Wednesday 18 December 2013

What I think on Section 377 & verdict of Supreme Court

DAY 451


Section 377 of IPC is in debate recently.. Most of the people are against of verdict by the Supreme Court of India.. But personally I am in a favour of current verdict by the Supreme Court and in favour of Section 377 of IPC..
Because I agree with Supreme Court..

Gaysex and Lesbian sex is an unnatural way of physical relationships still it would with consent.. I don't think that there is a need to repeal Section 377 of IPC from constitution of India in parliament..


I agree with those supporters of homosexual relationship that we can not sex discriminate between gays and lesbians..
In our country everyone have right to freedom.. And I don't want to heart someone bigoted or their supporters and community.. But--
I would suggest-
Parliament shall bring and pass the ordinance or ammend the law in Section 377 of IPC as follows--

There will not permission to keep homosexual relationship considering as a crime of unnatural way of sex but they will allow to live together..
And those gays or lesbians who have already (before Supreme Court's verdict) married together; will not be affected of new ammentment in Section 377 of IPC..

If above ammendment happens in law then--
Unnatural way of sex/homosexual relationships will avoid, bigoteds (gays or lesbians) may live together and those dogmatics who married together already will not be affected..


I know you will oppose my statement thinking it as conservative and you will ask me in which era we are living and where are we going to follow these old-fashioned life-style, traditions and rules?
But I want to assure you that think deeply from bottom of your heart and ask yourself--
Is really its a natural way to sex? What wrong verdict Supreme Court have sentenced or what wrong I have said in this article?

I asked myself and my heart answered me again and again that whole Act 377 of IPC is not abolishable / repealable or wrong although there would also some lackness in that..
India is wel-known for it's mannerly culture.. And I don't think homosexual relationships would be mannerly characteristis of any wel cultured country..!!! So I would like to say Supreme Court have sentenced a right decision on Section 377 of IPC and in a sense Supreme Court have helped to save Indian culture with the judgement on historic date 11th December, 2013 (11/12/13) by countering so called historic verdict by Delhi High Court sentenced on 02nd July, 2009...
Another important thing is Supreme Court is the highest judiciary court of India.. So we shall respect the justice by Supreme Court as citizen of India..

So I hope Government of India will not repeal whole Section 377 of IPC from constitution of India.. And if government of India tried to repeal this section 377 of IPC then opposition party BJP will oppose to repeal Act 377 in parliament...

Because if Act 377 became repealed there will be no control to stop like this un-natural way of sex..
We can not say that those who are not bigoted and keep interest in gays/lesbians will also keep homosexual relationship by this un-natural way..

Thatswhy Now I would suggest to ammend the Act 377 in parliament instead of repeal that..

At the last I excuse all if anyone hearted from my statement.. I am not any philosopher or expert of this subject or a lawyer who will define this sensational matter deeply..
But I thought to express what I think on Section 377 of IPC and recent verdict of Supreme Court accordingly I also have freedom of speech.. I stated only that what I wish..
Source- Facebook Source- Section 377 of IPC | Wikipedia rdhautographeng.jpg

Rajesh D. Hajare (RDH)

(Writer is a Gondia District's President of 'AKHIL BHARTIYA MARATHI SAHITYA PARISHAD, Pune') Date- 16th Dec, 2013/Mon
Place- Vaishnavi Nursing Home, GONDIA


  1. but sonia n rahul ko bura lag gya na yane dono maa bete .#...#..### n .##....## hai

  2. Rajesh D Hajare RDH20 December 2013 at 11:04

    @Tushar Kosarkar,
    Abe waisa mat bol.. palghar jaise apan dono bhi jail me band ho jayenge.. maine status dala aur tune comment kiya karke.. yaha fb pe kuch likhne ko bhi dar lagta hai..

  3. abe toh publicity toh hogi apni....

  4. mama naam toh uchalega...fir political partuya apne ko bhi ticket ban jayegi na yaar...samajta nhi hai tu

  5. Rajesh D Hajare RDH20 December 2013 at 11:08

    @Tushar Kosarkar,
    hahaha. o ho sakta hai. par amgaon me kaha tv media h

  6. rajesh sir.....100% agree with u.

  7. @RDHSir @VinayakgaikwadI appreciate ur article... People should support Section 377 IPC

  8. Kahi lok virodh karayacha mhanun virodh karatat tyache fayade tote vicharale ki datkhidi basate.samlaigikata apalya bhartiy sanskruticha bhag nasel majhya mate he pashimatya sanskruticha bhag asel.jyana hi sanskruti avadate tyani thithe vastavya karayala harkat nahi.adhich apalyakade kayadyacha ghol aahe.ek kayada lagu kela ki tyachyashi salgnit 10-12 kayade yetil.tyapekshamulavarch ghav rahegi baas na bajegi basuri.


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