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We are TV loving people. TV sets have been an essential part of our life today. No matter, in which group you are! A kid to an old; everyone like to watch TV. There are lakhs of programs being telecasted on different television channels. There are only few medias available which show all programs to you. And I must mention one of the most efficient media among all of those. Yes! I am talking about Tata Sky.


Tata Sky is the biggest Direct Broadcast Satellite TV provider or we can say the biggest Direct-To-Home (DTH) TV distributor in India.

Tata Sky was launched in 2006, as a joint venture between Tata Group and 21st Century Fox, and presently almost 14.5 millions Indian houses have Tata Sky connections; which shows their permanent reach. While, the current number has been calculated out of the estimated market opportunity of 50 million connections.

I will inform you why people choose Tata Sky DTH service on priority.


  • Unmatched Customer Service:-You can call Tata Sky customer care toll free dialing 1860-208-6633 for details.
  • One Year Warranty and More
  • Relocation Services
  • Pay for what you Watch
  • Multiple Recharge Options
  • Value for your Money
  • Value Added Service:-Tata Sky Actve services are available 24x7 ranging from cooking and live darshan, to games and Vedic Math among others. In addition, Tata Sky’s pay-per-view service ‘Showcase’ allows you to view the latest blockbusters.

 Would you like to use your mobile (smartphone) for your media entertainment? It could include movies, TV shows, sports etc. If yes, Tata Sky is for you. Yes! Direct broadcast satellite television provider DTH distributor TATA SKY launched a new Tata Sky+ Transfer Set-Top-Box (STB) to satisfy your mobile entertainment needs which will have recording ability and will come with a Wi-Fi dongle to enable consumers to enjoy recorded content on smartphones and tablets without consuming internet data.

What is TATA SKY+ Transfer

Tata Sky+ Transfer – Meet the Transferkar

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Tata Sky+ Transfer is a new generation Personal Video Recorder (PVR) with the capability of delivering HD picture quality and Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound.




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  • Newly launched Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top-box comes with an innovative Wi-Fi enabled STB and digital video recorder.
  • With the new set-top-box, all the Tata Sky users will be accessing a push recorded content directly to their smartphones and tablets.
  • The Tata Sky+ transfer set-top-box allows you to transfer/stream and consume recorded content on companion devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • This is a first of its kind technology not only in India but in Asia.
  • Although the innovation is a first, the new set-top-box takes the time of the content to transfer data via the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Inexpensive Deal:- If the subscriber sees the entire deal, the package is inexpensive at just Rs. 9300/- along with the Wi-Fi dongle is aimed at consumers in the metro and Tier-I cities.
  • Tata Sky’s existing customers will also have the option of upgrading to the new multi TV connection of Tata Sky Plus Transfer set-top-box for Rs. 8900/-
  • Tata Sky Plus Transfer is hence the innovative answer for consumers who want to keep in touch with their favourite content round the clock, anywhere essentially without using up broadband data.
  • The new set-top box empowers the subscriber to transfer their recorded television content from the set-top-box to their smartphones or tablets.
  • Tata Sky App:- The Tata Sky Plus Tranfer subscriber can now record and view programs on their tablets or smartphones at any place and time in offline mode via the Tata Sky App. Tata Sky mobile application allows you to browse the entire TV schedules from the mobile and schedule the program that you need to watch.
  • Subscribers can also live-stream pre-recorded content on their mobile devices even if the set-top-box is on and it catering to television set.
  • No Internet:- No internet is required as no data is used while transferring and streaming of video; it only requires a local Wi-Fi connection.
  • ‘Watch Now’ or ‘Transfer’:- Subscribers can either ‘Watch Now’ or ‘Transfer’ and view the recorded content anytime of place later in time on their smartphones.



