Saturday 27 October 2012

*Eid Mubarak*

Hi Frnds... Today is Bakari~Eid so I thought to share some Islamik photos with you on this holy festival. Assalam Alykum asa.gif As you known- I am Hindu by religion but I like Islam. I confidently say that "There is only one religion created in the world and that is Humanity.But human not only distanguished that religion as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, Bauddha, Jain, Parsi but distanguished One Earth's Bharat, Pak, Iran, One holy scriptural Ramayana, Mahabharata, Quran and One religious holy place's Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara. But I ask... Which discrimination does not done by nature; Who did the right to human to discriminate between this?". I beleive that "Nothing should be wrong if we says/revere Hinduism and Islamism is same; because Islam's holy festival RAMZAN EID starts with Hindu God Ram and Hindu's holy festival DIWALI ends with Islam's prophet ALI... When I think on about it Myself ask If the Hindu-Muslim festival's name does not complete without each eather then how Hindus and Musalmans can live with discrimination..." So I don't discriminate in religion... Really I respect of 'All the religions' but I love Islam as compare to others... "I am Hindu by religion however I try to follow Islamism too as I can..." . Today is Islam's holy festival Bakari~Eid So I am uploading some picture of name Allah allah-in-arabic.jpgallah9.jpgallah17.jpgallah15.jpgallah1.gif This is the picture of Sai Baba says Allah Malik allah-malik.jpg Following 4 pictures are of World's biggest FAIZAL MOSQUEsituated in Pakistan 1.Picture of Faizal Mosque's Helicopter view 2.Picture of Faizal Mosque 3.Picture of Faizal Mosque 4.Picture of lighted Faizal Mosque at night faisal-masjid01helicopte.jpgfaisal-mosque02.jpgfaisal-mosque03.jpgfaisal-mosque04lighted.jpg This is the photo of 1st mosque I have seen on 27th June 2010 from inside Jumma Musjid/Mosque situated at Mominpura,Nagpur jumma-musjid-mominpura-na.jpg These are photos of 'Hazrat Baba Sayyad Ganjushah Rahamtullah Alaiha' Dargah situated at Ramtek Dist.Nagpur I have captured these photos by mobile dargah-ramtek01.jpgdargah-ramtek02hbsgrar.jpgdargah-ramtek04.jpgdargah-ramtek05.jpg In following 2 photos I am praying in Dargah at MALTEKDI, Amravati maltekdi1.jpgmaltekdi2.jpg I am at front of BEEBI KA MAKBARA, Aurangabad in April 2008 bbm.jpg These are some images of Hudge Maqqua, Saudi Arab hudge01.jpghudge02.jpgEID~MUBARAK eid-mubarak.gifeid-mubarak.jpgeid-mubarak72.jpg

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