
      • Que: Any message to people, newspapers, and media who are making fun of you and are covering negative stories?
      • Sonam Gupta: Yes. I do have a message for everyone. Just for a second. Close your eyes. Think the same happens to your sister, girlfriend, wife, friend or any other acquaintance, would you have done the same? Then, why me?
      • Que: Today, so many innocent girls and women whose name is Sonam or Sonam Gupta are facing an embarrassment due to maligned image of their name. What would you like to convey to those girls and women?
      • Sonam Gupta: Dear Sonam(s), be brave! Life is like a samosa chat. You will have both the sweet and sour tastes. If you are feeling hurt right now, wait... Fight back! I want you to raise your head while you walk on the roads.
          • Que: You have recently launched kindle version of your debut short story "I'm not A Betrayer" on Amazon. Tell us about your writing experience?
          • Sonam Gupta: I'm not a born writer. Neither, I aspired to be one ever. It was the pain in me that forced me to write. You can mock a person once, twice or a few more times. But how long can one take it? I was tired of being a helpless, passive victim of what was going around me. I had to stand out... Sooner or later.
          • Que: Why did you choose to tell your story in form of a book?
          • Sonam Gupta: We all are stories. Some are beautiful. Some are sour. But still, everyone has one. I needed to tell my story to everyone. What could be better than telling my story in form of a book? Those who want to judge can still judge. But those who want to know the reality can peep into the story.
              • Que: “I'm not a Betrayer” is a simple yet an attractive title. How did you come up with such an interesting title for the book?
              • Sonam Gupta: Isn't it the same they called me.. an unfaithful? A Betrayer? A Bewafa? I didn't choose a title for my book. It was the title people chose for me. I had to keep my point. I had to tell my story. I had to raise my voice. I just did that.
              • Que: You have kept a backless image of a girl on the cover of your short story which can be seen in your facebook profile. Any reason behind keeping such a bold image on the cover of your debut eBook I'm not a Betrayer”?

              • Sonam Gupta: When I completed writing my story, I approached few authors and some friends. I had no idea about how the book cover should be. One of the authors who has read the story suggested a cover like this. A friend designed and everyone approved. I do understand that few people are not fine with this cover. But, whoever have read the book, have not complained about it later.
                  • Que: Tell us something about your story?
                  • Sonam Gupta: "I'm not a Betrayeris the story of a common girl who married a man to fulfill their parent's desire. The book talks about realism, marital rape and pain of the girl after marriage.
                  • Que: Does the book totally capture your personal experiences?
                  • Sonam Gupta: Yes. Everything written in the story is taken from my personal life. Though I've changed names of other characters so that their name or reputation is not hampered. My motive is to gain my respect. Not, hamper others.
                  • Que: What does the book hope to achieve?
                  • Sonam Gupta: It hopes to question society, which judges women. Not only me, every girl named Sonam found it difficult to walk on roads without a cover on their face after this incident. This book is successful when not only Sonam but every woman can walk freely on road, raising her head.
                  • Que: What are some of the topics that you want to write about and why?
                  • Sonam Gupta: I don't know. I never wanted to write. It is more out of force than my choice. Still, I will leave this decision to people who read my story. If they want me to write, I will write for them. In case I do, I will write to bring change in the society. I believe, if a story that doesn't come with a moral or message or it doesn't make you think, it's not worth writing it.
                  • Que: In the end, what would you like to say to aspiring writers and our readers?
                  • Sonam Gupta: Haha:) I do not consider myself an author yet. How can I advice to other aspiring authors? I'm still trying to learn from others. Still, I would suggest one thing to everyone who aspires to write: Write! I believe that's the first and the most difficult part. Each one of us has a story. But how many of us can tell the same? In case, you like my story, please ask your friends, family or dear ones to read it. It's only your love that can allow me to walk on the roads with my head held high.
                  • Rajesh: I hope it was a pleasant experience for you to be featured on our blog. Thank you for your honest and explicit answers to each of our question! We wish you a good luck and bright success ahead in your life. Thanks again!! 

                  So, friends! This is the unrevealed side of the Sonam Gupta. I hope you have liked to read her interview featured in this blog post. I and Sonam herself would like to know your feedbacks on this interview, so don’t forget to share your comments below. You can also buy/download her ebook's kindle version from the image below:

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                  1. Nice questions and honest answers.. Good interview, Rajesh. You interview as well as you review.. Keep it up..

                  2. I’ve read the total interview thrice. Superb work done by you Sir. Much needed. Even I was curious to hear some personal words, opinions and statements direct from Sonam. Each and everyone should go through this interview to know the full truth, to see both the sides of the coin, to understand, to observe, to realize the actual struggle of Sonam (both mentally & physically). The questions you asked are exactly the needed. There’s nothing in this interview out of context. But I want to say one thing, in the 5th question, the term you used “Overnight Celebrity” should’ve been more considerate. Who wants to become a celebrity like this? Of course she is hurt, upset, and this is the reaction to be natural. The 7th question you’ve asked about “Such Sick Minded Person” is superb Sir. Each and every answer of Sonam is to the point, revealing herself, straight out. The answer about filing FIR, the messages about the negative people and media, the “Life is like samosa chat” answer….all. I like all of her answers very much and respect for her from the core of my heart. The 18th question you asked that what does the book hope to achieve is the most important question throughout the total interview. She answered all of your questions explicitly. Well done Sonam. Well done Sir. Wishing Sonam all the success in her life. You keep doing your job just like you are. All the very best of your luck Sir. Thank you.

                  3. This article was written by a real thinking writer without a doubt. I agree many of the with the solid points made by the writer. I’ll be back day in and day for further new updates. RC top News

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