Image Source:Cover of Tata Sky+ Transfer ©

  • Record, Transfer and Carry your entertainment
  • Transfer Functionality (2GO):- Watch recorded content of set-top-box on Apple iOS and android devices without consuming internet data bandwidth.
  • Pause+Record+Rewind Live TV:- You can Pause, Record and Rewind Live TV. You can also fast forward, pause or rewind videos.
  • 500 GB Storage Capasity:- 500 GB hard disc that can record up to 625 hours of content.
  • HD Quality:- You get a better TV viewing experience with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 1080i resolution’s high definition (HD) picture quality.
  • 3 Tuners:- Third tuner will be for more use.
  • Tata Sky On-Demand:- Subscribers can watch previous five days episodes of their favourite shows.
  • Everywhere (Live TV):- Subscriber will be able to view live streaming of their favourite shows on close to 80 TV channels and also set reminders for the shows they want to catch.
  • Remote Records:- Subscribers can give a command to record their desired programme by being anywhere outside their homes, through their smartphone, which the set-top-box at home will execute. Once recorded, it can be viewed on the STB or transferred to view outside.
  • Tata Sky+ Transfer allows you to transfer or stream your favourite recorded shows, directly on your iOS or Android device.
  • 3D READY:- Tata Sky+ Transfer box is 3D ready so you can enjoy a complete 3D experience with your 3D TV when 3D content becomes available.
  • TRUCHOICE PACKAGES:- You can now customize or make your pack based on the channels that are available and this is what is referred to as true choice packages by Tata Sky.
  • Tata Sky HD STB:- Tata Sky HD set-top-box offers you services through its channels like Actve English, Actve Games, Actve Kids, Actve Learning, Actve Darshan, Actve Cooking and Actve Stories. All these services are very entertaining, informative and thus beneficial to all age groups. This STB is 3D compatible. You need to pay HD access fee for watching HD channels.
  • 24 HD Channels:- There are currently 24 HD channels being telecasted on Tata Sky, uou can watch them depending on the package that you choose.
  • SERIES RECORDING:-With Series Link feature, your Tata Sky+ Transfer can reord all episodes of your favourite TV series, and skip the repeats.
  • KARAOKE:- Bring out the singer in you with Karaoke on Tata Sky+ Transfer. Service features original Bollywood videos, along with lyrics, cues and a ‘Score’ mode.
  • RECORD FROM MOBILE & INTERNET:- Now record your favourite shows on the go. Use your Internet Recording feature on or download the Tata Sky Mobile App from App store on your iOS devices.
  • TRANSFER:- Transfer feature on the Tata Sky mobile app allows you to view the recorded content from the Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top-box on your device.
  1. Transfer Recorded content to device over Wi-Fi.
  2. Stream Recorded content from the Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top-box to the device over Wi-Fi.
  • You can watch the video as many amount of times as you wish till the video expires.
  • You can view transferred videos even if you are not connected to the internet for a maximum of 48 hours or till the expiry date, whichever is the first.

I see people watching movies and exclusive videos of reality shows in smartphones. But we had no option to enjoy TV shows missed on TV than to wait for re-telecast yet, but now people can enjoy every show even after missing it. I like to watch reality shows and NEWS channels, My mom likes to watch daily soaps. In every home, each member’s favourite shows run on same time but only one show plays in the house. But now we don’t need to worry. If we subscribe Tata Sky+ Transfer, we can enjoy any show even after missing it without waiting for re-telecast. We need to just set a reminder to record our favourite movie, TV show, news program, live match etc and after that we need to transfer recorded show into our smartphone. Its over! We can enjoy the show anytime and anywhere.

I know, you are now aware about Tata Sky+ Transfer and its features but you are still confused about how to enjoy these Transfer feature. So, don’t worry! I am going to tell you the step by step process below-


You can access Transfer only if you have a Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top-box and a supported device with the Tata Sky Mobile App installed. Following are the steps to follow to access transfer feature:

  • You will need a Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top-box.
  • You will need to download the Tata Sky Mobile App to access this feature.You will need to register your device via the Tata Sky Mobile app.
  • You will need to subscribe to the Transfer pack for each registered device on which you choose to enjoy the service.
  • Home Wi-Fi network is required.
  • Tata Sky+ Transfer set-top-box and device need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


  • To be able to transfer content, you need to have recorded content on your set-top-box.
  • Launch the Tata Sky Mobile app.
  • Tap on ‘Transfer’ on the home screen. By default, you will be in the ‘My Box’ section.
  • If your box and device are on the same Wi-Fi network, you will see your recorded content displayed in the ‘My Box’ section.
  • You can now select the content of your choice and once you tap on ‘Transfer’, the content will start the transfer process.
  • The transferring phase will take approximately 5 minutes to transfer a 30 minute video; the speed also depends on the network traffic at the time.
  • Once the transfer is done, you have to visit the ‘My Phone/My Pad’ section to view this content.
  • All you have to do is tap on ‘Play’, and you can view your content, no matter where you are.

intro_line.pngImage Source: © Tata Sky+ Transfer

So, what are you waiting for? I just recommend you to go for it, and buy Tata Sky+ Transfer connection.

You can know more about Tata Sky+ Transfer at

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  1. What a fantastic detailed your review is! One can easily get each and every small information about TATA SKY + TRANSFER through your review. Tata sky is the biggest DTH TV distributor in India. It has amazing features included. You have given exact correct information about every service of Tata sky transfer. This review is very wonderful & useful as well. Thank you.

  2. Rajesh D Hajare RDH17 March 2016 at 23:36

    @Subhajit Das,
    I agree that i reviewed it in detail... but this review was the part of Indiblogger contest.. so i did for promotion purpose and I won Rs 1500 Flipkart voucher as well for this blog post.


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