Wednesday 30 January 2013

BlogPost 42- Secrets Of SEX

On dated 20/01/2013 I watched the poster of movie 'SECRETS OF SEX' on the travelling road divider... Which was exposing... I don't like such type posters but on the poster was included GUPTAGYAN. However I search the film title on internet... On many sites there included Nothing Is Wrong In This Movie... Don't go on film's title 'SECRECTS OF SEX' or Grade-A or an exposing poster of it... Movie isn't released for distorted entertainment; according to poster movie isn't pornographic nor blue... The film gives massage of SEX EDUCATION in real meaning by real way... But I didn't believe on these; so I searched images but none of the blue image shown. I breathed freely... But I don't like A-Grade movie and most important thing is I never had watched such types title's movie... How could I believe on that quotations... but when I didn't found any pornographic image I hardly decided to go to watch first time A-Grade movie.

Next day I went with fear in the Sona theatre to watch 'SECRETS OF SEX' to NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT BUT FOR SEX EDUCATION. I was so feared when I had gone at the theatre but after watched the film 'SECRETS OF SEX.' I would have to tell you really nothing is wrong in SECRETS OF SEX. This film teaches up- WHAT IS SEX? WHICH is the Right Age to do SEX? How to Enjoy married life related with SEX?

I agree 'SECRETS OF SEX' is A-Grade movie but isn't blue or pornographic... None of full exposed in that... I agree its for ADULTS (18 ) coz you will watch some more exposive scenes in this which almost people (child also) knows today but the moral or sexual educative things will not understand to BELOW 18 so its ADULT. Ya. . . Its not family movie cause I can't refuge that there are also few exposive scenes but not very vulger I have to inform you... I will not suggest perticular anyone to watch but I think Nothing is wrong in watching 'SECRETS OF SEX' personally for ADULTS (18 ) only... I didn't included 18 because its A-Grade; its because BELOW 18 will not understand the moral of film and most important thing is A-Grade' movie is strictly prohibited for BELOW 18. I think women/girls will ashame but 18 female must have to watch 'SECRETS Of SEX' because this is based on specially human's sex problems & life...

Really, we can't freely say/tell to anyone in society about Physical Changes / SEX !! Today SEX EDUCATION Is very necessary for each and every Child/Youth from PRIMARY EDUCATION in India so we can learn the answers about sex question we creates which can't ask to anyone... Because of Lack of Sex Education in real way todays youth are going in wrong way for short lived enjoyment according to Sex with lots of misunderstandings.

We learn HOW WE BORN? and see some incentive diagrams in BIOLOGY after matriculation which is the age of sex attraction. This same thing shown in the movie with audio-visual media... And gives Positive Massage that take Precaution... If any problem having don't ignore and don't forget to consult physician / sexologist for prescription...

I know... You will ashame on me, you will doubt me... But I would have to say DON'T ASHAME ON ME. I AM NOT THAT TYPE OF PERSON. Hope you are understanding what I want to say. "I HATE LOVE BEFORE MARRIAGE!!!" because today people define LOVE=SEX although its not right but sadness is today's many unmarried lover couples proved it then where people are wrong? And if I saw 1 adult movie whats wrong in that? I am adult and which movie I saw that is Educational... I ask If any film gives SEX EDUCATION is that movie blue/pornographic?

I think Director of 'SECRETS OF SEX' Mr. KUMAR AADARSH had to make this movie in B or below grade because this film is not pornographic like A although there are some explosive scenes but without them film couldn't be complete with meaningful way. But I think sensor board shouldn't had to give A-Grade to 'SECRETS OF SEX' coz most of the people think A-GRADE Movie=pornographic but it's real meaning is Prohibited for Below 18...

Finally I will say- Don't think ashame on me... When I assured before watch 'Secrets Of SEX isn't blue then I went to watch and took one Positive Massage from it...


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