Friday 4 January 2013

My 13 Resolutions of 2013

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*Resolution 3:-

In the last month I have started the EXERCISE of my upper arms for wel FITNESS. . . Now I am thinking to start the GYM; otherwise I will Exercise of fully body at my home. . . and will be start Meditation & Yoga if I awake on 6AM. . . If I followed my 2nd Resolution strictly about Sleeping and Awaken Timing obviously my health will be fit. . . And your EATING TIMINGS mainly (Lunch & Dinner) plays a very important role about Fitness & Healthy body so I will strictly try to follow decided Eating Timings in how condition. . . However I keep a Fast on Thursday of every week for DIETING. . .

*Resolution 4:-

I have firstly worked as Computer Teacher in ending of 2011 and secondly as a Assistant Teacher till May-2012; but on 11th June 2012 I have resigned from the post of assistant teacher from Blossom Public School Deori I am jobless. . . I had not any problem there but Deori is 36km long & no train tracks are there so I was getting so tired after travelling by bus and the earning sallery was not affordable. . . So I am finding a job at my village. . . and which social work I do that will be continue as now; I will never stop social work. . .

*Resolution 5:-

I spend my almost total time in surfing Internet and browsing networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogging & many others. . . I don't say that its ignorable but these are not much necessary too; and its one fact that I can't live without internet however I am not addicted of it but just I can't. . . So I will use internet but in LIMIT. . . and if I could do so; obviously my much time will be save which I can give/use to study or any other important incidents/events of life. . .

*Resolution 6:-

I am a bookworm. . . So I have a hobby of reading. . . I read so many books in previous 2-3 years. . . Some were Marathi, some Hindi and some were English. . . My English is not bad but is not much good too. . . So I like to read Marathi books first cause Marathi is my mothertongue. . . I have read Former President of India Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam's autobiography 'The Wings Of Fire' and bought second part of that book 'TURNING POINTS - A JOURNEY THROUGH CHALLENGES' which is not read yet. . . So I have decided to read 'Turning Points' & some other books which I have but did not read. . . After that I am thinking to read Islamic holy scripture (sacred book) 'QURAN'. . . Because I belong to Hinduism but I like and I am influenced by Islam. . .

*Resolution 7:-

As you know I am a litterateur. . . I am writing a Hindi play 'SAPNON KI SHAADI' (सपनोँ की शादी) from 2009 but could not complete yet. . . So I will complete that in 2013. . . In our Zadipatti area an opera which glanced on social butt are very popular. . . So I am thinking to start writing an opera in 2013. . . I have written my Autobiography "MAAZI TAI : Ek Athvan" (माझी ताई : एक आठवण) which I have decided to never publish cause of some personal reasons. . . So I have started the book writing & publishing on my this Blogging Website which I will upload at the end till ending of this year. . . And my article writing, poem writing, blogging are continuing as are now. . .

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