Saturday 5 January 2013

My 13 Resolutions of 2013


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*Resolution 8:-

I am writing Personal Daily Diary from 1st October 2009 when I was attended my D.T.Ed. 1st year class first time at Ramtek Dist. Nagpur. . . And now I am successfully maintaining my diary till present and will be in future too. . . Because I believe that "Writing a daily diary is a very good habit for humanbeing who can to observe own's past life in future." "We can evaluate ourselve where we mistakened or where done a motivative work/job/took decision in our past to motivate for future's good days by flick through the pages of daily diary." and I advice/suggest every writer that "Habit of writing Daily Diary is very beneficial for writers and literatis." I have complited 3 diaries and now I am writing my fourth diary. . . I don't suggest you that write very long matter as mine you can write in short. . . Because it doesn't matter that how long or how you write; you writing is important. . ! Now I will also maintain my Personal Diary daily. . .

*Resolution 9:-

Entertainment is also very necessary for being happy. . . So I can not neglect this part of life. . . So I will watch TV, movies, NEWS and do some other entertaining things. . . Which will help of to be happy. .:)

*Resolution 10:-

{♥OWN's DOMAIN♥}:-
I am connected with many websites. . . I have a best site write my blogs like which I use as My Official Blogging Website. I have signed up and registered in many website hosting sites but didn't build own's website with own's personal domain name. . . So I will try to get Free/buy popular domain code at a cheap price. . . Otherwise Meri yeh site to hain hi. . .

*Resolution 11:-

I will not think means I will ignore unnecessary things of life which afflicts to my heart. . . Except thinking about My Sister which never afflicted me. . .

*Resolution 12:-

I am litterateur so I would like to be and I must try to be a polygloat. . . MARATHI is my mothertongue and so I have wel command on this language; In Marathi- I can splendidly read, speak, converse, and about writing you knows. . . HINDI is our National Language so I have wel command on it too. . . Third and most important International language means ENGLISH. . . I have good knowledge of it. . . I can properly read, talk and write too. . But I want to improve my English more in this year and I will. . . And after these three last one is URDU. . . as I included I am influenced by Islam. . . And Arabic/Urdu is first language of Islam. . . So I would like to learn URDU. . . India's Father of Nation Mr. M.K. GANDHI quoted "Everybody shall have known the knowledge of atleast Four languages First one is Mothertongue, Second one is National language Hindi, Third one is English and last one is Urdu." then why shouldn't I try to learn the URDU. . ?

*Resolution 13:-

{♥OTHER WORKS. . .♥}:-
And finally I will give the time for that works which are inadvertantly not included in these 13 resolutions. . .

So these are My First 13 Resolutions of Year 2013. . . I know if I couldn't complete my anyone resolution from above 13 you will laugh and ashame on me. . . But I just want to tell you that I never successfully followed my resolutions before now however I promise you that I will fully try to follow each and every resolution of these 13. . . Aur agar ek adha rah bhi gaya to kya hoga yaar. . . Atleast try hi na karne se to achchha hi hai na. . ! But anyway lets hope that I can complete each & everyone resolution. . .


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