Monday 31 December 2018

A Glance at Year 2018 in Flashback..!!

The year 2018 is going to an end. It will never return again. We are lucky enough to witness this year. Today, before welcoming the new year 2019, Let's say Good Bye to the year 2018. I would like to thank 2018 for giving some happy memories. When I look in the flashback, I remember some memories of life from the calendar of 2018. Let me share those happy moments together with you...!  

I remember we had celebrated the first day of 2018 with Pani Puri party and dance in our school.  Our school had organized Bal Anand Mela in an annual function on 10th February 2018. After Bal Anand Mela we faced a storm in our nearby locations on the next day 11 February 2018.  

I met my junior college friends on the 18th Feb 2018 in 2 marriage functions... one of my friends Mukesh and Deepti and another marriage of my friend Rahul Girhepunje's sister.  Here are some glimpses

Image 3: Ravi, Ishwar Mendhe, Rajesh Hajare and Rahul Girhepunje
Image 4: Durgesh Kurve, Arun Shivanar, Rajesh Hajare, Niraj Chute and Rahul Girhepunje

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