Monday, 31 December 2012


This is the ending of year 2012. . . after less than an hour new year 2013 is coming. . .
Near about whole country & the world is celebrating new year. . . but some youngsters have decided to not celebrate welcome ceremony of new year 2013 to tribute Delhi gang rape victim DAMINI / NIRBHAYA / AMANAT who died before just 2 days. . .
After her death whole country is in anger so some peoples decided this. . .
I know its not sufficient to repay her sacrifice. . . but when whole country is mourning after DAMINI's death How INDIA can celebrate any day. . . ?
I am supporting and SALUTE Them all those who decided to not celebrate new year's welcome day. . . for Rest in Peace the soul of DAMINI...
However I am wishing you because I have not any right to sour in your happiness so. . .
I wish. . .

May coming year 2013 brings Health, Wealth, Success, Prosperity & fulfil Happiness in your Life...

Wish you a very-very. . .




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  1. kwbLsTODDZbjPxC21 May 2013 at 14:32

    I would very much like to include your photo and meoimres of your grand-dad's Triumph Gloria Vitesse Tourer in my book due to be released in 2010. It covers peoples' meoimres of these Triumph motor cars built between 1923 and 1940. Your grand-dad' Gloria would be a fascinating and valued addition. I look forward to your reply and hope that you can help.Best wishes,Graham Shipman Archivist & Registrar for the Pre-1940 Triumph Owners Club.


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