Saturday 20 October 2012


This 2nd Sept. 2012...
I remember when I had firstly sign up on facebook, searched my sister who is not on FB according to me... but found 1 people whose name is similar with my sister, quickly I sent frnd request with a personal massage but then I think she ignored that and after that my account also blocked by co.

I known she is not my sister cause her address, DoB info. was totally different from my sister... I resent a frnd request... After some days I found her profile again then known that she didn't logged in on FB from last 19th Oct... But saw an another 1 account with similar name... I sent request to both account now... When I saw both profiles on yesterday... I observed that previous account's status was same mean till last 19th Oct. but new account was updated on last 22nd August means after I sent a request... Means It was cleared that new person also had ignored my request... I sent again1 request to her but with massage now... Now you will say both profiles should be same but I must have to tell you that the Address updating in that profile is totally different from each other... And that is not my sister's also...

Now I will have to come on main& important topic of the matter...

My accepted sister's 21st birthday passed on 13th August2012... But I couldn't wish her personally or contact her by anyway... I didn't wished her b'day via CETFlash also... But I had uploaded a photo (B'day Cake) with caption of poem 'उधान फुटलं या भावाच्या सुखाला...'[here] which I had writtened for her 19 th birthay... on my personal fb page wrote my feelings on my sister's birthday in my daily diary to wish her.

Before that I tried to consider a sister to my 1 Islamic fb friend 'Shiba Shaikh' but suddenly she gave me a shock by blocking me... however I don't think I did any misbehave with her... And anyway 'Why any brother will misbehave with sister?' its a common sence.

Before exact 1 month from today on 2nd August of 2012... This was the day of holy 'Rakshabandhan', I couldn't wish Rakshabandhan also to my sister so I posted my some quote about Rakshabandhan on Rakshabandhan... It doesn't matter that Why I can not wish her? or why she hates me to be my sister or call me brother? Its a long story happened caused of some misunderstandings before makes a relation of 'Brother & Sister' between us in the past... But 1 girl named 'Kiran Pakhare' read that & tried to consider me her brother... I had tried to consider my sister to Shiba but she had given me a big shock which I have included... I tried to test Kiran that how she think me as brother & I want to tell you she failed in my test I didn't consider her my sister...

I want to tell you one thing that I assume my sister to every muslimgirl cause my considered sister belongs with Islam however I must have to clearly say My sister was & is only one and she is Ruksana Tadavi and only she will be forever in the future... If I say/call my sister to anyother she can't compare her with my sister... because my sister is only one in the world.

Today 2nd Sept. 2012. This is the 19th Birthday of Ruksana Tadavi whom I found on fb 1st who is 2yrs & 19 days younger than my sister and 1yr,4mnth & 14 days younger than me however my sister is elder than me by 8mnth& 5 days, after I found another Ruksana... But both neither identify me nor my facebook frnds.

But anyway-- whats happened that these are not my sister(s)... Where am I brother of my sister? It is enough for me that their name is matching with my sister's name Ruksana Tadavi.

And today is the birthday of someone Ruksana Tadavi. So I must have to wish her birthday...

Wishing you a very very...


-RDH (Rajesh D. Hajare)
2nd Sept. 2012

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